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Jerry Schuitema

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After a year of insurance underwriting, Jerry Schuitema joined the SABC as a reporter in 1966, concentrating on economic affairs. He went on to became the SABC's first economics editor. In March 1990, he established South Africa's first Specialist Developmental Communications consultancy.

Yellow vests and the Davos freeze

1 Feb 2019 /  Jerry Schuitema    3
Are looming global economic problems understated both internationally and at home?

The banking shake-up

14 Jan 2019 /  Jerry Schuitema   5
A personal reflection on the human crisis produced by the 4th Industrial Revolution.

The accountant’s new challenge

7 Dec 2018 /  Jerry Schuitema    4
Seeing the numbers through a different lens.

Our broken moral compass

2 Nov 2018 /  Jerry Schuitema   17
Sound values are as much an economic health issue as a social one.

Without common purpose, there won’t be job creation

12 Oct 2018 /  Jerry Schuitema   5
Jobs Summit interventions need labour to stop behaving as a beneficiary rather than a contributor.

Dancing with death

21 Sep 2018 /  Jerry Schuitema    6
And marvelling at the reminder of what our humanity is capable of.

The toxic trade-off

29 Jun 2018 /  Jerry Schuitema   7
Labour, business and government seem locked in dispute over who should get what, focusing on distribution rather than contribution and wealth creation.

Governments and entrepreneurship

15 Jun 2018 /  Jerry Schuitema   4
The Holy Grail of purpose that should apply to all business – that of serving its market or customers – must equally apply to government.

From Ashe to Ashwin

1 Jun 2018 /  Jerry Schuitema   15
Confronting the thorny issue of merit-based appointments in society.

Curiosity feeds the cat

18 May 2018 /  Jerry Schuitema   3
The important role of this basic human trait to our wellbeing.

The corporate cauldron

4 May 2018 /  Jerry Schuitema   3
Reflecting on the wider issues of the Steinhoff scandal.

Stakeholder capitalism

6 Apr 2018 /  Jerry Schuitema   7
Can South Africa create a fresh economic approach to growth and inclusivity?

Roasting Tiger Brands

16 Mar 2018 /  Jerry Schuitema   9
The power of sincerity in a corporate crisis.

Popular or populist?

2 Mar 2018 /  Jerry Schuitema   8
President Ramaphosa’s difficult choice between the two.

Stopping the train

16 Feb 2018 /  Jerry Schuitema   3
Things that really matter in keeping it together for South Africa’s future.

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