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Brenthurst Wealth 


Brenthurst Wealth 

Living annuities vs life annuities: The basics

It's important to be informed of your different options at retirement.

Take charge of your retirement plan

If you’re not on track with your retirement planning, it's best to act sooner rather than later.

Three lessons to manage investors’ expectations

These points of guidance, coupled with an engagement with an investment professional, can set your investment journey on the right path.

How Regulation 28 amendment changes the game

Government has given investors more options and an incentive to continue using retirement products.

The property investment pitfall: Busting the myths

There is far more to consider when investing in property than the mere price you pay, and the rental income derived from this investment.

Top tips for estate planning success

Including evaluating the liquidity of your estate, communicating with your heirs, and re-assessing your trust-related estate planning goals in general.

Stocks will go where profits go – that’s all there is to it

Understanding a few fundamentals can calm the nerves for a successful future investment strategy.

Make the most of offshore allowances

South Africans can take up to R11 million offshore annually.

Income funds: A better money market alternative

Income funds aim to provide a return higher than money market returns and to earn a reasonable level of income with relative capital stability and low risk.

Seven principles to be a happy and successful investor

Tips to help investors focus on staying on the right track, even during tumultuous times.

RAs and Regulation 28: What next?

Regulation 28 has been amended to increase the offshore limit. Here is what it means for the retirement savings of ordinary South Africans.

Are we in commodities boom or bust?

The volatility in commodities can present both danger and opportunity depending on where we are in the cycle.

War and your wealth: How should your portfolio be structured to fight a war?

It is important to focus on building well-diversified portfolios on a global scale.

The Holy Grail of direct offshore investment

An international endowment option is affordable, tax-friendly, easily inheritable and liquid.

Tax efficient offshore investment within a SA trust

A sinking fund allows for offshore allocation within the underlying investments.

Move your money, not your way of life

If you are concerned about your future in South Africa and protecting your financial assets, emigration is not the only choice you have.

How to avoid deceased estate fee and tax shocks

Answers to questions that usually elicit the most disbelief and tax shock from investors going through an estate planning exercise.

Why now is a great time to be courageous

If you wait for all risk to dissipate, you will never invest.

Do I really need a financial advisor?

Research shows that an advisor can add between 1.5-3% to an investor’s returns over time.

The big misconception about living vs retirement annuities

Many investors assume that they must first retire from their employment, for many at the age of 60/65, before they can retire out of their retirement annuity and purchase a living annuity.

Diversification, offshore investing and asset allocation

A common misconception about diversification is that simply spreading risk across multiple asset classes is enough.

Be smart with tax as end of tax year looms

Where to invest savings for optimal growth and tax efficiency remains the top priority for most investors.

Make the most of your investment plan with a TFSA

The product allows for capital to compound without any future capital gains tax implications.

A comprehensive financial plan is required for success

Building wealth takes time, discipline and requires a long-term view.

Do not fear uncertain times – focus on an investment strategy

Time to invest in diversified and resilient portfolios, control what you can and avoid what you cannot.

Tax vs your investments: Which will come out on top in 2022?

In life, there are only two certainties: death and taxes. The only difference between them is that death does not get worse every time the government meets. And by the way, you don’t pay taxes – the government takes taxes. At this time of the year and with the tax season around the corner, most

Make the most of your money this year

Navigating this new state of play requires careful management of personal finances.

Three horsemen of the money market apocalypse

The dangers of holding assets in safe, but low-yielding assets.

Avoid these investment mistakes in 2022

If you are careful in your approach, you will give yourself a better chance of bringing your financial new year resolutions to fulfilment.

The numbers don’t lie

An illustration of the vast difference in personal wealth accumulation between a local investment portfolio and an offshore investment portfolio over the past decade.

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