Jerry Schuitema

When business soars

A salute to the real spirit of free enterprise.

Why economists often get it wrong

When classical theory no longer works in practice.

Lessons from the dead

The true nature of the evolution of humankind.

A momentous time

A trio of mega-trends fundamentally changing our lives.

SA’s currency war

The country wins the battle, but poor tactics lose the war

Retrenchments and the clash of titans

Forging a new understanding between adversaries.

The faltering middle class

And the rise of the precariat class.

Not letting go

Things we should stay outraged about.

Entrepreneurship as a silver bullet

Is it about being or doing?

Empowerment: a misguided obsession

The effects of not fully understanding this central theme of policy.

The folly of employee share ownership schemes

Behind government’s ‘mistake’ in Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment.

Why we hate migrants

They remind many of us of the sissies that we have become.

Molefe’s morale boosting conundrum

A mountain to climb for Eskom’s acting chief in improving staff morale.

Of burning shops and falling monuments

How factions form to inflame polarisation in a diversified society.

Psychopathy and leadership

Should leaders be given brain imaging scans for symptoms of psychopathy?



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