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Luthuli Capital (Pty) Ltd 


Luthuli Capital (Pty) Ltd 

30-somethings: gain control of your finances

Life is complicated enough. Your money needn’t be.

Before you get married…

Being open and honest about each other’s intentions with money can help each spouse understand the other and plan accordingly.

Your children are not your retirement plan

Wealth can cause people to become less empathetic or compassionate and the desperation of poverty can have a detrimental effect on character.

Things to consider for the international student…and their parent

The rand is weak against the dollar and will most likely weaken further in future, thus education abroad will become costlier.

Financially preparing for an unplanned pregnancy

You have time to save and prepare. The unexpected often brings a lot of joy with it.

Adjusting finances for the ‘blended’ family

Be aware that any account beneficiary designation will take priority over the provisions of a will.

How to transfer wealth between generations

A bottom-up approach to a family’s asset allocation can materially enhance overall wealth.

Money and stress

It’s very difficult to solve a problem if you refuse to accept that you have one.

Investing in a bear market

It doesn't makes sense to shift your money around to outguess the markets.

How should I invest a lump-sum?

You may have a better rate of return by putting a lump sum towards your debt, than you would investing it.

Sis, bro … let’s talk about money

Adult children may be nervous about raising the topic of their parents’ finances out of fear of appearing greedy or nosy.

Mom, Dad … let’s talk about money

It may be a difficult conversation to have, but as your parents get older, you will need to start talking to them about their finances. It might not be easy getting them to open up about their finances, but it’s a necessary step in the planning process. You probably still remember your parents sitting you

Tips on growing up financially

Prepare to break old, unwanted habits and cultivate new, effective ones instead.

Are you a good financial role model to your child?

Children don’t do what they are told but rather emulate what they see, financially too.

Do I need a financial mentor?

For those hailing from financially dysfunctional family backgrounds, money matters often appear clear as mud.

Three reasons to aim for a debt-free life

Credit cards and other loans can put what you want within financial reach, but a life without debt is surely more rewarding?

Overcoming the fear of wealth

To make wealth you need to control your cashflows. To become wealthy, you must adhere to a budget.

Breaking the cycle of poor spending and regret

Break the cycle of poor spending and regret.
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