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Crue Invest (Pty) Ltd 


Crue Invest (Pty) Ltd 

What to consider when making your beneficiary nominations

Start with understanding your intentions for the proceeds of the policy.

Long-term investing: Don’t let your emotions be a compass

Exploring seven emotional biases and how they can wreak havoc on one’s investment portfolio.

Planning to get married? A comparative analysis of marital regimes

And for those who are hesitant to tie the knot, we have included the financial and legal consequences of cohabitation.

Protecting yourself financially against future ill-health

When it comes to providing for future healthcare costs, there is, unfortunately, no silver bullet.

Disability awareness month: Taking stock of your disability cover

Taking stock of one’s disability cover will likely involve more than a cursory glance at your policy document.

15 things to know about offshore investing

There are now very few barriers to entry for those wishing to externalise their funds.

Life insurance in the context of your estate plan

The careful structuring of any life insurance policy in a person’s estate is of critical importance.

What to consider when determining your retirement cash flow needs

If you underestimate your post-retirement expenditure, you run the risk of running out of capital during your retirement years.

Your debt and what it means in your portfolio

Unpacking the different types of debt, how it affects your credit score, effective methods of debt reduction, and how to manage your debt efficiently.

Final account: Determining your estate duty liability

Estate duty is calculated on the value of all your property, and this includes movable and immovable property, as well as corporeal and incorporeal property.

The advantages and disadvantages of a living trust

And what you should be aware of when setting one up.

Your financial affairs: Five pieces of legislation you need to know about

Managing your financial affairs is as much about grasping the numbers as it is about understanding the applicable legislation.

Reducing delays in your estate administration

To avoid continued heartache and potential financial difficulty for your loved ones, you can take some concrete steps when undertaking estate planning.

Divorce planning: Calculating the pension interest

Pension interest calculation is a complex area of financial planning.

Gear up your savings by using your tax deductions smartly

Strategic tax planning is an integral part of the financial planning and wealth creation process.

Preparing to draft your will: Some important considerations

While you may be tempted to go the DIY route because your affairs are what you consider ‘simple’, think twice before putting pen to paper.

Tax liabilities in your deceased estate

Failing to account for your tax liabilities can detrimentally affect the liquidity in your estate and, in turn, the financial legacy to your loved ones.

What your ante-nuptial contract means for your financial planning

An ante-nuptial contract is a hugely important document in the life of a married couple and deserves careful attention.

12 reasons to choose your trustees carefully

Nominating trustees who have the appropriate character, skill and acumen to fulfil their duties is critical to ensuring your intentions for the trust are realised.

Financial infidelity: Big little lies

Exploring the devastating consequences of financial infidelity, what causes it, and how to protect your relationship against it.

Estate planning mistakes to avoid

Mistakes can have far-reaching consequences for those you leave behind.

Facing a retrenchment: Your questions answered

It’s important to fully understand the process, your rights, and the financial implications going forward.

A financial health check: Ask yourself the hard questions

Conducting a regular financial health check should trigger an early warning system should any vital signs appear compromised.

Setting up your living trust: A basic guide for trust founders

It is important to make sure that your trust is set up as a valid legal structure that will, if necessary, withstand legal scrutiny.

Rebuilding your financial life after divorce

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the state of your post-divorce finances, here are some points to consider.

The important role of special trusts

These trusts are designed to protect and ensure safe custody of assets intended for those who are unable to manage their financial affairs.

Six things to consider before retiring

It’s important to keep in mind the potentially extensive retirement period you will need to fund for, and the multitude of eventualities you could be faced with.

The power of asking ‘what if’?

Using scenario planning techniques as a way of visualising potential eventualities that may arise can help you put mechanisms in place to mitigate against them.

Thinking about divorce? Here are some questions to consider

The immediate and longer-term consequences of divorce cannot be overstated.

Questions to consider before you start investing

Understanding your reasons for investing, what you hope to achieve with your wealth, and how your investment fits into your overall financial portfolio are critical for success.

An early inheritance: Considerations and options

Giving away some of your wealth while you are still alive is something that should be undertaken with the utmost caution.

What to consider before registering an inter vivos trust

This area of planning should ideally be undertaken with guidance and advice from a fiduciary expert.

The key differences between life and living annuities

And what factors should be taken into account when determining which structure is best suited for your needs.

