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Ascor® Independent Wealth Managers 


Ascor® Independent Wealth Managers 

Retirement: Women still at a disadvantage

Here's how women can improve their financial position in retirement.

Retirement: The best investment money can buy!

The investment growth at a rate better than inflation, combined with the added tax benefits, make retirement funds the best investment you will ever make.

Retirement: Tax directive simulations now on Sars eFiling profile

This tool may be used to easily determine a member’s estimated tax liability.

10-Point financial checklist for 2022

See how you're progressing towards your goals and identify any specific areas you might need to focus on.

Two major retirement reform proposals for 2022

The government has been progressively reforming and restructuring the savings and retirement legislative framework.

Update your estate details regularly, especially in times of crisis

The festive season is a time to take stock and reassess your plans, policies and will. Here are some of the must-do items to prepare for any crisis in the future.

How to prepare for a crisis

In times of a financial crisis, there are a number of rules to follow to mitigate the effects of the crisis and to assist when coping with a suddenly added burden. In this article, we follow on the previous one on how to prepare for a crisis.

What can a pensioner do in times of crisis?

The last two years have brought about a crisis for many pensioners. Some have braved the storm and others have panicked and made poor choices with their investments. We look at some of the dos and don'ts when it comes to a crisis.

Ten threats to a financially secure retirement (Part 2)

In this second instalment on the threats to a secure retirement, we look at other factors that could hamper your opportunity to retire with a secure and adequate pension.

Ten threats to a financially secure retirement (Part 1)

Everyone longs for a financially secure retirement. But there are many risks and pitfalls that could jeopardise your chances of truly enjoying the fruits of your labour in retirement.

How costs can erode wealth creation in retirement

Ever asked if you have saved enough for retirement? You should also ask whether the costs associated with your investments are eating into your savings.

Alternative investments to supplement your retirement can be a risky business

These investment options can be very rewarding but need extra care to decrease your risk and prevent the wipe-out of your hard-earned money.

The tax implications on your retirement should you move abroad

Have kids abroad or considering retirement on a Mediterranean island? Read this broad overview on tax implications when moving abroad.

10 general rules for a secure retirement for women (Part 2)

To what extent should you make decisions on your retirement with your spouse? Read some of our thoughts on the best practices for financial planning for couples.

Reasons to avoid retirement

Considerations for people nearing retirement age.

10 general rules for a secure retirement for women (Part 1)

These rules apply to both common law and same-gender relationships.

Dementia can cause havoc with your finances during retirement

If you think you could be susceptible to dementia, it is recommended to plan your financial affairs in advance.

Two rules of thumb as you prepare for retirement

A simple calculation to determine your retirement needs.

Are you ready for retirement?

Some prudent planners will say that if you have to ask that question, you may very well not be ready for retirement.

Factors to consider before choosing a retirement village (part 3)

Take heed of the following when considering a move to a retirement village.

Factors to consider before choosing a retirement village (part 2)

Apart from the investment risk, resale conditions, and the different levies, the following factors should also play a part in your final decision.

Approach retirement villages with caution (part 1)

Retirement villages come in various shapes and forms with varying costs, depending on ownership structure, location and services offered.

Retirement: Investing in property considerations

As an investment in property is both an interest-earning (as rent) and a capital-growth investment (an increase in the underlying value), property investments are still very popular, and they prove to be more than just buying your own home.

Avoid the point of ruin

The 'point of ruin' refers to the point at which your retirement savings start declining at an accelerating rate.

Retirement: Things to consider in the final year before retirement

Many busy executives, or people who are deeply engaged in their work – like CEOs and company directors – suddenly wake up to the fact that they are in the final stretch before retirement.

Factors to keep in mind when moving when you retire (Part 2)

Deciding whether you should stay put or move does not depend on a single answer but an individual and specific financial picture.

Factors to keep in mind when moving after retirement

You need to take factors like security, personal relationships, relatives, climate and health into account.

Ignore offshore investments at your own peril

You are going to lose out on investment returns and global growth if you shunt this valuable add-on to your investment portfolio.

Things to have handy in case you pass away

Keep these documents safely in a folder and tell someone you can trust where it is kept.

How to reduce spending during retirement

Don’t be shy to ask for pensioner discount.

Retrenched before retirement age? Keep the following in mind

Following from the previous article, we look at some of the key considerations if you are facing early retirement due to retrenchment.

Have you considered your wife?

Very often, financial advice focuses only on the husband, neglecting his spouse. It is never too late to change this.

