Ann Crotty

Ann Crotty has been writing on business and corporate governance for decades and has seen little improvement in all that time.

White collar crime is a serious challenge for the country

27 Sep 2021 /  Ann Crotty
But does Steinhoff’s desire to have a hearing on the liquidation application against it warrant the apex court’s urgent involvement? Plus a look at the R1m fine levied against JCI.

New insights into trust and ethics among advisors and fund managers

20 Sep 2021 /  Ann Crotty
Intriguing questions and interesting developments related to Coronation, Peresec Prime Brokers, A2 Investment Partners, Novus and York Timber.

Another case of overpaying in the Naspers/Prosus stable …

13 Sep 2021 /  Ann Crotty
While Anglo American sees some interesting share price movements, Shoprite shareholders celebrate, Tongaat should beware of activist investors, and Brikor and AEEI span the spectrum of apathy.

Executive remuneration: TFG’s misunderstood shareholders and a cheeky move at Old Mutual

6 Sep 2021 /  Ann Crotty
Musings on the retailer and insurer both failing to get approval on remuneration policies, as well as a brief look at developments at Prosus, Ayo and Shoprite.

Enrichment … and disenchantment

30 Aug 2021 /  Ann Crotty
MultiChoice shareholders don't seem very happy (though its directors must be), a ‘black sheep’ enters the fray at Adapt IT, and more sad news for Spur Corporation.

As to who is calling the shots at Naspers …

27 Aug 2021 /  Ann Crotty
Sanlam isn’t just sheltering Naspers’s extremely unpopular remuneration policy, it is enabling the board to ignore its ordinary shareholders – Active Shareholder.

Naspers AGM: The A shares have it – all resolutions pass

26 Aug 2021 /  Ann Crotty
But N shareholders indicate their opposition to a number of them.

Corporate magic and the whimsy of the authorities

23 Aug 2021 /  Ann Crotty
The magic touch can be hard to replicate (ask Walmart) while the stance of the CompCom has become impossible to anticipate: a look at Massmart, Cambridge and Rhino, Burger King, York Timber and Net1 UEPS.

More ups and downs for SA Inc

16 Aug 2021 /  Ann Crotty
A bit of a bumpy ride with some high points. A look at Naspers/Prosus, Adapt IT, Shoprite, Steinhoff and Massmart.

Ninety One’s AGM: An attempt at ‘shabby chic’?

10 Aug 2021 /  Ann Crotty
It appears shareholders are fully supportive of their board.

Of mighty oaks and powerful little switches

10 Aug 2021 /  Ann Crotty
Naspers and the president with a potent button at his fingertips, Huge Group and enormous patience, the buying up of shares in print and packaging group Novus and York Timbers … and an apology from this columnist.

Money to burn and reputations take a pounding

2 Aug 2021 /  Ann Crotty
Board preference at any cost it seems as Telkom pays R20m to keep its CEO from walking out and Mediclinic takes on a non-executive director it evidently believes is really good at time management, while Tiger Brands has yet another disaster to contend with.

Executive pay and undeserved wealth

26 Jul 2021 /  Ann Crotty
The current process for dealing with remuneration-related shareholder dissension is ineffective. Also, thoughts on China’s battle of attrition, and Telkom's departing CEO's legacy.

At Liberty … and taking liberties

19 Jul 2021 /  Ann Crotty
Standard Bank’s PR machine is going to be kept busy spinning the merits of bancassurance, while Huge Group gets a rap on the knuckles, and Naspers – well, more executive remuneration ‘good news for some’ there.

PwC dishes up some transparency about its diversification plans

15 Jul 2021 /  Ann Crotty
But isn't so forthcoming about its own operations.

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