Get your own back on the taxman

You have until the end of February to maximise your tax savings for this year.

Administering your estate: It matters how you are married

It is important to understand how your marital property system affects your property rights and your ability to distribute your assets.

First meeting with a financial advisor? Here’s what to ask

When looking for a financial advisor, you need to look further than just qualifications and experience.

Offshore investing: Direct versus indirect options

Understanding the role your investment is destined to play in your overall portfolio is key to determining how best to externalise your money.

Starting your financial planning journey: Consider a triage approach

This is effectively a blend of prioritisation and affordability distilled into a series of incremental steps plotted over a manageable timeline.

What to consider before taking out life cover

It is important to be absolutely clear on the reasons for putting the cover in place.

8 reasons to set up a TFSA before the end of February 2022

TFSAs still provide investors with significant tax benefits.

5 effective ways to reduce your estate duty liability

These measures will ensure that the financial legacy intended for your loved ones is maximised and protected for their future use.

What to consider when choosing an annuity income

The complexities and variables involved in the decision-making process are enormous.

What to consider when determining your retirement income

A retirement plan is only as robust as the accuracy of the underlying assumptions, and one of the most important assumptions to get right is the determination of post-retirement income. While there are many rules of thumb regarding the calculation of post-retirement income, the reality is that every retiree has a unique set of personal

The significant advantages of investing in an RA

Interest and dividend income earned by retirement funds are exempt from tax.

These seven financial solutions should be used strategically

Putting financial solutions in place should be part of a carefully designed strategy. Each solution or product should serve a pre-determined purpose in your wealth creation strategy. As US investment guru Peter Lynch is famous for saying: ‘Know what you own and why you own it’. Here, we explore the mechanisms of seven financial solutions,

Tax year-end: Maximise your available tax deductions

Now is an opportune time to make sure that you’ve taken advantage of the available tax breaks available to you.

Nine things you may not know about retirement annuities

A look at some lesser-known details and benefits about RAs that all investors should know about.

Retirement annuities: Everything you need to know

There’s a lot more to this impressive retirement funding structure than meets the eye.

A financial planning calendar for 2022

Rather than attempting to revolutionise your finances in the space of a single month, it may be more beneficial to space your financial planning over the course of a calendar year.

How to use your credit card responsibly this festive season

Now’s the time to check your credit card fine print to ensure that you know how to maximise the benefits of your credit facility.

Buy-to-let property: Understand the risks involved

The Covid-19 pandemic served to highlight the inherent risks of tenant vacancy and non-payment of rent.

What does a power of attorney over your financial affairs entail?

Exploring the different types of powers of attorney, when they can be used, and the financial implications of putting one in place.

Moving in together: How to set up your cohabitation agreement

The ultimate aim of such an agreement is to ensure that, if the relationship ends, litigation is avoided.

Estate administration: The winding up of your financial affairs

The administration process can be time-consuming and laborious.

Your living will: Everything you need to know

It is essential to understand the role that your living will plays, its enforceability, and the extent to which your wishes can be expressed therein.

The many functions of an estate plan

Estate planning to a large extent involves the optimal structuring and managing of your assets while you are still alive.

Financial planning advice for diabetics

The high cost of living with diabetes typically extends beyond healthcare-related costs.

Retirement funding vehicles: Your options and how they work

Following the harmonisation process which took effect 1 March 2021, it is now easier for investors to understand how to save for retirement and how each vehicle works.

Planning a family: How to get your financial affairs in order

The more time you have to prepare for your child’s arrival, the better equipped you will be financially.

Key decisions to be made at retirement

And what to consider in the evaluation process.

Questions to ask your parents about their retirement plan

Opening channels of communication with your parents to allow for discussions around their retirement plan may help to avoid unpleasant surprises later on.

Debt and deceased estates: Your questions answered

Making provision for one’s debt is an essential part of estate planning, and failure to do so can leave your loved ones financially compromised.

Before getting married: Financial conversations to be had

Setting time aside before the nuptials to discuss financial planning in the context of your married life can be empowering and unifying.

Seven things to consider when choosing a marriage contract

Getting your marital contract wrong can cause financial distress if your marriage comes to an end.

Assets that won’t attract estate duty

And how they can be incorporated to reduce tax in one’s estate.

Waiting to save: The cost of delaying your retirement funding

A look at scenarios that demonstrate the cost of delaying your investment journey.

