Amanda Visser

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Amanda has been a journalist since 1986 and has worked in print, radio, television and online. She joined the world of financial journalism around 2003 and has never looked back. She specializes in tax and has written about trade law, competition law and regulatory issues.

The investment case for integrated oil companies

1 Aug 2019 /  Amanda Visser   
Fossil fuels are not dead.

Truths and assumptions about misinvoicing; it’s not that simple

6 Jun 2019 /  Amanda Visser   3
Falsification of details in international transactions said to be draining $800bn a year from developing countries – but is it?

Retailers beware: The gift card and tax

15 May 2019 /  Amanda Visser   3
Gift cards can land business owners in trouble if they aren't accounted for properly.

Changes to anti-avoidance rules putting BEE deals at risk

7 May 2019 /  Amanda Visser    5
Lack of guidance is creating uncertainty around otherwise probably innocent transactions, says Sait.

Taxpayers and their powerful vote

7 May 2019 /  Amanda Visser    16
Tax system must apply pressure in the right places or may find its power eclipsed by that of a disillusioned taxpayer base.

When tax becomes a turning point for people to stay or leave

16 Apr 2019 /  Amanda Visser    21
A change to the taxation of foreign trusts means any repatriated income or capital gains will now be taxed.

SA extends its Vat net to cover the globe

22 Mar 2019 /  Amanda Visser    9
Services provided electronically are now in Sars’s crosshairs.

Insurer held liable for indemnity claim related to failed Sharemax scheme

18 Mar 2019 /  Amanda Visser   10
Financial advisors and their insurers should take note.

Technical glitch in the zero-rating of sanitary products

7 Mar 2019 /  Amanda Visser   1
Strangely narrow definition in pending legislation will limit the intended relief and cause problems for retailers and the customs system.

Taking stock: SA’s position ahead of elections

7 Mar 2019 /  Amanda Visser   9
Events in May will make this a year of two halves.

Little room for higher taxes, plenty for improvement

20 Feb 2019 /  Amanda Visser    6
Now is a good time for Mboweni to act on recommendations, tax practitioners say.

Caution needed about the hype around ‘pervasive profit shifting’

14 Jan 2019 /  Amanda Visser   5
Report welcomed, but additional factors need to be considered.

Executive ‘clawbacks’ may have unfair tax implications

10 Dec 2018 /  Amanda Visser   1
If defined as restricted equity instruments, provisions could have ‘impractical, unbusinesslike or oppressive’ consequences.

Industry pleas for dialogue on capped foreign income exemption

5 Dec 2018 /  Amanda Visser    2
Treasury is sticking to its amendment to limit the tax-free income South Africans earn outside of the country to R1m.

Corporates with outstanding tax returns may face penalties

17 Oct 2018 /  Amanda Visser   2
Returns must be submitted by the end of November if penalties are to be avoided.

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