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Peter Nurcombe-Thorne

Peter is a director of the Rosebank Wealth Group and is responsible for day to day operations and ma  ...

Graduating? First job? Tips on how to allocate your first salary

If you’re about to earn your first salary, how should you go about dividing your income between life insurance, disability and income protection insurance, investments and retirement savings?

Stretching your pension investments

If you’re 65 and retired your priority is to make your money last for at least the rest of your life. If possible, the capital should grow at a rate higher than inflation, without taking undue risk.

Sweating pensions in the post-retirement phase

For those concerned about funding their retirement, splitting the years of retirement into distinct phases could make planning easier.

Six retirement ‘rules of thumb’ that should be retired

Are you saving enough? How much money do you actually need to retire?

How do you select a fund that invests in Indian equities?

Why an actively managed fund might be better than an ETF.

What you should know before investing offshore

What should your starting point be? And where do you find the data to support your decision and ensure that you are getting your desired exposure?

Is your South African portfolio diversified if you invest in India?

Why should South Africans consider investing in India when our countries are so similar?

A fresh breeze of reform blowing through India

Our close-up view of India’s rising middle class gave us a glimpse into the huge potential for economic growth and associated investment returns into the future.

Some perspective on global hedge fund reporting

News of North American and European funds dominate the ‘traffic’ and search engines, channelling unwary researchers down pre-determined passages.

Hedge fund data in the public domain, at last

Greater transparency in the hedge fund industry will lead to higher levels of trust.

Under-exposed offshore, under-exposed to equities, under-diversified and over-exposed to one manager

The local equity market is small relative to international markets, and investors should consider diversifying equity investments into other geographic regions.

Hedge funds, income provider funds and Afghanistan

Why a hedge fund of funds is a good way to gain exposure to hedge fund strategies.

How to help clients reduce volatility in their retirement portfolios

In a future where local markets are likely to provide more muted and volatile returns than investors have enjoyed since 2008, another investment option for investors should be welcomed.

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