Despite fleeing to Australia, the Bobroffs are back in business

Uses Graeme Krawitz to accept new clients.

Despite fleeing to Australia, seemingly to elude prosecution on various charges including fraud and money laundering, the suspended father and son Gauteng personal injury attorneys Ronald and Darren Bobroff continue to do business in South Africa.

Moneyweb has uncovered that the website of their law firm remains active and that the Bobroffs are still taking on new clients. Both father and son were suspended from the Roll of Attorneys in April this year and their law firm Ronald Bobroff & Partners (RBP) was put under curatorship. Earlier this year the Bobroffs left for Australia before the Hawks could arrest them on multiple charges of fraud, money laundering, tax evasion and theft from their road accident- and personal injury clients.


It is clear that the Bobroffs are not on holiday. The RBP website remains active and does not mention a word about the fact that the firm is under the curatorship of Johan van Staden, an official of the Law Society of the Northern Provinces (LSNP).

On the Contact Us page of the website, the mobile number of Ronald’s daughter Cindi Jaches appears. This journalist contacted Jaches and she identified herself as Ronald’s daughter and asked me to send an email to A special email address was created and a fictitious email was sent to Jaches from ‘Amanda Lottering’ describing a horrific case of medical negligence.

Ronald promptly replied from his Gmail account ( and said that Lottering was wise to take legal action and that there seemed to be merit in her case.

Bobroff also stated that Graeme Krawitz would contact her. Graeme Krawitz is an attorney at Michael Krawitz & Co in Dunkeld, a suburb in Johannesburg.

In a second email exchange the following day, fees were discussed. Lottering offered to pay a fixed monthly amount of R2 000, but Bobroff responded: “Mr Krawitz will act on a no win -no fee basis in terms of the Contingency fees act This limits the attorneys fee to not more than 25 percent of the damages recovered So you need have no concern about having to pay anything up front. (sic)”


Thinus Grobler, Director of the LSNP, told Moneyweb: “The Law Society has, with concern, noted the facts relating to the continued use of the Ronald Bobroff & Partners website by suspended attorneys, Ronald and Darren Bobroff, after their practice was placed under curatorship when they were suspended.  The Curator has already requested the Bobroffs to desist from using the website and this issue will certainly be followed up by the Law Society in liaison with the Curator.

 “The referral of work to attorney Krawitz is unacceptable and his involvement on the basis referred to by Moneyweb will also be investigated with the assistance of the Curator.”

Krawitz told Moneyweb that he is not fronting for the Bobroffs, saying: “Any suggestion that I am is devoid of any truth whatsoever.” He added that he did not intend to comment on any aspect of the draft story sent to him “which refer to Ronald and Darren Bobroff.”

The High Court in Pretoria has set December 6 2016 as the date on which the Bobroffs stand to be struck from the Roll of Attorneys.

The following parties failed to respond to Moneyweb’s request for comment: Ronald Bobroff, Darren Bobroff and Cindi Jaches.

Read the trail of emails here.

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And the Law Society . . . . . . . is fast asleep! !

….. or pretending to be until they are called out?

because South Africa is a absolute haven for criminals to do business in. Lots of money to be stolen from hard working tax payers.

They do not blow the whistle on their own.

– Bobroffs
– Law Society
– Curator Van Staden
– NPA for allowing them to enjoy life with new friends and lots of stolen money in Aus.

Is OZ still a penal colony…? I know of a real dick who lives in Sydney.

That must be Robbie of botany bay !

Do they have surnames that sound Italian and from the Island of Sicily?

Yes, kapisch. We must get Don Corleone onto them. Valentine’s Day massacre sounds a good plan.

Editor Moneyweb

Why do you not place my comment submitted two hours ago??

Too sensitive for you – or are you protecting somebody?

Extradite them to SA and then lock them up.

This story should be circulated amongst the relevant Australian authorities if they want to keep fugitives and their relatives out of the country. Bobroff’s daughter Cindi should know better than to enable her criminal father and brother. What were Ronald and Darren getting out of referring clients to Graeme Krawitz? And why would any upstanding lawyer want to be associated with the thieving fugitive Bobroff’s? No doubt we should watch this space for the next exciting instalment

If they have been struck off the roll in RSA, how do they get too practice elsewhere?

End of comments.





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