Is economic power shifting to the East?

This new global economic order will prompt a change in investment strategies, which is yet to be defined.

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China is at the forefront of global economic advancement, with predictions that the next five years could see the Chinese economy surpassing that of the United States. This would mean a significant change in the global economic dynamic.

The coronavirus has disrupted all aspects of society. It has changed social interaction and development in countries and economies, affecting our future realities. This new global economic order will prompt a change in investment strategies, which is yet to be defined.

Moneyweb’s Ciaran Ryan chats with Ninety One’s Michael Power, Institute for Security Studies (ISS) founder Jakkie Cilliers and political commentator Moeletsi Mbeki about this in more detail.

Guest bios

Jakkie Cilliers is the founder and former executive director of the ISS. He currently serves as chair of the ISS Board of Trustees and Head of the African Futures and Innovation Programme at the ISS. His 2017 best-selling book, ‘Fate of the Nation: 3 Scenarios for South Africa’s Future’, addresses South Africa’s potential from political, economic and social perspectives. His most recent book, ‘Africa First! Igniting a Growth Revolution’, takes a rigorous look at the emerging futures for other African nations and the continent as a whole.

Michael Power is a strategist at asset management group Ninety One and one of South Africa’s premier futurists. He is analysing and researching how the shift in the centre of economic gravity from West to East impacts investments. He began his professional career in South Africa working in the Middle East department of Chase Manhattan Bank before moving to Anglo American’s corporate finance department. Power was then employed in the London corporate finance department of NM Rothschild & Sons where his work had a strong natural resource emphasis.

Moeletsi Mbeki is a political analyst, chairman of various entities, as well as the editor of the book ‘Advocates for change: How to overcome Africa’s challenges’ (2011), author of ‘Architects of Poverty: Why African capitalism needs changing’ (2009) and more. Mbeki is the recipient of Harvard University’s Nieman Fellowship and has an M.A. Sociology Degree from the University of Warwick.


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