Magnus Heystek

SA property market: Where dreams come to die

Never, ever buy an empty stand.

Coming soon: A tax revolt

Could this be the straw that breaks the camel’s back?

The shocking truth about the JSE

And your dwindling pension fund returns.

How Zumanomics is crashing your retirement

Why only 2% of South Africans can look forward to a care-free retirement.

Investment advice from the tea boy

First waves of financial tsunami already lapping at our shores….

A blueprint for financial survival

A financial tsunami heading our way… what to do?

What Zuma’s scorched earth policy means for all of us

A cold shoulder or a downgrade or two to boot.

Why foreigners are fleeing our market

Should you do the same?

Did the media read the same budget as I did?

SA needs new economic direction, but under current thinking, this won’t happen.

A modern-day Groot Trek

Not on ox-wagons but with Range Rovers and Stuttaford Van Lines….

Part 2: JSE versus the S&P500

The impact of Regulation 28 on your future wealth and trends to watch that should guide investment strategies.

Part 1: JSE versus the S&P500

How you would have performed had you invested in either.


Anria van Heerden – finansiële beplanner van Portico Finansiele Dienste in Pretoria & Wayne McCurrie — senior portfolio manager, Ashburton Investments

Your future in the charts

SA’s in the middle of a financial firestorm.


Magnus Heystek – Brenthurst Wealth.



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