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Crue Invest (Pty) Ltd 


Crue Invest (Pty) Ltd 

The accrual system: Death of a spouse

Many couples fail to consider how the accrual calculation impacts their estate plan, often with devastating consequences.

Multi-jurisdictional estate planning

What to consider when structuring your foreign assets.

Developing a healthy savings mentality

Saving is a habit that you can develop over time with a bit of effort, discipline and commitment.

The accrual system: This is why estate planning is so important

Failing to deal adequately with the impact of the accrual system where the marriage is dissolved by death can lead to serious financial complications.

Ask yourself these questions before you retire

Retirement is an entire life stage that needs to carefully planned for, taking into account financial, logistical, emotional and psychological factors.

Advice for first-time home buyers

Navigating the world of property and property finance for the first time can be daunting.

Retirement’s top 10 stress factors

And how to deal with them.

Recognising and correcting your investment biases

Investment markets are cyclical, turbulent and complex and, as such, create the perfect environment for long-term investors to fall victim to their emotions and biases.

The practical realities of death: Winding up a deceased estate

The winding-up process can be lengthy, cumbersome, and bureaucratic.

Mental or intellectual impairment: When to appoint an administrator

And the process of appointing an administrator to manage your loved one’s financial affairs.

Married in community of property: What happens when your spouse dies?

Couples should undertake a transparent, comprehensive estate planning exercise to ensure that no difficulties arise on death.

The impact of your marriage contract on your financial planning

The legal consequences flowing from your marriage contract affect your estate structuring, tax obligations, maintenance obligations, debt, etc.

Planning to retire early

Here’s what to consider.

Financial planning in your 40s

Some common mistakes to avoid.

A pyramid scheme by any other shape

Many schemes go to great lengths to avoid being identified as pyramid schemes by using circular or floral diagrams in their marketing material.

25 steps for drafting a sure-fire will

How to ensure your will fully and accurately expresses your wishes.

Financial planning for mixed age marriages

Large age gap marriages have a greater chance of failing because each spouse is generally at a different life stage.

What else can they tax?

A look at weird and wonderful taxes that Finance Minister Tito Mboweni hopefully doesn't implement.

Direct offshore investing: Here’s what it entails

There are significant tax and estate planning consequences that should be considered.

End-of-life financial planning

Leaving your affairs inadequately attended to can cause further emotional stress for your loved ones.

Financial planning in the wake of retrenchment

Ten critical steps to take to avoid making errors that can cost you later on.

Financial planning for single parents of special needs children

Single-handedly parenting children with special needs requires special planning around the financial needs of both the parent and the child.

Compelling reasons for divorce financial planning

There are a number of critical financial decisions that you will need to take as part of the divorce process.

Your first job: key financial steps to take

Take time at the outset of your career to ensure your financial path forward is a secure one.

What to consider when investing indirectly offshore

The decision to invest some of your funds offshore should always be taken as part of your overall investment strategy.

The process of applying for an administrator for a loved one’s estate

There are two options available for the appointment of a third party to manage the affairs of a mentally incapacitated person.

Your insurance policies and estate duty

Getting the estate duty implications of your life assurance policies wrong can have severe consequences for your estate and your loved ones.

When your spouse has dementia

Planning for loss of mental capacity.

10 ways to maximise the benefits of your tax-free savings account

The tax benefits of TFSAs are indisputable.

First-time investing: setting up your retirement annuity

A step-by-step guide on how to choose and set up an RA that is appropriate for your needs and circumstances.

The impact of Regulation 28 on your retirement funds

Regulation 28 essentially limits asset managers’ allocations of retirements savings to certain assets classes.

Re-evaluating the costs of education in the face of a pandemic

Exploring the costs of the various schooling options available for parents.

The A-Zs of retirement annuities

Helping you navigate the minefield of this retirement product.

Choosing a retirement annuity: here’s what to consider

With the end of the 2020/21 tax year almost upon us, now is a good time to consider setting up a retirement annuity.

Retirement fund harmonisation: your questions answered

The latest Taxation Laws Amendment Bill is set to come into effect on 1 March 2021.

Estate planning: tax implications on death

Understanding the various taxes that your estate could be liable for is an important part of estate planning.

Calculating your estate duty

Estate duty taxes the transfer of wealth or assets from the deceased’s estate to the beneficiaries.

10 things that can rob you of your financial peace of mind

Numerous studies have demonstrated a cyclical link between financial worries and mental health problems.

Setting up a business: sole proprietorship, partnership, or private company?

What to consider when selecting the most appropriate structure for your new business.
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