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Crue Invest (Pty) Ltd 


Crue Invest (Pty) Ltd 

These things can leave women financially vulnerable

While women tend to be better investors which sets them up well for the future, there are certain things that can weaken women’s financial positions.

Financial planning for women: Protecting your finances against divorce

The best time to put mechanisms in place to protect yourself financially is at the start of a relationship.

A-Z of investing

Global terms and phrases which all investors should know and understand.

The emergency fund: A financial planning fundamental

If saved in the correct vehicle, your emergency fund can earn you interest and act as a safety net to ensure that you don’t need to access high-interest debt if you are suddenly faced with unexpected costs.

When and how to set up a testamentary trust

A testamentary trust is easy to set up and can have significant benefits for your loved ones.

Raising your children to have a healthy relationship with money

Through our words and actions, we can provide our kids with a better chance of developing a positive connection with money.

Tax season: Navigating your 2021 tax returns

Not everyone who has earned an income in the current tax year needs to file a tax return.

Estate planning: The value to your surviving spouse of putting your affairs in order

Most South Africans are Covid-fatigued but, as the trajectory of the third wave continues upwards, it’s only natural to think about how the possibility of sudden death would impact those we leave behind and how they would manage financially in our absence. If you’ve got a will tucked away, you’ve taken the first step towards

Planning for a modern retirement

Today’s retirement bears very little resemblance to a retirement of even 20 years ago. Not only is the retirement funding industry significantly more complex, but increased human longevity has made planning for a longer period in retirement somewhat trickier to get right. Retirement planners have had to gear their advice to accommodate a more modern

The A-Z of estate planning

A look at the wide range of terms that are regularly used in this specialist field of financial planning.

Offshore investing fundamentals

Always carefully consider your reasons for investing offshore; ensure it's not a knee-jerk reaction to local bad news.

Retirement accommodation: Life rights versus independent living

An essential guide on what to consider.

Maximising the returns on your savings requires strategic tax management

The interplay between tax and investment returns can be complex.

How to choose the most appropriate savings vehicle for your needs

A look at seven vehicles you can use to house your savings, how to use them effectively.

How to be a better saver

Like many things, saving is something that gets better with practice.

Generational wealth planning: A family affair

The success of generational wealth planning is dependent on honest and transparent communication across generations, while at the same time ensuring that family relations are protected, respected, and nurtured.

Living benefits: Protecting the value of your future earnings

Disability insurance is designed to address the financial exposure a person faces in the event of permanent or temporary disability.

What happens to your retirement funds when you die?

The distribution of retirement fund benefits depends largely on the nature of the product, the applicable legislation, and the will of the retirement fund member.

The importance of risk cover and mitigating risk when planning for retirement

Your ability to consistently generate an income over a long period of time is the mechanism upon which your future wealth will be built.

Succession: Transferring your wealth to the next generation

Succession planning should take place holistically and with a view of your entire estate – both local and offshore – to ensure that no conflicts, confusion, or omissions occur.

The far-reaching consequences of dying without a will

Without a valid will, your estate will be distributed to your closest relatives in a pre-determined order which could result in family members unduly benefitting from your estate.

Understanding how medical aid tax credits work

Understanding how it works can result in some much-needed tax relief.

Life stage financial planning

As one moves from one life stage to the next, certain aspects of one’s financial planning may become more focal or intensified.

Compulsory versus discretionary investments

And why you probably need both.

The distribution of retirement death benefits

In this article, we explore the impact of Section 37C on the distribution of death benefits and what this process entails.

How to catch up your retirement savings

If you know you are behind in your retirement savings, the worst thing you can do is nothing.

What to consider before accepting a job offer

Many seemingly unrelated factors, such as the location of your job, the company’s culture, or its staff retention, may inadvertently have a financial impact on you.

The importance of beneficiary nomination

Depending on the nature of the policy or investment, an estate planner can use beneficiary nomination to reduces estate costs.

10 things to know about divorce and your retirement funds

Before contemplating divorce, couples should first seek to understand the impact that it will have on their retirement savings.

20 steps you can take in your twenties that can secure your financial future

The sooner your start your financial planning journey, the better the outcomes are likely to be.

Incorporating a tax-free savings account into your investment portfolio

A TFSA can be a useful tool in your investment portfolio to achieve investment growth over a longer term.

The real cost of buying a bigger home

A more expensive home means higher monthly bond repayments, added responsibility, and a layer of other costs that need to be accounted for.

The benefits of taking a long-term investment view

Those who are invested to achieve longer-term investment objectives can expect to enjoy a smoother, less emotional ride.

Money market funds and accounts: Different in nature and purpose

Both Money Market Accounts and Money Market Funds are designed to house funds earmarked for shorter-term use.

Getting divorced: Calculating the accrual and dividing the assets

Many couples do not spend enough time before getting married ensuring that their antenuptial contracts are aligned with their needs.

The accrual system: Death of a spouse

Many couples fail to consider how the accrual calculation impacts their estate plan, often with devastating consequences.

Multi-jurisdictional estate planning

What to consider when structuring your foreign assets.

Developing a healthy savings mentality

Saving is a habit that you can develop over time with a bit of effort, discipline and commitment.

The accrual system: This is why estate planning is so important

Failing to deal adequately with the impact of the accrual system where the marriage is dissolved by death can lead to serious financial complications.

Ask yourself these questions before you retire

Retirement is an entire life stage that needs to carefully planned for, taking into account financial, logistical, emotional and psychological factors.
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