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PSG Wealth 


PSG Wealth 

What is the war doing to my portfolio?

A look at the average number of days it took markets to recover after each conflict provides perspective to remember the bigger picture.

Dealing with war

Coming out of an incredible 2021 in the markets both locally and offshore where we enjoyed double-digit returns, absorbing the current volatility is difficult and uncertain.

Express wealth creation: listed equities or financed physical property?

The difference between mortgaged physical property and listed equities is a lot smaller than one anticipates.

Ultra-trail running vs investing

What does running have to do with your investment portfolio? The answer is much more than you think.

Optimising your tax benefits before end of February

Now is the perfect time to review your investment portfolio to ensure you're optimising your annual tax benefits.

Missing out on the best days in the market

The importance of not timing the market and staying invested.

The power of preservation

And what else to remember when leaving your employer.

Can your financial advisor get you to the Olympics?

Quality financial advice is like a good coaching relationship, where the advisor assists the client in facing and overcoming their financial challenges.

SA proves to be resilient… in more than one way

Contrary to what many of us would expect, the JSE has outperformed – significantly.

Offshore investing: consider the tax, estate and continuity planning from the start

The reason we take funds offshore is generally to protect them – therefore offshore investments need to be done properly.

Never let a good crisis go to waste

How offshore investing can and should be done.

Can ‘South Africa 2021’ still surprise us on the upside?

Persistence, positivity, and patience will bring promising results in 2021.

21 financial tips to take into 2021…

For you, your family, and your business.

Financial considerations for expats

Are your SA portfolios taken care of?

Choosing a retirement annuity: what to look out for

Currently, only 6% of South Africans can retire comfortably.

Defining value amid the changing world order

Defining what value means to you will help you to better define if you have the right portfolio in place.

Rental income as part of your retirement income

Your retirement income and cash flow cannot rest on a 55% payment rate from tenants.

Why diversification is imperative in long-term investing

Diversifying minimises risk – always!

Constructing your portfolio is like choosing wine

Matching your investment options to your favourite blends.

Taking emotions out of investing

Having a financial advisor can ensure that you aren’t missing any blind spots.

Is Covid-19 giving us a taste of an unplanned retirement?

Many of us will only experience a wide-ranging adjustment like this again when we retire.

Covid-19 and the ripple effects

If we could turn back time…

Shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations

Key considerations for those who are interested in building intergenerational wealth.

Racing your retirement funds offshore

Investment considerations before externalising your retirement assets.

South Africa’s sure signs of progress

President Cyril Ramaphosa has made key board appointments at SOEs, appointed new heads in the justice sector, and secured investment pledges for SA.

Breaking the personal finance glass ceiling

Multiple studies have shown that when women do invest, they not only outperform the market, but in many cases also their male counterparts.

Put your financial advisor’s number on speed dial

There's much to be learnt from approaching your personal finances like you would a business’s finances.

Raise your game

Some coaching considerations to keep in mind that apply to both your sporting hobbies and investment plans.

Are millennials changing the world or making the same mistakes?

In failing to plan for their financial futures, they may be more like preceding generations than they'd like to admit.

Financial lessons from successful mega farmers

Many farms in South Africa are a clear example of long-term investment, everyday discipline and multi-generational planning.

Count your winters to, not during, retirement

Are your financial plans on track to set you up for a comfortable retirement? Time and investment returns wait for no one.

Structure your direct offshore investment correctly, from the start

Do your own research and approach emigration and externalisation of assets with exceptional levels of critical thinking, not based on emotions.

How to retire in South Africa post 2019

South Africans will need to increase their focus on tax-efficient investment.

The decision every parent must make, and would rather not

Considerations when appointing guardians for your minor child.

How cycling connects to better long-term investing

Biking to retirement: Start with small achievable targets and learn to ride the ‘investment bike’ over many years, long before retirement.

It will rain again – don’t try to predict, rather prepare

Important financial lessons learnt from the recent drought.

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