Jerry Schuitema

The end of extend and pretend

Facing up to $200 trillion in global debt.

Profiles and prejudices

One thing we can all do to make South Africa a better place.

Trust crisis deepens

Number of trusting countries falls to lowest level – survey.

Moments of madness

Some economic foolishness we subject ourselves to.

A tale of two loaves

The scary prospect of having fewer choices.

Is South Africa a junk bond nation?

Examining the power of credit rating agencies and South Africa’s latest grading.

Putting business on a guilt trip

Is the commendable label of “Homo empathicus” being abused for self-gain.

Beyond market jitters

Are we still vulnerable to a global economic collapse?

Have we polluted wealth creation to a point of self-destruction?

Adding value to each other is not only the essence of our humanity, it is the basic cell of our economic life.

The magnificent metric

The simplest measurement in business is also the most important and powerful.

Women in business leadership

Are they the better choice for CEOs in modern companies?

Labour lawlessness

The case for holding union leaders accountable for violence and intimidation.

Convenient collectives

Hiding behind a collective flag to avoid personal accountability and liability.

Defining the entrepreneur

Why dictating their role or purpose is presumptuous.

Sincerely yours: African Bank

How sincerity of purpose could have prevented the demise of a bank.



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