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Keith McLachlan

Who’s bidding for Long4Life?

18 Oct 2021 /  Keith McLachlan   9
Time will tell, but here's a possibility....

Revisiting EasyEquities’ fair value

4 Oct 2021 /  Keith McLachlan   4
And what it tells us about Purple Group's share price.

Questioning Rain’s valuation

20 Sep 2021 /  Keith McLachlan   6
Two facts provide much-needed context.

Master Drilling: Cylinders starting to fire

6 Sep 2021 /  Keith McLachlan    2
A look at this 'hidden gem' of a stock.

Spotlight on six JSE-listed small caps

26 Aug 2021 /  Keith McLachlan  
Insights into their strategies and prospects.

ADvTech’s update highlights quality

16 Aug 2021 /  Keith McLachlan    3
Private education is a great space to be in.

Where are the juniors?

2 Aug 2021 /  Keith McLachlan   5
A peak cycle indicator for investors will be when they start popping up on the JSE and other exchanges.

An underappreciated gold mine that’s worth a closer look

19 Jul 2021 /  Keith McLachlan    6
Pan African Resources may be relatively small, but its strengths are worth noting.

Hudaco group is flying

5 Jul 2021 /  Keith McLachlan  
And 3.1 months’ worth of inventory on its floors sets it up well for the current period.

How to buy offshore stocks on the JSE

14 Jun 2021 /  Keith McLachlan   14
FNB has launched a single-stock exchange-traded note on the local bourse.

Winners in a cheap credit environment

24 May 2021 /  Keith McLachlan   2
The companies that are likely to benefit the most.

How much could EasyEquities be worth?

10 May 2021 /  Keith McLachlan   6
A look at how it stacks up against Robinhood, and what this might say about its – and ultimately Purple Group's – fair value.

Fallen giants: How are the turnarounds going?

29 Apr 2021 /  Keith McLachlan   2
Six once-large groups, and what the prognosis looks like for each.

Safer than houses: Stor-Age Property Reit

13 Apr 2021 /  Keith McLachlan   5
Up 43% over five years, and ticking many boxes.

Inflation-linked bond options

25 Mar 2021 /  Keith McLachlan   2
They may have performed poorly as SA's credit risk has risen, but discarding them as an asset class would be premature.

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