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Want to invest in residential property?

Here’s the one session you need to attend at the 2017 Money Expo.
Property has been one of the best performing asset classes for South African investors over the past decade. Attractive yields, relatively low interest rates and a fast-growing middle-class have been drivers for the sector. 
With the interest rate cycle changing, property price growth slowing and infrastructure challenges, investors are having to get far more tactical about their approach to property investing. 
If you are an investor in residential property, you don’t want to miss one of our upcoming panels at the 2017 Money Expo where two leading property professionals will take you through the outlook for the sector and help you identify potential investment opportunities. 
The session, which will take place on July 29 2017, will feature Michelle Dickens the managing director of credit bureau TPN and Deon Botha, the CEO of RentMaster. 
About Michelle Dickens and TPN:
Dickens is the managing director of TPN, which is the largest credit bureau in Africa to specialise in vetting tenants for rental properties. 
About Deon Botha and RentMaster:
Deon is a co-founder and the chief executive of RentMaster. A serial entrepreneur, he has been pioneering internet services, open systems, and legal and property risk management since completing his B.Comm Hons in Computer Science. RentMaster offers specialised credit and legal risk management solutions to residential property investors.  
To register for free entry into the Money Expo, please click here. 
To discuss commercial activations at the Money Expo, you can contact Tracy Parsons ( or Tamaryn Simpson ( via e-mail or on 011 344-8600
About the Money Expo
Now into its third year, the Money Expo is one of the most popular finance and money events in the country. Developed by JSE-listed media group Moneyweb, the event brings together people who are serious about building wealth, spending money smartly and investing in businesses and themselves.
The event is widely covered by a variety of media platforms such as radio, digital and video outlets including, RSG, SAfm, Radio 2000 and Lotus FM.  
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