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The Esna Colyn business leadership journey

The CEO of JSE-listed Imbalie Beauty takes us through lessons learnt along the way.

Esna Colyn has the business stamina of a long distance athlete. As well as all of the glamour and femininity one would expect from the CEO of one of South Africa’s foremost cosmetic franchise operations, Imbalie Beauty Limited. While her 17 years in the investment banking, private equity and corporate finance trenches attest to her mental toughness, this full length video interview brings us face to face with the experiences that tested and formed her throughout her career.

Colyn takes us from the running track where she actually did train with her military father as a long distance athlete, into the hallowed halls and training rooms of companies like PwC and Investec, the boardrooms of Swiss Cosmetics giants, the international markets where she sources some of her ingredients, and onto the battlefield that is the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. The result is a collection of valuable business leadership lessons gleaned from her iconic mentors and born of the events that shaped her impressive career; as a corporate player, a never-say-die entrepreneur, and a very human being.

In partnership with FNB, Moneyweb presents this bespoke leadership video series with top business people. The interview draws on the person’s life, failures and the lessons they have learnt on their journey to the successful leadership positions they hold today.

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