Jerry Schuitema

Governments and entrepreneurship

The Holy Grail of purpose that should apply to all business – that of serving its market or customers – must equally apply to government.

From Ashe to Ashwin

Confronting the thorny issue of merit-based appointments in society.

Curiosity feeds the cat

The important role of this basic human trait to our wellbeing.

The corporate cauldron

Reflecting on the wider issues of the Steinhoff scandal.

Stakeholder capitalism

Can South Africa create a fresh economic approach to growth and inclusivity?

Roasting Tiger Brands

The power of sincerity in a corporate crisis.

Popular or populist?

President Ramaphosa’s difficult choice between the two.

Stopping the train

Things that really matter in keeping it together for South Africa’s future.

Turning trust around

Will increased hope improve the low level of trust?

Seething at Steinhoff and others

Pointing the finger of blame in the right direction.

Name, shame and jail

The war against corruption now desperately needs a high profile arrest.

What the ancients knew

An enduring principle that can help rescue the economy.

Beyond share empowerment schemes

Lessons from the failed Sasol Inzalo scheme.

The wealth distribution obsession

To the point of incapacitating wealth creation itself.

Follow the meaning

And get a better idea of company health than following the money.



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