Letters from Zimbabwe

Cathy Buckle

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The red soil of hope for a New Zimbabwe

Everything has changed but nothing has changed. Zimbabwe has got a long way to go.

Could you hear us Mr Mugabe?

We all want just one thing: a new Zimbabwe, a free Zimbabwe, a Zimbabwe without the Mugabe’s.

Hail stones, disloyalty and sheer greed

This week saw the unceremonious exit of yet another Vice President of Zimbabwe.

October madness

Zimbabwe’s economy and businesses teeter on the edge of complete collapse.

Tip toe through the dusty shoes

For the second time in a decade the Zim government has overseen the evaporation of money out of people’s bank accounts.

Blanket immunity to murderers

Mugabe says there will be no prosecution for people who killed white farmers in Zimbabwe’s ‘fast track land reform programme’.

There for all to see, if only you dare look

The ordinary people are Zimbabwe’s real heroes in 2017, writes Cathy Buckle.

Can they really afford to throw away 3 or 4 million votes?

‘Regularize’ an absurd word for an impossible achievement for thousands born in Zimbabweans cursed with the word ALIEN on their ID cards.

Pots, bottles and broken promises

The first change to Zimbabwe’s brand new Constitution is within sight, writes Cathy Buckle.

Another round of farm invasions, evictions planned for Zimbabwe

Sanctioned by 93 year old President Robert Mugabe.

Putting perpetrators on notice

Money is now so short in Zimbabwe that people who were struggling before are now not coping at all.

Rust and dust

What a sad picture Zimbabwe has painted.

How much blood can you buy for $13 billion?

2017 has started with a serious crisis unfolding in Zimbabwe’s health sector.

A disaster years in the making

Years of neglect by local authorities has left Zimbabwe’s roads in a diabolical state.

Like frightened dassies

Zimbabweans are still waiting for a leader of honesty, integrity and decency to step forward.



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