Jerry Schuitema

The wealth distribution obsession

To the point of incapacitating wealth creation itself.

Follow the meaning

And get a better idea of company health than following the money.

Gold, bitcoin and the dollar

Connecting some scary dots in the undercurrent of market turmoil.

An age of economic soul-searching

Was the great recession a bigger game changer than we realise?

Destroying company relationships

By having absurd theories, abstracts and aggregates define them.

Symphonies of endeavour

A different view of the context for a stable and sustainable company.

Debunking ‘monopoly capital’

Refocusing on the essence of creating wealth and value for all.

The hole in the jobs bucket

And the three dimensions of radical government transformation.

Flying kites in a storm

The link between the public protector and cryptocurrencies.

Contract and conscience

What happens when the social contract and laws cannot guarantee protection?

Grabbing land in la-la land

A groundswell of clearheaded action to counter populist hysteria in the land issue.

Inclusivity: For the people and by the people

Wresting the initiative from government to prevent reckless radicalisation.

Bullhorns of discontent

Threatening the unifying potential and benefits of a radical economic overhaul.

The crux of the turmoil

You cannot be free when you are in debt.

The forgotten value

And its increasing relevance in our political and economic circumstance.



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