Sasha Planting

Sasha Planting is Moneyweb’s Deputy Editor and writes on investment and companies. While the output of labour and capital - wealth creation - is important, she is more interested in the people that enable wealth creation.

Pixie dust at the world’s greatest AGM

Buffett and Munger expected to wax lyrical.

Radical is just a label

Without addressing the savings rate, transformation of the economy is impossible.

Beware of smooth sales talk

Promised investment returns well above the bank interest rates or the JSE’s benchmark return are probably too good to be true.

The best investment of all

Financial wellbeing means nothing without your health.

Hitching our wagon to something bigger than ourselves

This could be the start of the deadly spiral that finance minister Pravin Gordhan is desperately trying to avoid.

Prepare for the worst; expect the best; take what comes

What sets us apart as humans is our ability to think, plan and strategise for the future.

I’m no praise-singer

Gordhan won’t keep the expenditure door firmly closed

Getting our priorities right

This month’s Moneyweb Investor: building businesses up, brick by brick.

Living with Alice, in Wonderland

South Africa’s reality is not only a shady one.

What about growth?

The latest budget sows the seeds of economic destruction

Have you had that (will) conversation?

Inheritance should not be a no-go conversation.


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Moneyweb Investor Issue 24

The relative strength of the rand has seen South Africans relax since the cabinet reshuffle and sovereign downgrades by S&P and Fitch. Don't be deceived - this is a self-inflicted wound. In the May issue of The Moneyweb Investor, we take a closer look to see which companies are likely to thrive and which will not, in the post-downgrade world.

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