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FPI CEO placed on special leave

Pending the outcome of investigations into alleged misconduct.

The Financial Planning Institute sent communication to its members on Wednesday regarding its CEO Godfrey Nti being placed on special leave. This follows after the recent suspension of regulatory examinations administered by the FPI as well as allegations of mismanagement. Nti will be placed on leave pending the outcome of investigation into the allegations. 

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For many of the older members of the FPI this organisation appears to have lost its way and has become a marketing entity focussed on building its membership for the sake of creating cash flow. The increase in staff numbers with new departments and each position needing assistants seems never ending with very little benefit to the existing members. There are many who question the benefits of paying a very high membership to this organisation. In the past the FPI was managed by experienced and qualified financial advisers who gave up their time for the benefit of all but those days are gone. Now we have this issue, the FPI has become a joke

To say the FPI is a joke is ridiculous! I take it you are a member? Are you involved with the FPI in any way? Do you contribute to your Professional body in any way? Do you support their functions or events?

It is easy to throw stones hiding behind a pseudonym but if you care about your Profession and the future of our industry then you would look to be part of the solution and not trash all members of an organisation based on a report. There are many good people at the FPI doing their best for their members.

Are things perfect at the FPI? Definitely not but to throw the organisation in the bin tells me that perhaps you are an old time broker who does not want to recognize that the industry needs to change to be recognized as professional by the public.

The FPI has now withdrawn its status as an examination body. It appears that the barbarians are no longer at the gates but inside the building!

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