Mamokgethi Molopyane

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Mamokgethi Molopyane is a mining and labour analyst. She’s also the founder of Creative Voodoo Consulting. She’s done work in the biofuel, forestry, mining, energy and space industries.

Labour market change is necessary, and it needn’t hurt

France modified its strict and rigid labour legislation to allow for more private sector flexibility when it comes to working hours and pay – and SA should consider all options.

Will the ANC NEC rally behind Ramaphosa?

South Africa’s biggest crisis isn’t economic or social. It’s political.

Lessons from the elections: Adapt or die

SA’s political parties are at a crossroads.

Reflections on the road to elections

After a weekend of unconvincing political rallies, what’s a voter to do?

White collar work is going to be affected by 4IR

South Africa, be warned – you won’t like it.

Reflections on the road to May 8

The economy could float or sink and Mr President must take risks.

The chokehold of politics on the economy

A ‘wall of money’ is heading to emerging markets, but investors are selling off their SA stock.

Young, unemployed – and the greatest threat to our survival

A thriving youth population is good for a country’s future. We don’t have that.

Social inequality, like investment, must be addressed

Those at the bottom of society reflect a country’s health – and right now, South Africa is gravely ill.

Laid bare – the corrupting power of big business over politics

We can no longer disregard the corrupting disposition of business or its impact on our democracy and economy.

From a bumpy year into an uncertain one …

South Africa is facing new as well as old challenges shaped by world politics.

Political battles will distract from economic realities

The economy will pay a heavy price for government’s fixation on the elections.

SA’s future crisis will come from politics

We cannot escape the impact of decisions made by politicians on our daily lives.

Secrets behind state capture

Inquiry reveals ambitions of dangerous power-players who have eroded good governance practices in government.

Searching for economic optimism

We can never recover the lost years but there are signs that economic reality has finally dawned on those leading SA.



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