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‘People in our positions normally have inflated egos – it’s all about me, me, me…’

Only 10% of joint CEO teams succeed – so how do the two men heading up Sasol do it?

It’s no secret that both Bongani Nqwababa and Stephen Cornell – Sasol’s joint presidents and CEOs – have held heavyweight positions in prominent national and multinational organisations. They also both have credentials, experience and successful histories with Sasol. Why then would the company’s board put them into this type of joint arrangement, as opposed to one person dedicated to one role – particularly when there was a mere 10% chance of it succeeding?

The fact is that it has succeeded. Nqwababa cites one of the reasons being that, “The board has smartly meshed together our individual responsibilities.” This is a complex concept that probably merits an entire discussion on its own. However, the fact remains that it’s just one of the ingredients that constitutes the team’s recipe for success. In this Quick Insight video, extracted from a full length interview, Nqwababa reveals the various aspects of this effective working relationship and partnership.

His valuable insights cover psychological make-up, internal business processes and principles, work ethic, and a generous helping of his signature humour. In fact Nqwababa jokes that he and Cornell are going to write a case study about how the ‘successful 10%’ make this kind of partnership work.

See the full length interview here.

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