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Global & Local Investment Advisors 


Global & Local Investment Advisors 

Is 2020 the beginning of the end?

An article about hope...

Emigration: what you need to know

Answers to the most frequently asked questions.

October 2020 economic update

Minister of Finance Tito Mboweni confirmed the economy is expected to contract by 7.8% in 2020.

Things to consider before investing

Knowing where to start is the hardest part; an advisor will assist with mapping out a financial plan that matches your goals.

Important things to know about endowments

Endowments not only offer tax benefits but help investors save with discipline.

The procedure to follow when a person dies

Plus the taxes and deductions payable by the estate.

Are we in the process of bargaining our economy out of existence?

The future of our economy is literally in your hands when you dig into your wallet to make a purchase.

September 2020 economic update

The rand continued to recover in September and is still expected by most economists to recover even further before the end of the year.

Client confidentiality above all else

FSPs are required to act honestly and fairly, and with due skill, care, and diligence in the interests of clients.

Where to from here?

If you have set financial goals, stick to them through the volatility.

Financial advisor vs broker: the key differences

The main role of the advisor is to help a client clearly understand their financial goals.

August 2020 economic update

Apple hit a market cap of $2 trillion for the first time this month.

How do service providers justify their fees?

The investment management fee is generally a standard fee that does not change often or change depending on the performance.

Investors are spoilt for choice

How to choose the investment strategy that's right for you.

Government looks to amend tax laws to keep hold of retirement funds

New legislation seeks to prevent South Africans who no longer pay tax in SA from withdrawing retirement funds until they can prove non-tax residency.

Is it the right time to invest in property?

What you should be considering before making the investment decision.

Delay in government getting its hands on the pension fund pot

The ANC has confirmed that it is relooking at changing the rules of Regulation 28.

The benefits of using model unit trust portfolios

Diversification can be expanded to not only include different asset classes, but also different fund managers.

Making asset allocation decisions in turbulent times

Focusing on assets and sectors that have not yet fully priced in the upcoming global economic recovery could be beneficial.

How the 2020 tax season will work

The tax filing season will only be opening as from September 1.

Banking in death: Corporate cash manager accounts

CCM accounts are regulated in the same manner as normal everyday transactional bank accounts, with a few exceptions.

Watch: June 2020 economic update

Gold has rallied 17% so far this year.

Think technology for your portfolio

Evidence suggests investing in technological and biotechnological funds during market turmoil could gain an investor a better return relative to other traditional celebrated funds.

Covid-19 emergency budget speech summary

Projected consolidated budget spending, including debt, will exceed R2 trillion for the first time ever.

How to avoid becoming a victim of a phishing scam

As fraudsters evolve, we need to become more aware of what information we put out there.

Important things to consider before withdrawing retirement savings

Cashing in your retirement savings can trigger a high tax implication.

WATCH: May 2020 economic update

The S&P 500, FTSE 100, and Hang Seng fell in May, while the Alsi increased by 2.11%.

A look into alternative investments

Scotch Whisky has historically delivered average returns of 12% per annum over the last decade.

The importance of risk cover

Risk cover ensures you and your family will have an income should anything happen to you.

Watch: April 2020 economic update

The US oil price was trading below zero for the first time in history. This was driven by a flood of unwanted oil.

Claiming from the UIF during and after the lockdown

The government have created lay-off options.

Lockdown update: the good, bad and amusing

Let us keep up the hope and be positive.

Structuring portfolios in times of chaos

And long-term annuity income planning.

Practical advice if you lose your job

You need to think logically, calmly, and rationally about what steps to take.

The importance of updating your will regularly

We all owe it to not only to ourselves but to our loved ones to ensure that we have a valid will in place.

Current panic during the Covid-19 pandemic

It's best to wait it out the volatility until a picture emerges and some stability returns to the markets.

WATCH: March 2020 Economic Update

The rand dropped to a record low.

Sanctions list searches – the dreaded false positive

Having a financial advisor can work in your favour.

Nine questions on offshore investing answered

What you need to know about investing internationally.
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