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Keith McLachlan

Investment opportunities in the small cap space

12 Jan 2018 /  Keith McLachlan  
Small cap analyst Keith McLachlan revisits some older calls.

Renewables, new coal and gas-to-power IPPs – quo vadis?

7 Nov 2017 /  Chris Yelland   5
At this point, the future remains uncertain.

SA retail is in trouble

23 Nov 2016 /  Keith McLachlan   11
Retailers have been growing their own debt-levels and gearing's been exploding, while ROE has been falling.
Moneyweb Investor

Read results like an analyst

14 Oct 2016 /  Keith MacLachlan  
A basic guide.

Potential pair trades in small- and mid-caps

2 Nov 2015 /  Keith McLachlan   7
In a way, long a small cap and short a blue chip is a classic play against the former’s likely superior growth rate.

Why small caps are safer than the Top 40

15 Aug 2015 /  Keith McLachlan   3
The stats show that over the past few years, the smaller a listed company is the (on average) less risky it is.

The proof is in the pudding

29 Apr 2015 /  Keith McLachlan   4
Taste Holdings vs Grand Parade.

A fast growing and apparently undervalued company

19 Mar 2015 /  Keith McLachlan   1
Keith McLachlan shares his views on small cap CIL.

Small caps: five lessons learnt

25 Nov 2014 /    
Investing in illiquid small caps is a long-term game.

Why I don’t (often) invest in turnarounds

6 Nov 2014 /    
Keith McLachlan lists the 'death list' of companies in turnarounds.

Adapt IT’s acquisition-led strategy pays off

18 Aug 2014 /    
Turnover up 34%; headline earnings increase 55%.

Why invest in small caps?

12 Aug 2014 /    
Small details can make a large difference to your portfolio returns.

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