Jerry Schuitema

Hitting the great Great Wall

Service lessons from a crisis.

Unemployment patchwork

And missing the two critical patches of expectations and flexibility.

The Servant Organisation

Without it, Servant Leadership is a hypocritical facade.

Crypto coins and pieces of eight

Will past and future money dance on the grave of the present?

Changing the conversation

If we want growth, we have to start talking growth.

The metric malaise deepens

What happens when increasingly, not all that counts is being counted.

Perspectives on the Panama papers

Reflecting poorly on prescriptions for governance and transparency.

Baying for Oakbay’s blood

Is the invoking of reputational risk enhancing financial institutional power?

Shaking off the 80s

Repeating and perpetuating proven bad habits.

Our triple deficits

The most important is not about metrics but about behaviour.

Outsourcing: friendly trend or foe?

The changing building blocks of the modern company and implications for labour.

The shadow of Salem

Turning the petty things that divide us into damaging witch-hunts.

Rebuilding trust

Using the high level of trust in business and employee trust in companies.

Seizing the moment

And finding the Phoenix in the ashes of scorched sentiment.

Recapturing our finest hour

Not letting the racial debate run away with itself.



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