Retiring because of retrenchment? Beware the risks!

There are several reasons why retrenchment can severely affect your ability to retire well.

Insist on pre-retirement counselling

But also seek out independent advice.

Retirement savings: divorced spouse’s rightful claim

A divorcee can lay a claim to a portion of their partner's monthly pay-out from a living annuity.

What to do with savings if 2021 looks like 2020

Trying to time the market is potentially damaging.

Structuring a tax-efficient retirement and savings plan

Your taxable income decreases by the amount that you save for retirement.

Are you an executive on a company pension? You need help!

Even though you have a company pension fund, you remain primarily responsible for the management of these funds.

Making a small business work

A few insights for SMEs emerging from the lockdown.

Temporary changes to drawdown rate a blessing and a curse

It may be advisable to leave as much of your savings in place until the market has had time to recover.

Prescribed assets – why all the fuss?

The government can solve its money problem by drawing on the more than R6 trillion in managed savings.

What do I need to know when choosing trustees?

Before considering the appointment of trustees, it is important to understand what a trust is. A trust comes into being when a donor or settlor donates assets or cash to the trustees of a trust to be administered by the trustees on behalf of, and for the benefit of, the trust’s beneficiaries. The rules in

Drafting a last will and testament

It's advisable that your will be drafted in conjunction with your financial plan.

Don’t let the default option lead you to a false sense of security

A default plan doesn't consider a retiree’s personal circumstances, and there's a risk that it'll severely underperform your growth.

You can be debt-free

Tips to keep debt from swallowing your hard-earned money.

Why you deserve the best financial planner

The decision to take ownership of your goals and start saving in the first place is where most people fail.

Current markets can be a scary place

With two months to go before the year comes to a screeching halt, the current downward movement in markets has led to investors’ emotions ranging from concern to outright anxiety. The markets have declined as follows: S&P 500 year-to-date – 0.1% (down 9.3% on its high) MSCI year-to-date – 3.3% (down 6.9% in October) JSE

The best investment a parent can ever make

Start saving for your child's tertiary studies as early as possible, to take advantage of the effect of compounding.

Stress-free tax filing

Tips on how to submit your return efficiently.

Where are the best returns for your investment, at this moment?

Risk is probably as important as returns, yet investors seldom want to discuss it.

A handful of easy tips when planning your estate

Consider a last will and testament, beneficiaries, estate liquidity, record-keeping and taxes.

Five retirement myths

It's best not to bank on working past 65 or making a huge profit on selling your house. Plan for unforeseen circumstances.

Moneywise tips for saving for your holiday during a recession

Plan your holiday properly to avoid the bitter after-taste of a holiday you enjoyed but could not afford.

How to invest for retirement when you earn a small salary

Five simple elements – and you’ll have a sound strategy for the rest of your life.

Tax season 2018 has started

What do I need to know as a provisional and non-provisional taxpayer?

The ultimate guide to retirement now on shelves

Are you prepared for retirement?

How to invest offshore, an easy guide

You can invest indirectly or directly - both have various options.

Trading in bitcoin, ethereum? Sars wants its share

Spare a thought for cryptocurrency traders.

Aligning your money with your risk appetite and goals

To help you decide where and how to invest your money, consider the following...

Timing the market

Why you should always rely on a good financial advisor.

Ascor crowned best independent financial advisor

The award and others underscores our client-focused approach.

Keep calm and have a retirement investment plan

Having a well-defined and long-term plan should curb effects of market turmoil on your investments.

Creating a will

A few things to consider.

A checklist for the holidays

Here are a few things you need to take care of before embarking on a trip.

Happy kids, healthy budget

It is easier than you think this holiday season.

Why you should start planning for retirement ASAP

Young people face a longer life in retirement than their parents, so it's imperative they save enough for the golden years.

Think you are too young to live debt-free?

Here's four steps to get you out of debt and enjoying a financially independent life and retirement.

Starting your own business? Do not forget about life cover

Things to keep in mind to protect your legacy and your family’s well-being, after a dreaded disease diagnosis or if you pass away.

Managing your household expenses in these tough economic times

During tough economic times, try to limit your exposure to debt as much as possible.

Travelling abroad? Here are some tips

How you can make the most of your money.

Retirement annuities and compound interest – twice the growth

Forget get-rich-quick schemes; an RA offers incredible benefits that will see your funds grow ever-faster, provided you have the patience to start investing early and keep at it.

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