The benefits of business rescue in uncertain times

Our panel of industry experts discusses the benefits of business rescue in the South African context.
The economic effect of the coronavirus pandemic in South Africa has left many businesses in financial distress. Image: Shutterstock

Explore how business rescue provides an alternative approach for business owners to survive these uncertain times.

Our panel of industry experts discusses the benefits of business rescue in the South African context.

Moneyweb’s Ciaran Ryan talks with business rescue practitioner Coert Grobbelaar, SAIBA CEO Nicolaas van Wyk and senior attorney Nicoleen van der Walt in this webinar.

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Coert Grobbelaar

Grobbelaar is a professional accountant, independent reviewer, business rescue practitioner and general tax practitioner from Gauteng.

In 2011 he co-founded Grobbelaar Accountants as CEO. He is a passionate business turnaround advisor and strategist, who guides entrepreneurs with strategic vision and operational planning. He mentors over 40 entrepreneurs with monthly management accounts and is experienced in valuations, and the buying and selling of over 18 retail entities.

He also co-founded the Eendraght Group as CFO. As a navigator, he undertakes tax planning, employee cost management for 150 employees as well as risk planning and implementation of mitigation interventions. He was elected as a member to the Build It Guild of South Africa in 2019, where he advises retailers in the industry.

He sees himself as a pioneer in automated financial reporting for the retail industry in South Africa and believes in transforming the franchising landscape through innovative solutions.

Nicolaas van Wyk

Van Wyk is a skilled CEO experienced in the professional body and NPO industry with demonstrated success in enhancing organisational reputation, recognition and member growth. For more than 10 years he has been making substantial impacts with forward-thinking, resourceful, and adaptable strategies. He is successful at understanding markets, key business decisions and financial operations. Key characteristics are originality, energy, and a drive to build or design improved organisations that can deliver meaningful impact, by finding solutions and fixing problems. His biggest contribution is being a charismatic individual who will serve as the public image of SAIBA, showcasing and defending its strengths, backed up by knowledge and understanding of its industry and business model.

Since his appointment in 2013 as CEO, he re-established SAIBA as a successful professional accountancy membership body growing from 300 members in 2013 to more than 8 000 in 2020. This has been achieved by constantly asking the right questions to translate strategic plans into tactical initiatives. Providing solutions to optimise operational performance across a broad range of areas with a particular focus on unique product offerings and strategic partnerships.

Qualification: BCom Hons, MBA, BAP(SA), CFO(SA)

Nicoleen van der Walt

Van der Walt is a lawyer, mother and wife residing and practising in Kempton Park.

Since 1994 she has grown her legal firm from a small one-woman practice to a team of professionals ensuring consistent client satisfaction and specialising in High Court litigation and corporate law.

She obtained the degrees BA Juris (North-West University 1989) and LLB (North-West University 1991) and was admitted as an attorney in 1994. She obtained the Right of Appearance in the High Court in 2004.

She was admitted as a Conveyancer in 2006 and has been a Commissioner of the Small Claims Court since 2006. She was also registered as a debt counsellor at the National Credit Regulator in July 2009.

She started the firm N Fourie & Associates in 1996 and the name was subsequently changed to N van der Walt Inc in 2000. The firm currently has 11 employees, each specialising in its field of expertise and dedication to their clients.

She is a senior attorney in the firm with a practice specialising in High Court Litigation and corporate/commercial law. She is also a director of various companies and a trustee of various private and commercial trusts.

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