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NFB Private Wealth Management 


NFB Private Wealth Management 

How to make smart money choices

It’s never too early (and it’s seldom too late), to start making smart money choices.

Help! I’m about to retire and global markets are in turmoil

It's important to lift your head above the noise and focus on your high-level strategy.

Four ways to use your 13th cheque responsibly

Put your 13th cheque to work and start 2020 on firm financial footing.

How do the rich get richer?

The rich get richer by putting their money to work.

A will is only part of the solution

Bad estate planning can be very costly.

Financial advice to new parents

What advice would a financial advisor give to a client starting a family? Having children is an incredibly beautiful thing – one that changes your life forever. The parental instincts kick in; you become a nurturer, a protector and a provider for your little bundle of joy.  This is a very exciting journey to take,

How a financial advisor can help create and preserve wealth

However, you cannot expect your financial advisor to be the purveyor of miracles.

Q&A: financial planning careers and advice for women

Don’t be put off by the fact that this is still a male-dominated industry – the picture is changing fast.

We’re all victims of fraud

Investors should not commit more than they can afford to lose to speculative opportunities.

How do I get offshore exposure?

The decision to invest must be practical, not emotional. and must meet the investor’s circumstances.

Are financial advisors really worth it?

Unless financial markets, -legislation, -tax and -planning are your profession or committed hobby, you may be better off consulting an expert.

Thinking about changing jobs? Here’s something to think about

Young professionals, don't forget to tackle your financial planning admin when moving to a new job.

Millennials – it’s time you gave a darn about your finances

Putting your savings in a bank account doesn’t count as investing; you'll definitely lose out to inflation over time especially considering tax.

What to consider when investing R500, R50 000 and R5 000 000

There are several questions to ask yourself before you decide how to proceed with investing your money....

Save now or retire never

Life happens, but if you have a flexible plan, with some non-negotiables, you'll be able to meet your investment dreams.

How to get Sars to pay back the money

A look at three investment products that offer you tax benefits.

WTF? (Where’s the future?)

In the current investment climate, clients and advisors must reaffirm the appropriateness of investors’ asset allocations.

What a latte in a disposable cup can do for you (or not)

Spend less than you earn, and buy less than you can afford, you will save a lot of money.

To kill a bond or not?

If you can get an investment return higher than the interest rate on your bond, then you should allocate any additional cash you have to investments.

The risk of being too cautious

Investors are disillusioned after two years of single digit returns and are looking towards cash as a solution; risk off.

Staying the Course

Looking back at a crazy 2016 and what investors should be cognizant of going forward

Retirement benefits in divorce settlements

What you need to consider so that you are able to plan and adequately make provision for your retirement.

Offshore is a yes, but what?

Your money is offshore and now it is time to invest.

Heavyweight vs middleweight – where do you want to fight?

Up and coming boutique investments managers vs been around the block mega managers.

What are investors really paying?

Examining the advent of full collective investment schemes cost disclosure.

Offshore is a yes, but how?

Direct investment versus product.

How much is enough and is it enough?

Making sure the inflation assumption is correct in your financial planning models.

Too flush to fail?

Are current central bank supported equities levels artificially inflated and what does this mean looking forward?

Emotional investing

Sticking to your guns in periods of mass volatility.

The weapon of mass confusion

Interest rate policy divergence in the developing and developed world

Value – time to shine?

We have entered the point in the investment cycle where active value managers will be rewarded for consistency in their investment approach.

My role as a financial advisor – the need for a financial advisor

What is a well-crafted Financial Plan and what should one look for in their financial advisor?

Sharing the spoils

How the Saudi led strategy to take back the oil market has played out and how oil rich nations are adapting or failing to adapt.

About last year’s roller coaster ride

Looking back at markets and understanding what is on the horizon.

The true cost of free money

Monetary stimulus and its inadvertent effect on global financial markets.

Who’s the currency piñata now?

Among emerging market currencies Mexico bares even more of the brunt of heightened volatility than the rand.

Inflation and the effect of real interest rates

The inflationary numbers illustrated by the CPI numbers have come out above the target range. What does this mean coupled with last week's interest rate hike?


Is a potential downgrade to sub investment grade the end of the world? A technical study to understand the impact of junk status on South Africa’s markets.

Effect of a downgrade

Digesting what would happen in the event of junk status.

What is an affordable income drawing rate in retirement?

Factors to consider when calculating a sustainable, tax efficient income from your hard earned savings.
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