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Amanda Visser

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Amanda has been a journalist since 1986 and has worked in print, radio, television and online. She joined the world of financial journalism around 2003 and has never looked back. She specializes in tax and has written about trade law, competition law and regulatory issues.

A high tax burden does have consequences

10 Sep 2018 /  Amanda Visser    5
Social infrastructure enjoyed by highly developed countries is absent in South Africa, even though our tax-to-GDP ratios are similar.

‘Discriminatory tax amendment’ may affect non-bank lenders

3 Sep 2018 /  Amanda Visser  
The recent Taxation Laws Amendment Bill discriminates between banks and non-bank lenders in the taxation of doubtful debt.

More options for those who prefer to ‘defer’ retirement

24 Aug 2018 /  Amanda Visser   
Proposed changes to the tax treatment of retirement funds will give retirees greater flexibility when it comes to transferring and withdrawing their benefits.

Tinkering taxes at own cost

30 Jul 2018 /  Amanda Visser    7
Some OECD member countries have tried to use their tax systems to ease inequalities, but the practice comes with consequences.

Sars service charter delights and disappoints

4 Jul 2018 /  Amanda Visser   8
The new Sars Service Charter places an obligation on taxpayers to 'encourage' others to pay their taxes and duties on time and in full.

South Africa’s investment appeal continues to be sabotaged

15 Jun 2018 /  Amanda Visser   13
There is a lack of understanding of the obstacles that an incoherent government policy creates.

Greed remains at the heart of audit scandals

4 Jun 2018 /  Amanda Visser   16
'Irba firmly believes that auditors are not sufficiently independent and are driven by lust for money.'

Problems persist with the VCC tax initiative

14 May 2018 /  Amanda Visser   5
Stakeholders have requested a 'review and redesign' of the VCC regime to meet its initial objectives.

Rolling heads at Sars may prevent further downgrades

22 Mar 2018 /  Amanda Visser   5
Clear and decisive leadership is what ratings agencies are looking for.

VAT increase: Practical issues for companies to consider

19 Mar 2018 /  Amanda Visser   3
Accounting systems must be changed to deal with the transitional rules.

Sugar tax may be first of several ‘health promotion’ measures

5 Mar 2018 /  Amanda Visser   10
New tax comes into effect next month and is expected to generate around R2 billion in revenue.

Be aware of correct tax treatment of severance benefits

8 Feb 2018 /  Amanda Visser   2
New Sars form makes a distinction between voluntary and involuntary retrenchment.

Competition law amendments may impact independence of competition authorities

1 Feb 2018 /  Amanda Visser  
Concerns about possible unfettered ministerial influence in competition matters.

VAT rate increase – if not now, when?

24 Jan 2018 /  Amanda Visser   14
SA is in dire need of tax revenue.

SA should follow Zimbabwe with lifestyle audits for all public office holders

27 Dec 2017 /  Amanda Visser   4
The country has transparency initiatives, however there is no accountability.

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