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Brenthurst Wealth 


Brenthurst Wealth 

The value of a living will

Once drawn up, a living will should be signed and kept in the safe custody of a doctor or attorney/fiduciary specialist.

Bumper 2019 for global markets -where to for 2020

Why going offshore is considered a key part of investment strategies.

Five things you can do now to improve your money situation, and your life, in retirement

Tips to help you adjust to retirement better so you can feel fulfilled and happy.

Junk status – what it means and what investors should know

A downgrade will have repercussions for all South Africans.

More tsunami waves rolling in… Protect your wealth now

It is never too late to adjust your financial plan to protect your investments against the relentless waves of economic challenges.

Why is income protection cover necessary?

Income protection is designed to supplement your income when you are unable to work because you're ill or injured.

Effective estate planning to limit estate duty

Things to consider to make sure you don’t overpay the taxman.

Stay invested: guessing market movements costs you

Investors should stick it out when times are tough, but maintain their financial fitness when markets bounce back. 

Offshore investing … let’s get practical

How does an investor go about taking money out of South Africa, and what are the investment options available?

Consider your options, as the state eyes your pension

If prescribed assets are implemented, SA pension funds may have to invest a portion of their assets into SOEs with social and economic development mandates.

No will in place? It will have consequences

Not having a will can have detrimental consequences for dependents.

Reg 28: how limited offshore allocation affects returns

Adding just a little risk can make a big difference in overall returns achieved.

What is the guarantee in a guaranteed product?

There are certain situations when a guaranteed product is beneficial for investors.

The JSE is cheap … so what?

Skewed performance has left South African multiples muted, seemingly appearing as bargains.

Create a financial plan … and act on it

Investors can protect their money by changing the asset class or vehicle an investment is in.

How to invest in volatile times

A'quality’ approach aims to provide low-volatility returns by investing in attractively priced, high-quality global businesses and investment products.

Facts and fiction about retirement

With expectation and risks come many misconceptions about planning, preparation and timing.

Investor appetite for sustainable investment is paying off

Figure out what's most important to you and work with a financial advisor to find socially-responsible investments that align with your values. 

Trusted partnerships deliver results

A look at Brenthurst's association with Momentum Global Investment Management (MGIM), Mi-Plan and Counterpoint Asset Management.

Using a trust effectively

One of the biggest benefits of using a trust is to transfer assets without incurring transfer duties or death taxes.

Navigating the world of offshore investments

Potential investors must consider where they are in their life stage, their financial goals and their appetite for risk.

The frugal life is the safest road to wealth

Delaying gratification may be one of the biggest factors to overcome to build wealth.

The importance of the choice of investment vehicle

A look at the benefits of using endowments.

Does the JSE offer compelling value?

Many people grapple with the idea that it is perhaps unpatriotic to move investments away from the JSE to markets offshore.

What exactly is power of attorney?

It's a valuable tool to allow people to make important life decisions when they're overseas or become too frail to sign documents.

The debt dilemma: pay or invest?

Whether you pay off a mortgage, invest, or do a combination, it'll benefit you long term - as long as you remain disciplined.

New Brenthurst Global Equity fund shows its mettle

This investment offers local investors exposure to global top index trackers and ETFs, including Vanguard and Black Rock.

Facts and fallacies of investment

Choosing the most appropriate asset mix for your investment is critical: too much risk and you're vulnerable to volatility and losing money; too little risk could result in lost gains.

Assets must be diversified

Although it doesn't guarantee against loss, diversification is the most important component of reaching long-range financial goals while minimising risk.

How to navigate the many investment vehicles

And why it's important to consult an independent financial advisor on your savings goals.

A new option for retirement … the hybrid annuity

It's a life (or guaranteed) annuity inside a living annuity.

Offshore investments: what you need to know

There are plenty of inland and outland offerings to ensure your portfolio is sufficiently diversified geographically.

Why it’s important to understand your risk tolerance when investing

Proper risk profiling ensures that your asset allocation is in alignment with your attitudes and current situation. Picture: Shutterstock

Mauritius may be the ideal Plan B

The 'Singapore of Africa’ offers one of the most progressive investment environments on the continent.

The legacy debate: living vs guaranteed annuity

Choosing between the two products should not be based on financial legacy.

Retirement annuities are not the only option

You can also use local and offshore unit trusts, direct share portfolios and endowments to supplement your traditional retirement funds.

Have a budget in retirement, or you’ll outlast your money

Annuitants must draw as little as possible to ensure their capital will be sustainable in future.

How to get the taxman to fund your offshore investment

If done correctly, an investor can move approximately R500 000 offshore in less than 13 months.

A light still flickering at the end of the tax tunnel

There is still time for you to top up your RA or tax-free savings account before February 28.

Think carefully before selecting Section 12J schemes as an investment

Why we don’t get excited when alternative investments go up for sale?
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