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Crue Invest (Pty) Ltd 


Crue Invest (Pty) Ltd 

Money mistakes to avoid in your 30s

The financial decisions you make in your thirties can set the general course of your financial journey – it’s essential to get them right.

Understanding pyramid schemes and multi-level marketing

How they work, how to spot one and questions to ask before signing up.

What to do (and not to do) with your bonus

A few dos and don’ts to consider before blowing your bonus.

What makes us spend too much?

In a world of infinite choice, accepting that we can have anything we want but not everything we want can be tough.

Busting financial-planning jargon

Various funds, policies, benefits and taxes explained.

Unseen threats to your retirement plan

One of the single biggest threats to a couple’s retirement funding is adult children who continually ask to borrow money.

Dread disease cover is a truly living benefit

What it covers, how much it costs and how it works.

Eight steps to starting your financial journey the right way

Effective financial planning puts mechanisms in place to help you realise your goals.

Managing your money stresses

Eight tips to put you more in control.

Ten habits of financially-independent people

The role of human emotions in the context of financial planning should never be under-estimated.

Teaching our children about money

Preparing one’s children for the responsibilities that come with adulthood is no easy task, especially when it comes to money management and personal finances. There is no doubt that a solid foundation in financial literacy is needed to ensure that our children are equipped to manage a budget, calculate interest and be fiscally responsible. Not

Robo versus human advisors

Robo-advice can be a cost-effective way to invest if you know what you're paying for and what to expect in return.

Key steps to achieving financial freedom

A look at the key milestones on this path.

What retirees worry about most

Formal retirement has been identified as the tenth most stressful life event.

Winding up an estate

Executors need a good understanding of accounting, finance and tax.

Planning for when you cannot speak for yourself

An advance healthcare directive can be a particularly valuable document for families.

Drafting a will: your questions answered

If you die intestate the state appoints a legal guardian for your children.

Useful estate planning tips

Ensure your estate is would up quickly, with as little burden on your loved ones as possible.

Your will and other estate-planning tools

Estate planning aims to protect your wealth while you're alive and ensure the maximum amount is transferred to beneficiaries after your death.

Ten rules for successful investing

Long-term investing in a short-term world.

How to plan to not retire

Financial planners need to come alongside their clients as they define their own version of the retirement life stage.

What are your chances? Understanding the need for disability cover

South Africans are hopelessly under-insured in respect of disability.

Financial advice for young entrepreneurs

One of the main reasons that small businesses fail is a lack of upfront and ongoing financial planning.

How you can save tax on school fees

There's an often-overlooked tax relief option in the Income Tax Act.

Questions to ask yourself before you retire

Consider where you'll live, your budget, your longevity, and what you'll do with your time, among other things.

Age-appropriate money lessons for children

Talking openly and honestly with children about money removes the mystery and makes money management part of everyday life.

Daily, monthly and yearly financial habits

We are what we repeatedly do, and our financial position today is likely to be a reflection of our cumulative spending habits and money decisions.

Ten things to know before you invest

Investment markets are volatile and subject to short-term fluctuations, making timing the market incredibly difficult.

What prevents people from seeking financial advice?

Sadly, many people wait until retirement before seeking financial advice – only to discover that they are under-funded for retirement.

Shake up your finances this spring

Saving money will allow you to boost your investments, so it's worth the effort.

How to raise entrepreneurial children

Fostering entrepreneurial skills at home means encouraging curiosity, independence and a willingness to figure things out on one’s own.

Retirement funding: what retirees regret most

A huge regret by many is not having preserved their retirement funds when changing jobs or moving between employers.

Financial risks faced by cohabiting couples

How to protect yourself in the event of the death of a partner or the dissolution of the relationship.

The fundamentals of investing

A portfolio should balances investment risk with investment returns, to achieve a more favourable result over your investment horizon.

Questions to ask your financial advisor

Your advisor should be able to show they'll will work independently for you, and won't be affected by industry/association affiliations.

What children’s books can teach us about money

'If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world' - The Hobbit.

Financial advice to my 25-year-old self

Wealth is built slowly and deliberately, and has very little to do with the size of your first pay cheque.

Two effective tools to risk-proof your business

Business owners can use business assurance and key person insurance to proactively reduce or mitigate risks, provide liquidity and ensure smooth succession.

Questions to ask the person you plan on marrying

Disparate attitudes towards money, spending, bank accounts and property ownership can lead to unnecessary tension.

How your group life cover and personal insurance work together

It's important to determine whether your group life cover is approved or unapproved as tax may affect the quantum of the final payout.
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