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Patrick Cairns

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Patrick Cairns is one of South Africa's most respected commentators on the investment industry. He also covers economics issues and business news.

My tips for Tito

Ahead of the February budget.

Prescribed assets would upset the rationale for pension funds

Which is why they are not a workable solution.

Don’t trust anyone who is certain about the future

It’s a mistake we all make, but it’s still a mistake.

We survived Zuma, but can we survive the prophets of doom?

We are being disempowered by our own fears.

So you treated me fairly. Should I be grateful?

It's a rather poor standard to be held to.

Your property investment is probably not as good as you think

If you haven't considered the risks, maybe you should rather think about listed property.

SA’s democratic revolt

It's very different to Trump and Brexit.

What critics of the minimum wage are missing

When nobody is happy, there is a chance for progress.

Let’s not let the facts get in the way of a great story

The Public Protector's report did not find anyone guilty of anything.

The Regulation 28 challenge for asset managers

The impact of the weak rand on local portfolios

Policy is too important to be left up to government

The private sector must also provide leadership.

Thank goodness for the market correction

Why you should prefer falling markets.

Five ways to make investing easier

Simple solutions that would make it more attractive to save.

A worrying financial paradox

Why is it so much easier to get a loan than to make an investment?

How much income can you get from R2 million?

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