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SA proposes restriction on renewal of mining rights

Mosebenzi Zwane move raises the stakes in his dispute with the mining sector.

South African Mineral Resources Minister Mosebenzi Zwane proposed a restriction on granting and renewing mining rights that are needed by producers to operate in the country.

Zwane has issued a request for submissions on the proposal, “having regard to the national interest and the need to promote the sustainable development of the nation’s national resources,” he said in a government gazette published Wednesday.

The minister’s move raises the stakes in his dispute with South Africa’s mining sector, after Zwane published controversial new rules last month aimed at sharing the country’s mineral wealth more broadly but which companies say will destroy the industry. The Chamber of Mines, which represents producers, has taken the government to court to block the rules, and said last week that Zwane had agreed to suspend implementing the rules until there’s an initial court judgment.

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South Africa holds the biggest reserves of platinum, chrome and manganese and mining companies operating in the country include Anglo American, Glencore and AngloGold Ashanti.

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Never mind proposals on mining rights. Lets have proposals on honest and uncorrupted or captured Ministers running the show.

Just a plan to nationalize mining and all of the country, the mining charter just set out to test the reaction, a proses taken by the socialist, taking baby steps to total control, this is how to capture a country by the ANC.

“Zwane published controversial new rules last month aimed at sharing the country’s mineral wealth”

Surely the mineral wealth is already being shared. It is mostly previously disadvantaged people who work on the mines earning good salaries. Also these mining companies and their employees pay taxes. The taxes are then shared with everyone in the country through social grants and infrastructure spend by the government.

What is the problem?

They unfortunately don’t see the nexus and are determined to rob us of our democratic “state” and its protections and recourse guaranteed the people – ala Stalinism – leaving every citizen bare for the anc communists to do as they wish. – Check out North Korea for a rip-roaring example of how this will work.

can not wait to see the Zupta/Denel firing there first nuke test, pledging their alliance to further trade relations with a new found commi partner in North Korea, surely must nuke them colonials, to get even.

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