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Crue Invest (Pty) Ltd 


Crue Invest (Pty) Ltd 

Legacy documents to help your family in the event of tragedy

From an Advance Healthcare Directive to a digital will, these documents will prove useful to your loved ones.

Lessons from lockdown: What we’ve learnt about money

What we previously thought of as basic necessities may now be regarded as luxuries.

How to get your estate planning file in order

This folder will help your family be prepared for any eventuality.

Choosing the best entity for your business

It is essential to choose the right format at the outset to avoid administrative, financial and legal difficulties as your business grows.

Financial readiness in a healthcare emergency

Just how prepared are you?

21 things to do this lockdown

Now is a great time to tighten up your finances and organise your financial life.

The value of testamentary trusts

These trusts can be used to protect and preserve assets bequeathed to minor children, mentally or physically disabled beneficiaries or a surviving spouse.  

Don’t make these financial mistakes in your 20s

Without the benefit of life experience, this decade can also be one where we make financial mistakes.

Bulletproof budgeting: Creating a budget that can take the hits

Having a solid budget is the first step towards creating sustainable, long-term wealth.

Coronavirus: strengthening your financial position in times of crisis

Now is not the time to panic, but it is the time to act decisively.

Eight financial solutions: do you need them?

And how much do they cost?

Greed and fear: The enemies of your retirement plan

Many investors succumb to greed and fear by trying to time the markets.

Unmerging your money after a divorce

How to set yourself up for independent financial security.

Key retirement funding concepts

Exploring retirement vehicles and funds and the associated legislation.

Life rights retirement villages: An investment in lifestyle

Weighing the advantages and disadvantages of these retirement villages.

Making money work in (and for) your relationship

Managing your financial affairs as a unified team can help to fortify your finances.

What happens when you die without a valid will?

Eight factors you need to be aware of.

Why couples fight about money

And how to resolve the conflict.

What causes people to make bad financial decisions?

Seven factors that affect our decision making.

What is the real return of your investment property?

Do your research so you can make an informed decision.

Your first job? Now’s the time to fortify your finances

21 things you can do to get a better handle of your money.

The lean years: Navigating your finances in your 40s

16 things you need to consider in this decade.

Investment basics: Answers to common questions

Seven burning investment questions answered.

Using insurance to protect your business into the future

Two insurance policies businesses should consider.

Emigration: The costs of leaving South Africa

18 not-so-obvious costs that you may want to consider before deciding on emigration.

Why you shouldn’t spend money this Valentine’s Day

This celebration is really just an attempt to make you part with your hard-earned money.

Avoid these errors when drafting your Will

The last thing any testator would want is to create confusion among their heirs.

Risks to consider before investing in buy-to-let property

Be sure you know what you are committing to financially.

Financial fitness: Developing a training programme that works for you

Financial fitness sets us on a path to achieve our financial goals.

Financial mistakes to avoid in your 50s

With only a few years left before retirement, now is not the time to make financial errors.

The financial consequences of your marriage contract

How your choice of marriage regime can impact you.

Retiring from your RA: What happens next?

There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to retiring from an RA.

Things you may wish you knew sooner about money

Having debt can keep you awake at night, regardless of whether it's the good or bad kind.

Checklist: Things to do before the end of the tax year

Ensure you've taken all steps possible to reduce your overall tax liability.

Retirement annuities: Answers to frequently asked questions

You can stop contributing to a unit trust RA at any time, without any fees or penalties.

Making sense of tax-free savings accounts

A TFSA should be viewed as a long-term savings vehicle.

What happens when your spouse dies?

You may face financial challenges if you don't understand the impact of your marital property regime.

Retirement annuities: Tax-efficient, long-term investment vehicles

RAs are exempt from tax on dividends and interest, and no capital gains tax is paid on investment growth.

Healthcare costs in retirement: Don’t rely on wishful thinking

Ill-health goes hand-in-hand with ageing.

Using retirement annuities optimally to build long-term wealth

A look at the advantages of unit trust RAs.
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