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Magnus Heystek

How to plan for a dreadful retirement

22 Oct 2018 /  Magnus Heystek   38
Regulation 28 is costing you 10% per annum.

Who do you believe: The salesman or the analyst?

25 Sep 2018 /  Magnus Heystek   29
The dangers of having all your investments tied up in SA.

South Africa: A country where honesty is a scarce commodity

11 Sep 2018 /  Magnus Heystek   31
Are our economists failing us?

Nightmare on Maude Street

23 Aug 2018 /  Magnus Heystek   62
Investment returns that keep me awake at night.

Don’t say you haven’t been warned

6 Aug 2018 /  Magnus Heystek   89
Hell hath no fury like a vested interest threatened.

Die noodsaak van testamentêre trusts in boedelbeplanning

27 Jul 2018 /    
Angelique Visser- direkteur, Baraza Wealth & Louis van Vuren - uitvoerende hoof, Fidusiêre Instituut van Suider Afrika & Magnus Heystek – beleggingstrateeg, Brenthurst Wealth

Die moets en moenies van kontantbeleggings

20 Jul 2018 /    
Louis van der Merwe – finansiële beplanner, Wealth & Adriaan Kruger – dosent, Nelson Mandela Universiteit, George Kampus & & Magnus Heystek – beleggingstrateeg, Brenthurst Wealth

Beleggingskenner beantwoord luisteraars se vrae

19 Jul 2018 /    
Magnus Heystek – beleggingstrateeg, Brenthurst Wealth

Why your retirement dreams are crashing around you

16 Jul 2018 /  Magnus Heystek    74
A perfect storm that can leave an investor under-funded for life.

I see a bad moon rising

26 Jun 2018 /  Magnus Heystek    81
Several red flags must surely be flapping furiously in the wind by now.

How to water-board statistics until they confess

4 Jun 2018 /  Magnus Heystek   19
It wasn’t me … with apologies to Shaggy.

The Zuma disaster: What took you so long, Trevor?

21 May 2018 /  Magnus Heystek   58
Why EWC can cause further damage to your personal wealth.

Only the paranoid survive

20 Mar 2018 /  Magnus Heystek    69
Why land expropriation without compensation could wreak havoc on your personal wealth.

The advisor who sold his Ferrari

8 Mar 2018 /  Magnus Heystek   33
Let the race begin!

Residential property: A 10-year bear market

20 Feb 2018 /  Magnus Heystek   68
Sell Western Cape, buy KwaZulu-Natal.

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