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Brenthurst Wealth 


Brenthurst Wealth 

Top five investment tips for a new year

A full personal finance review is the best starting point to see what a most suitable goal for a new year should be.

This building block is a key part of any financial plan

Why risk cover is so important.

The importance of committing to a plan, and sticking to it

Investors need to remain committed to their investment strategies, and in particular offshore exposure.

Women, it’s time to take charge

Get to know how to manage your own finances, and be open about it.

Hybrid living annuities: the Boeing of retirement?

Retiring (like flying) without the necessary research, prior learning and regulatory precautions could result in a crash.

Low risk may deliver unexpected consequences in retirement

It is as important to have a diversified investment approach in retirement as it is while accumulating wealth.

Six important tips for estate planning success

How to re-evaluate your existing will, the liquidity of your estate and estate-planning goals in general.

Make the most of retirement planning tax benefits

Use the remaining weeks to the end of February to review contributions to retirement investments and tax-free savings accounts.

Why a fund of funds offerings makes sense

Apart from significant diversification benefits funds of funds investment options offer a particular advantage for investors seeking tax efficiency.

Choices choices … living annuity or conventional life annuity?

In a lot of cases it would be most beneficial to have a combination of the two.

Avoid a financial hangover in 2018

A few helpful tips to plan and keep track of your spending.

Heading towards too much time, with too little money

About 94% of individuals are unable to retire independently and maintain their living standard straight after retirement.

Practical advice for wealth creation

Draw up a budget, which includes a savings plan and investment strategy, then stick to it. Review the situation when circumstances change and amend accordingly.

What should your financial planner’s true cost be?

Measuring financial advice solely on investment performance sets advisors up for failure.

Deadline looms for undeclared offshore assets

Taxpayers who don't use the SVDP to come clean, risk being taxed on the full amount not taxed before, as far back as Sars can raise assessments.

Income producing assets pave the way to financial independence

And help get you permanently out of the 'rat race'.

Think carefully about drawing too much income and for too long

It's best to remain on the conservative side.

After a difficult investment year, what lies ahead?

In many aspects, 2016 have to be regarded as the worst financial and investment year for many people. Will 2017 be better?

Sharp shooting in financial planning

Skills you need to achieve financial independence.

Time to come clean about offshore assets

The new global standard on Automatic Exchange of Information will enable governments to recover tax revenue lost to non-compliant taxpayers, and will further strengthen international efforts to increase transparency, cooperation, and accountability among financial institutions and tax administrations.

A financial planning priority list

And why you need one.

Six-month window to get offshore assets tax compliant

Taxpayers should make use of amnesty period to avoid penalties.

Double digits? Unlikely, but not impossible

'Investors aiming for higher returns over the next five years should be prepared to stomach more volatility.'

Junk status … cash under the mattress?

Notes on surviving the current storms brewing.

Love and money … how to make it a match

Money tips for couples.

Rising interest rates good for some, offshore remains best option

We are only at the beginning of an increasing interest cycle; any exposure to interest bearing instruments should only form part of a 2016 strategy.

If you think your savings will be sufficient for retirement, think again!

Higher life expectancy: key factors to consider.
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