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‘I believe in the magical combination of positive energy and a growth mindset’

The CEO of RMI Investment Managers shares her most powerful lessons.

Alida De Swardt doesn’t appear to fit the banker or investment manager stereotype, much less that of an investment company CEO. She is an extraordinarily knowledgeable and experienced professional in her field, but she also comes across as warm, wise, engaging and inspiring. She brings a human touch to a world that can be cold and intimidating, particularly for young people or start-up entrepreneurs.
De Swardt joined RMI Investment Managers in April 2016 as head of distribution and marketing, and assumed the role of CEO in March 2018. She started her career at RMB in 1999 as part of the derivative structuring business, where she was responsible for establishing the institutional structuring business and financial markets research team. She was appointed head of sales and structuring for fixed income, currency and commodities in 2008, and head of financial institutions for global markets in 2014.

Her CV makes it clear that she has extensive experience in the ups and downs of the business world. Surprisingly, this has failed to turn her into a hard-bitten CEO, but has rather entrenched her approach to human development alongside business development.

In this Quick Insight, extracted from a full length face-to-face interview, De Swardt shares her approach to business growth and what it requires on a personal level.

Watch the full length interview here.

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