These mistakes that can set you back financially

Financial mistakes can slow down the process of wealth creation.

Preservation funds: Specialised pre-retirement investment vehicles

Preservation funds have some unique features and it is important to fully understand how they work before opting for one.

The real financial impact of dementia

Exploring the costs associated with treating dementia and caring for a dementia sufferer.

The roles of people mentioned in your will

It is important to ensure that the people you nominate are appropriate for your estate plan.

Choosing a living annuity: Here’s what you need to know

Before purchasing a living annuity, it is important to fully understand what you are signing up for.

Severe illness cover: Your questions answered

Products are now more comprehensive, increasingly complex, and somewhat difficult for the layperson to understand.

How to prepare for retirement

If retirement is on your dashboard, here are some tips on how to prepare adequately for this life stage.

Know how your investments will be taxed

Because the amount of tax you pay reduces your investment returns, it is essential to understand in advance how you will be taxed.

Dread disease cover: Ensuring financial survival after diagnosis

Surviving a serious diagnosis can create an enormous financial burden.

Reviewing your financial plan: 20 circumstances which may necessitate a review

With today being World Financial Planning Day, now is an opportune time to review your financial plan. A financial plan is a living, fluid document that should be sufficiently flexible to change and adapt as your personal and financial circumstances do. While it is always advisable to review your financial plan on at least an

Choosing your medical aid plan for 2022: First understand the terminology

With 18 open medical schemes and hundreds of plan options to choose from, making a decision can be overwhelming.

Gap cover: Top-up health insurance that can protect you financially

Unpacking the mechanisms of gap cover and what to look for when choosing a benefit.

Your healthcare options: What to consider when choosing a medical aid?

Sifting through medical aid brochures and the fine print can be time-consuming and bewildering.

The A-Z of long-term insurance

Insight into some of the most common terms in the long-term insurance industry.

The costs involved in winding up a deceased estate

Over and above ensuring your estate’s solvency, it is also important to determine whether it has sufficient liquidity to settle its liabilities, taxes, and other financial commitments that may arise.

What to consider before taking out dread disease cover

Due to the high prevalence of dread diseases, fear can result in a disproportionate spend on this benefit relative to death and disability cover.

Donations tax and tax exemptions

Donations and tax exemptions form an important part of one’s overall financial and estate planning.

10 compelling reasons to review your will

As one of the most important documents a person will ever sign, a will deserves careful and regular attention.

The role of the Guardian’s Fund

The Guardian’s Fund serves, amongst other things, to protect and manage money inherited by minor children.

Different types of wills and why you may need them

A look at what form the documents should take, who should help draft them, and what special considerations should be kept in mind when putting the documents together.

Is your will valid? Here’s a checklist

Checking the validity of this all-important document means paying careful attention to the detail.

The role of long-term insurance through your lifetime

How various long-term insurance products can be used in each life stage to achieve optimal results.

How to set up a trust for your special needs child

Those with special needs can be particularly vulnerable to being taken advantage of and, as a parent, putting structures in place to manage and administer your child’s affairs is paramount.

Estate planning: When is it appropriate to set up a trust?

It is important to be absolutely clear on your intentions for forming the trust and what you intend the trust to achieve.

15 common mistakes made by first-time property buyers

And some advice on how to avoid them.

Offshore trusts: Onerous reporting obligations

Before setting up an offshore trust, it is worth understanding one’s reporting obligations.

Your credit card: Money management necessity or debt trap?

If used responsibly, a credit card can have significant benefits to the user.

Lifestage financial planning for women

Seven life stages that many women face together with a set of financial planning considerations relevant to each.

Retirement: Healthcare cover is more important now than ever before

Many diseases and chronic conditions are a function of ageing, and your fortunate good health in the years leading up to retirement is not guaranteed to continue as you grow older.

The single mother’s guide to financial planning

Concrete steps that single mothers can take to fortify their financial positions.

Financial advice for women starting out their careers

Taking a set of intentional, strategic steps at the outset of your career can be pivotal to your financial success.

These things can leave women financially vulnerable

While women tend to be better investors which sets them up well for the future, there are certain things that can weaken women’s financial positions.

Financial planning for women: Protecting your finances against divorce

The best time to put mechanisms in place to protect yourself financially is at the start of a relationship.

A-Z of investing

Global terms and phrases which all investors should know and understand.

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