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Hilton Tarrant

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Hilton Tarrant works at YFM. Prior to that, he worked at a specialist software development agency after leaving a full-time, award-winning career as a financial journalist. He has been a financial journalist since 2005.

Renting a car? Beware of all the hidden fees

The list is nearly endless, and often punitive.

Another share windfall for Naspers executives

But why was the new incentive put to vote without disclosing how it will be measured?

The most valuable part of Discovery?

One would do well to focus on what its ‘insuretech’ platform is doing …

Slow start for Discovery Bank

Signs up 22 000 customers in first three months.

Who did better – bank execs or shareholders?

Returns versus executive remuneration over the past decade.

How to reduce your electricity bill 

Small changes can have a big impact.

How buy-to-let landlords are being squeezed

Below-inflation rent increases are only half the story …

Nedbank shows the mountain incumbents have to climb

Enabling self-service is not as easy as the upstarts make it seem.

Discovery Bank’s complex pricing

Layers of choice behind its ‘three simple accounts’ means there are actually 12 different pricing options.

The winners in the Steinhoff mess

Advisors, auditors and lawyers score big …

You can’t blame Ramos’s messy exit for everything

Absa’s failure to compete in the entry-level market has nothing to do with its former group CEO …

eBucks boosts fuel rewards, banking on behaviour change

A summary of the 2019 rule changes …

How renewables are helping Eskom keep the lights on

Without IPPs, we would be in a near-perpetual state of Stage 2 load shedding.

A nationwide blackout and other myths busted

Help in understanding the crisis …

Banks continue quietly cutting staff

Structural change from digitisation and branch cuts driving the reductions …



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