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Global & Local Investment Advisors 


Global & Local Investment Advisors 

December 2019 Economic Update

The rand had an estimated 4.5% rally in December.

WATCH: November 2019 Economic Update

Moody's downgraded SA's outlook, putting the country a notch away from junk status.

The benefits of investing offshore and what to consider

International investing may offer a hedge for investors who fear the depreciation of the rand.

WATCH: October 2019 Economic Update

Equity markets gained 3.1% in October which was led by a rally in the Resources sector.

MTBPS: Has government been able to carry out what was set out?

Finance Minister Tito Mboweni delivered his much-awaited medium-term budget policy statement on October 30 2019. It’s South Africa’s most influential one as a review from credit ratings agency’s Moody Investors Services is scheduled for November 1 2019. Has our government been able to carry out what was set out? There are signs that investment spending

The essence of saving and the different ways to save

Every rand earned is worth saving today for the rainy days ahead.

The age of anxiety

Ongoing political and economic developments are causing concern among investors.

September Market Economic Update

News from local and global markets.

What is the real tax rate in SA?

Income tax is just the start; hidden taxes must also be considered in budgets.

What makes investing so difficult?

The risk in cryptocurrencies is very high and in no way an easy way to make a quick profit.

July market economic updates

A round-up of market, economy and currency news.

Why it’s a good idea to start saving up towards your retirement now

It's said you would need at least 70% to 75% of what you earned at the peak of your career to maintain your lifestyle at retirement.

June 2019 economic update

A round-up of economic and political news from last month.

May 2019 economic highlights

A round-up of local and international political and business news.

Important decisions before entering an investment

A look at local vs offshore; active vs passive; best- or worst-performing funds; and equities, bonds, cash or property.

Q&As: Financial implications when emigrating

Answers to a few questions you may have pertaining to financial implications when emigrating from South Africa.

Forex – the dreaded exchange rate

How the exchange rate works in forex trade.

March 2019 economic and market update

News from home and abroad.

Low-volatility equity investing

A low volatility equity portfolio fits well into an overall retirement fund and may result in both lower total risk and higher expected returns.

The multi-factor fund approach

Multi-factor strategies build upon the concept of diversification: that combining exposures to factors can help soften the effect of drawdowns and increase the potential for outperformance.

February 2019 economic and market update

The outcome of the national budget and international news on the market.

Changing rands to other currencies: What you need to know

Transferring money out of South Africa is a little more complex than individuals may think.

January 2019 economic and market update

The best-performing shares in January were financial services.

What is smart indexing investing and how does it help your investment portfolio?

Smart beta funds seek to achieve better risk-adjusted returns than traditional index funds.
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