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Ryk van Niekerk

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Ryk is an award-winning financial journalist with over 20 years' experience. He is Moneyweb’s editor and hosts the Market Commentator podcast and RSG Geldsake, covering the markets, and financial and investment content, joined by CEOs, entrepreneurs, policymakers and others. Ryk is a renowned public speaker and facilitator, and a regular political and economic commentator on local media platforms. He has an MBL and M.Phil in Journalism – both achieved cum laude.

‘Sharemax investors screwed twice’

9 Feb 2022 /  Ryk van Niekerk
The root of Nova's failure can be traced back to the Myburgh-penned SoA.

MTBPS: Government, it’s time to taste the pudding

12 Nov 2021 /  Ryk van Niekerk
The new finance minister should be grateful for the commodities boom and an aggressive rebasing of the GDP.

Zuma’s jailing more than just a courtroom drama

30 Jun 2021 /  Ryk van Niekerk
Apex court judgment affirms the original mandate of independent institutions.

Government needs to stick to the 2021 budget

26 Feb 2021 /  Ryk van Niekerk
Something it has not done for several years

NPA decides not to freeze Nova’s assets

2 Sep 2020 /  Ryk van Niekerk
AfriForum says decision is 'irrational' and 'incongruous'.

Nova: Insolvent, or in a sound financial position?

18 Mar 2020 /  Ryk van Niekerk
It's becoming increasingly unlikely that Nova will be able to repay the 18 000 former Sharemax investors.

The peculiar case of the Picvest billions: Part 2

10 Jun 2019 /  Ryk van Niekerk
Very few of the conditions of the business rescue plan were ever implemented.

The peculiar case of the Picvest billions: Part 1

10 Jun 2019 /  Ryk van Niekerk
Many issues demand further forensic investigation.

Is Ramaphosa in charge?

30 May 2019 /  Ryk van Niekerk
The president's new cabinet is bloated with few surprises, although there is continuity in critical departments.

Nova plans to sell another five properties

14 May 2019 /  Ryk van Niekerk
Sharemax rescue scheme fails to inform investors of imminent sale.

Georgiou claims I am biased. You be the judge

29 Nov 2018 /  Ryk van Niekerk
Property magnate demands apology and requests journalist’s removal from investigation.

Former finance director claims Nova ‘misrepresented’ its financial position

12 Nov 2018 /  Ryk van Niekerk
Sharemax rescue vehicle fails to publish its financial statements timeously.

Orthotouch continues to withhold interest payments from HS investors

12 Oct 2018 /  Ryk van Niekerk
Despite an application for a court order to compel the company to do so.

Ramaphosa’s ‘oh hell’ moment

11 Sep 2018 /  Ryk van Niekerk
Hopefully the dreadful GDP number will change the ANC’s thinking.

Judgment could force Nic Georgiou to pay out R2bn

23 Aug 2018 /  Ryk van Niekerk
Highveld Syndication Action Group also submits documents to expedite class action certification, and non-payment of interest continues.

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