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Hilton Tarrant

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Hilton Tarrant works at YFM. Prior to that, he worked at a specialist software development agency after leaving a full-time, award-winning career as a financial journalist. He has been a financial journalist since 2005.

You can’t blame Ramos’s messy exit for everything

Absa’s failure to compete in the entry-level market has nothing to do with its former group CEO …

eBucks boosts fuel rewards, banking on behaviour change

A summary of the 2019 rule changes …

How renewables are helping Eskom keep the lights on

Without IPPs, we would be in a near-perpetual state of Stage 2 load shedding.

A nationwide blackout and other myths busted

Help in understanding the crisis …

Banks continue quietly cutting staff

Structural change from digitisation and branch cuts driving the reductions …

How will Ramos be judged?

Did Barclays restrict lending, or was the constrained environment self-created?

Load shedding need not be so predictably shambolic

Why is there no coordinated management of this crisis?

The possible successors to Ramos

Could Nedbank’s succession plan influence Absa’s choice?

Why doesn’t Absa have a successor to Ramos?

This is nothing less than a failure of the board.

Banks need to radically rethink fees

But do they even realise they should?

How to halve your home loan term

Disciplined additional payments make a big difference.

Shareholders finally find their voice on executive pay

Six market darlings (well, mostly) under pressure …

MTN Group execs awarded R117m in shares

All that’s needed is for the operator to actually perform …

Discovery Health 2019 medical aid increases

Except a rise of at least 9% in your monthly premium …

Vitality Open made me a (much) better driver

Why Discovery Insure’s driver behaviour programme is not a gimmick …



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