Jerry Schuitema

The folly of employee share ownership schemes

Behind government’s ‘mistake’ in Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment.

Why we hate migrants

They remind many of us of the sissies that we have become.

Molefe’s morale boosting conundrum

A mountain to climb for Eskom’s acting chief in improving staff morale.

Of burning shops and falling monuments

How factions form to inflame polarisation in a diversified society.

Psychopathy and leadership

Should leaders be given brain imaging scans for symptoms of psychopathy?

Technology and jobs

Is a perverted definition of capital efficiency fuelling unemployment?

I don’t believe in ‘if’ anymore

How hypotheses can cripple national discourse on critical issues.

The end of extend and pretend

Facing up to $200 trillion in global debt.

Profiles and prejudices

One thing we can all do to make South Africa a better place.

Trust crisis deepens

Number of trusting countries falls to lowest level – survey.

Moments of madness

Some economic foolishness we subject ourselves to.

A tale of two loaves

The scary prospect of having fewer choices.

Is South Africa a junk bond nation?

Examining the power of credit rating agencies and South Africa’s latest grading.

Putting business on a guilt trip

Is the commendable label of “Homo empathicus” being abused for self-gain.

Beyond market jitters

Are we still vulnerable to a global economic collapse?



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