Letters from Zimbabwe

Cathy Buckle

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Zimbabwe, the country we don’t know how to survive

What’s next? That’s what we all want to know.

Zimbabwe burns while the lights are out

As inflation soars and power supply dwindles Zimbabweans are struggling through life.

Orange! Crisis, sunsets and tempers

'We are again learning to live a completely abnormal life in Zimbabwe...'.

Wrestling for a loaf of bread

The monumental shock of going into a supermarket in Zimbabwe for the first time in a fortnight.

Oops! Put the car on charge

Zimbabweans told to 'dump cars and buy bicycles'.

Queen bees and red flags

Keeping up appearances in Zimbabwe is becoming increasingly difficult.

Broken hearts and broken bones

How can this be happening in Zimbabwe again?

Nothing to go back to

Compensation may finally be forthcoming for farmers whose properties have been compulsorily acquired by the Zimbabwe government.

Life is tough

The human faces of Zimbabwe's 'land chaos'.

The red soil of hope for a New Zimbabwe

Everything has changed but nothing has changed. Zimbabwe has got a long way to go.

Could you hear us Mr Mugabe?

We all want just one thing: a new Zimbabwe, a free Zimbabwe, a Zimbabwe without the Mugabe’s.

Hail stones, disloyalty and sheer greed

This week saw the unceremonious exit of yet another Vice President of Zimbabwe.

October madness

Zimbabwe's economy and businesses teeter on the edge of complete collapse.

Tip toe through the dusty shoes

For the second time in a decade the Zim government has overseen the evaporation of money out of people's bank accounts.

Blanket immunity to murderers

Mugabe says there will be no prosecution for people who killed white farmers in Zimbabwe’s 'fast track land reform programme'.



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