Mamokgethi Molopyane

Mamokgethi Molopyane is a mining and labour analyst. She’s also the founder of Creative Voodoo Consulting. She’s done work in the biofuel, forestry, mining, energy and space industries.

Outdated political ideology is the sick man of this country

Essential reading for the ANC as it prepares for its policy conference later this month.

Quarterly labour force figures paint a grim picture

The reality and facts are awful, and we must face them.

SA’s unemployed youth will soon rise up and rightfully so

If we don’t stem this rising crisis, we will condemn future generations to poverty and inequality.

When politics fails the economy, it condemns the nation to fail

South Africa, you’re at a crossroad.

If you don’t invest in your country, why should outsiders?

Your investment strike is as responsible for the country’s economic woes, as government policies are.


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