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The Andrew Golding business leadership journey

Business lessons in the long game that is success, from the CEO of the Pam Golding Properties Group.

There was definitely no grand vision to be an industry leader when the industry-leading Pam Golding properties group was first started in 1976. Quite the opposite. This family business, run by a husband-and-wife team, was born out of the sheer enjoyment and thrill of connecting buyers and sellers of property. What’s more, the core values that back then created the absolute trust which clients had in the company, are still sacrosanct today: listening deeply to clients, empathising, and practicing 100% authenticity. Real estate is an industry where trust is profoundly important and it doesn’t happen overnight. In this face-to-face video interview Golding goes into detail about that critical factor and how to grow trust – as any business should.

He also reminds us that this passion for engendering trust has come about because, in this case, upholding the company reputation also means upholding the family name. However, while the consistency of this business over the past 41 years has been key, the business world is in the throes of volatility. Not just in South Africa, but globally. So Golding talks at length about the need for innovation, underpinned by reliability and consistency. The group in fact has an executive whose sole job is innovation.

Also in this interview you’ll hear the personal story of Andrew Golding’s transition from being a doctor in Seapoint, Cape Town, to becoming the CEO of the family business – and the skill that he brought from the medical world into the company he now heads.

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