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Sasha Planting

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Sasha Planting is Moneyweb’s Deputy Editor and writes on investment and companies. While the output of labour and capital - wealth creation - is important, she is more interested in the people that enable wealth creation.
Moneyweb Investor

Eking out an existence paycheck to paycheck

5 Jul 2017 /  Sasha Planting  
Even the wealthy struggle.
Moneyweb Investor

Blacks can’t swim and whites can’t dance

9 Jun 2017 /  Sasha Planting  
Masimo-a-Badimo Magerman, Mergence Investment Managers MD, and part-time swimmer, skateboarder and surfer breaks all conventions.
Moneyweb Investor

Pixie dust at the world’s greatest AGM

3 May 2017 /  Sasha Planting  
Buffett and Munger expected to wax lyrical.
Moneyweb Investor

Radical is just a label

1 Mar 2017 /  Sasha Planting  
Without addressing the savings rate, transformation of the economy is impossible.
Moneyweb Investor

Beware of smooth sales talk

1 Feb 2017 /  Sasha Planting  
Promised investment returns well above the bank interest rates or the JSE’s benchmark return are probably too good to be true.
Moneyweb Investor

The best investment of all

9 Dec 2016 /  Sasha Planting  
Financial wellbeing means nothing without your health.
Moneyweb Investor

Hitching our wagon to something bigger than ourselves

7 Nov 2016 /  Sasha Planting  
This could be the start of the deadly spiral that finance minister Pravin Gordhan is desperately trying to avoid.
Moneyweb Investor

Prepare for the worst; expect the best; take what comes

7 Sep 2016 /  Sasha Planting  
What sets us apart as humans is our ability to think, plan and strategise for the future.

I’m no praise-singer

15 Dec 2015 /  Sasha Planting   7
Gordhan won't keep the expenditure door firmly closed

Getting our priorities right

2 Sep 2015 /  Sasha Planting  
This month's Moneyweb Investor: building businesses up, brick by brick.

Living with Alice, in Wonderland

1 Jun 2015 /  Sasha Planting   1
South Africa’s reality is not only a shady one.

What about growth?

1 Mar 2015 /  Sasha Planting  
The latest budget sows the seeds of economic destruction

Have you had that (will) conversation?

8 Aug 2014 /    
Inheritance should not be a no-go conversation.

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