Rising heat stress could cost 80m jobs by 2030 – UN

Poor countries will be affected the most.
If global temperatures rise as predicted, the construction industry will account for about 19% of lost working hours, with the poorest countries in Southeast Asia and west Africa worst hit, ILO says. Picture: Prashanth Vishwanathan, Bloomberg

Rising heat due to climate change could lead to the loss of 80 million jobs by 2030, with poor countries worst hit, the United Nations said on Monday, as Europe sweltered in record temperatures.

A temperature rise of 1.5C by the end of century could lead to a 2.2% drop in working hours – equal to 80 million full-time jobs – costing the global economy $2.4 trillion, according to projections by the UN International Labour Organisation (ILO).

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The ILO said people would be unable to work due to the health risks posed by higher temperatures.

“The impact of heat stress on labour productivity is a serious consequence of climate change, which adds to other adverse impacts such as changing rain patterns, raising sea levels and loss of biodiversity,” said ILO’s Catherine Saget.

The World Health Organisation has said heat stress linked to climate change is likely to cause 38 000 extra deaths a year worldwide between 2030 and 2050.

Heat stress occurs when the body absorbs more heat than is tolerable. Extreme heat can cause heat-related illnesses, such as heat stroke and exhaustion, increase mortality, and exacerbate existing health conditions.

Agricultural workers – especially women, who make up the bulk of the 940 million labourers in the sector – will be most affected, the ILO said, accounting for about 60% of all working hours lost due to heat stress by 2030.

If global temperatures rise as predicted, the construction industry will account for about 19% of lost working hours, with the poorest countries in Southeast Asia and west Africa worst hit, the ILO added.

Transport, tourism, sport and industrial sectors are among those that will also be affected by rising heat, the ILO said.

“In addition to the massive economic costs of heat stress, we can expect to see more inequality between low and high income countries and worsening working conditions for the most vulnerable, as well as displacement of people,” said Saget.

In 2015, countries signing the Paris Agreement set a goal of limiting a rise in average world surface temperatures to “well below” 2C (3.6F) above pre-industrial times, while “pursuing efforts” to limit rising temperatures to 1.5C (2.7F).

Temperatures have already risen about one degree Celsius since pre-industrial times. Scientists say further increases risk triggering tipping points that could make parts of the world uninhabitable, devastate farming and drown coastal cities.

The World Meteorological Organisation said last week that 2019 was on track to be among the world’s hottest years on record, which would make 2015-2019 the hottest five-year period.

Europe has been in the grip of record-breaking heatwaves, with wildfires burning tracts of land in France and Spain at the weekend, and scorching temperatures across the continent killing at least seven people.

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In South Africa we don’t need ‘rising heat stress’, we already have the ANC!

There is no empirical evidence of Global Warming; I mean Climate change, I mean Climate resilience. In fact the SMART EDUCATED people know THERE IS A solar minimum HAPPENING. To Quote “A SOLAR minimum of the Sun has begun and with it comes the risk of global temperatures plummeting for years at a time, space agency NASA has shockingly said.” Published June 6, 2019.
Now stop listening to 3 minute sound bytes and pretending to be educated. So 3rd world. Sad

Once again, you need to apply for the Nobel prize for exposing the scam of global warming.

You’re right, and the global scientific community, the 165 odd countries signing the Paris accord, and all the people sweltering in India and France – are wrong.

The world needs scientists of your stature and you need to publish urgently and see if you can produce a peer reviewed article.

If you can, I’m pretty sure that Donald Trump has a job for you.

Oh dear another stats illiterate..the correct way forward is to admit sure changes in a complex systems can cause harm and best to avoid or limit mans impact on earth..

now trying to claim this caused that, well that is another story. In all the models the effect of the sun, the greatest factor in warming of earth, is left out of the analysis by idiots.

CO2 is 0.04%!! of the atmosphere! yes percent, Argon is 1%. Now to draw some conclusion from variance in concentration of CO2 is just plain stupid.

Measurements of variables are but 100 years old, you do not have enough samples size of anything. Now to estimate factors like 10 to 100 year flood risks are just prone to be wrong and changing. There is no fixed 10 year flood occurrence it is at best estimate of a function that will adapt in time!

Here we go again. CO2 is just 0,04%.

Well, I invite you to drink some water to which you add 0,04% of mercury.

You should be quite happy to give it a try.

Yes Donald Trump 2020. Here’s another voice of reason that just talks. Go back and do your homework before you come to school.

Funny just shows limitations, try distinguish between your experiment and that of your “historical data”..

What about NO2? Particulates? perhaps the Ozone? Simple minds like simple stories.

Try again

Lets see:
Rapid sea level rise (Some property owners in Florida have seen their home values evaporate because 10 year like floods now happen every 2-3 years)

Thawing permafrost in Canada causing whole cities to be moved in the north, because no one thought the permafrost would ever melt, and yet, here we are.

Those are the easy to see, no nonsense proof you need, if you can, I know why they are happening, can you explain to me what you think is causing this?

Fossil fuel companies are following the same playbook that the cigarette companies used: create confusion. The internet makes it a lot easier….the more interesting question is why this denialism has been embraced by a subgroup of Internet users, who are just as likely to suffer the consequences of anthropogenic global warming as the rest of us, and unlike the rich fossil fuel owners, who will be able to buy their way out of trouble?

Global warming? get up to date man, it is now “climate change”?

You sound like the person listening on the hour, whole hardheartedly to the CNN fin analyst or economist explaining why the price of GM stock is up 0.5342% the last hr..

Geez man dont be taken for an idoit by a charlatans. Reed up on some stats

All the carbon in all carbon based life … came from carbon dioxide, in the air and the water. Carbon dioxide has been declining steadily for the last 150 million years to its lowest level in the history of life on earth, at the height of the last glaciation — 180 ppm. The reason for this is that life itself has sucked the carbon out of the system and put it into the sediments as fossil fuels, but much more importantly as carbonaceous rocks, a fancy term for limestone. That’s where all the carbon went and we, thankfully, are putting some of the CO2 back into the air that was sucked out by life over the millennia and are restoring a balance to the global carbon cycle.

“At 150 ppm carbon dioxide in the atmosphere plants die. They don’t just need carbon dioxide to survive, they need a certain level of it, just like we need a certain level of oxygen, to survive.

“Virtually all commercial greenhouse growers enrich the atmosphere in their greenhouse with between two to three times the level [of CO2] in the global atmosphere today in order to get 20 to 60 percent increase in growth. And indeed, this is happening globally as we have increased CO2 from 280 ppm to 410 ppm — a greening of the earth is occurring, NASA has it on their website, the Australian scientists and the European scientist all confirm that there has been a massive greening of the earth.”

It appears as though the Grand Solar Minimum is occurring and will continue to occur for some time, and will result in a cooling of the climate, which we see just in the last couple of years beginning to set in.

“Indeed in the Arctic, the ice is more prevalent now than it has been in many years, at least 14. And so the trend is going in the opposite direction to the prediction of ever-increasing warmth and loss of ice.

“It’s long been stated that the sun is the main controller of the earth’s climate.“

End of comments.





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