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PSG Wealth Pretoria-East 


PSG Wealth Pretoria-East 

Market volatility: Two universal truths to consider

And the impact they may have on your portfolio’s performance.

Contrary emotions in an upside-down market

It’s wise to evaluate the cycle of market emotions in this topsy-turvy world.

Don’t allow your emotions to control your future returns

If we remain on the sidelines because we seek comfort, we miss out on opportunities.

Inflation and the US consumer

It remains to be seen if consumer demand will persist through the year aided by strong balance sheets and rising wages.

Your bear market survival guide

There are steps you can take to make sure your portfolio survives (and even thrives) until the bear transforms into a bull.

Do you have an investment plan, or do you invest according to your feelings?

We have been dealing with extreme volatility in equity markets since the beginning of the year, locally as well as internationally. Fears of higher inflation, even before the war, are leading to higher interest rates across the globe. China’s Covid-19 outbreak has also worsened with rigorous restrictions implemented by its government. The uncertainty of how

How to stock pick for long-term compound growth

Some valuable lessons from Warren Buffett and Morningstar.

Dealing with GEPF pension interest upon divorce

The new dispensation allows for a much more just and equitable treatment of divorce pay-outs.

How to navigate your share investments in times of war

Stay focused on your personal investment goals and strategy and remove the emotions from your decision making.

How pension interest is dealt with upon divorce

The value of the pension interest allocated in terms of the divorce order is limited to the value as at the date of divorce.

South Africans’ saving habits

Few South Africans are saving enough for retirement.

Is a TFSA an appropriate investment vehicle to save for my child’s tertiary education?

Even though the investment case for this means of saving for university is sound, there are several additional important considerations that one needs to be aware of.

Preparing your loved ones for when you are no longer there

It is essential to ensure that all your affairs are in order to avoid your family having to scurry around when you die.

Market pullbacks and technology share valuations

Markets have been under pressure for the year to date, but the outlook is not as dire as headlines portray.

Inflation is a greater risk than volatility for a long-term investment portfolio

Your personal inflation will very likely increase over time, so it's critical to ensure your investment returns beat inflation.

Options in the valley of low interest rates

To gain access to potentially better returns, you need to accept a higher level of risk.

When investors need access to their investment capital

A look at the degree of flexibility offered by different investment products.

Market drivers to wrap up 2021

All these factors suggest that how your portfolio is composed and ensuring adequate diversification, are extremely important.

Investors’ dilemma – TINA

TINA: There is no alternative.

How to reap the greatest benefit from compound growth

It is critical to increase the contributions that you make to your investments.

Stock themes: Technology and the Fourth Industrial Revolution

And some of the major market capitalisation companies with exposure to these themes.

Avoid the debt spiral

Regularly upgrading houses does not create wealth.

11 ways to spring clean your finances

A good spring cleaning of your finances is not only good for long-term financial health but is also beneficial for your mental well-being.

The future of platinum group metals in the context of the SA economy

With PGMs contributing close to 50% of SA's current resource basket, this group of metals is very relevant to the future of the SA economy.

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