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Rosebank Wealth Group (Pty) Ltd 


Rosebank Wealth Group (Pty) Ltd 

Should you care which investment platform your advisor uses?

Questions to ask your advisor about their choice of LISP.

Investing in 12J tax incentive schemes has been a win/win

Section 12J investments have played a part in promoting job creation and stimulating economic growth, while offering investors tax relief.

Don’t let tax take you by surprise when you invest offshore

South African tax residents are required to pay tax in South Africa on their worldwide income.

Five steps to investing offshore

Taking your money offshore is a multi-step, administratively intense process.

Covid-19 and the shape of next normal

Will Covid-19 be a catalyst for a ‘great re-set’?

Covid-19, oil and future investment ideas

Where will we go from here?

Is it the right time to reassess your investment strategy?

If your investments have been too concentrated, geographically or by asset-type, it might be the right time to have a word with your financial advisor.

When do you reinvest?

It is simple logic that to participate in any upswing, you have to remain invested.

Covid-19 and black swans

A sobering reminder of the importance of managing risk in any investment decision.

Do you have to invest offshore to get a proper return?

Not necessarily, but we believe that diversification and asset allocation are the only two free lunches in the investment world.

Ten financial resolutions for 2020 and beyond

If you are trapped by debt, paying your debt should be your top priority.

Could you be one of 7 000 people owed money by the Guardian’s Fund?

And if you are one of the lucky ones, what should you do with your windfall?

Ho Ho Ho: Santa and your tax-free savings account

A gift of an investment in your child’s or grandchild’s name has multiple benefits.

Why we are passive about passive investing

Index funds carry a number of risks.

How to take your investment money offshore

The pros and cons of the two routes available to South Africans.

At times like these, do you see a shrink or financial advisor?

Study shows advisors who persuaded clients to stick to pre-agreed investment plans helped make a significant long-term contribution to the total value of their investments.

How to avoid being a victim at the hands of your financial advisor

From time to time, the financial services industry is tarnished by fraudulent advisors and aggressive selling of unsuitable financial products to gullible investors.

On the brink of retiring? Three vital tips

A look at retirement and emigration; living annuities and high offshore exposure; and where to draw your income.

Should you invest in things that retirees buy, to fund your own old age?

Perversely, good investments may turn out to be in daycare and pre-primary schools for pre-school children.

Four more things to know about investing in private equity and venture capital

Private equity and venture capital investing is becoming more accessible. Should you be tempted?

FAQs on investing in private equity and venture capital

Four things you always wanted to know.

Red flag: Do your research before investing in a section 12J project

Tips to select a profitable investment.

Your investment options for 2019

2018 was a difficult investing year and 2019 is expected to be even less predictable. So how should you respond? Should you stay the course or should you tweak your investment policy for 2019?

Great books to read in the Christmas break

As chosen by Rosebank Wealth staff, fund managers and clients.

Now is a good time to take stock and update your financial affairs

The South African equity markets have moved sideways over the last five years and many investors must be wondering if they are on the right path to inflation-beating investment returns. Maybe it is time for a review? And while you are reviewing your investments, consider reviewing your life insurance policies and your will. Reviewing investment

Could the ‘Buffett indicator’ help you find value in offshore markets?

Good value/quality investments in a poorly-performing economy can outperform over-priced investments in a booming economy.

Pay less tax and be patriotic? Yes it can be done

The attraction of the upfront income tax relief, via Section 12J, is that it effectively reduces the cost of the investment, thereby boosting overall returns.

Use tax efficiency to enhance your long-term returns

South Africans can enhance their long-term investment returns by taking advantage of suitable exemptions permitted by Sars and by reducing their income tax via rebates.

Build a future-orientated portfolio using history as your teacher

South Africans had little choice but to invest in the local stock exchange, artificially boosting performance.

Dealing with portfolio headwinds. When do you panic?

As we wrote in our most recent article, a look at recent returns of pension portfolios (Regulation 28 compliant) over periods of three, five and 10 years doesn’t make for cheerful reading. So when is it appropriate to panic? We don’t think panicking is ever in order   The core proviso to this assumes that

Five tips for the ideal long-term retirement portfolio

Saving for retirement can be compared with a long sea journey.

Weird and wonderful offshore shares

The main requirements for your new investments would be that the underlying holdings add diversity to your existing portfolio, while offering good value.

Outrageous predictions for 2018

A look at Saxo Bank's annual list.

Great books to read in the Christmas break

Staff members, fund managers and clients share their current reads...

First job? How to sweat your best asset

Tips to three hypothetical new employees.

Graduating? First job? Tips on how to allocate your first salary

If you're about to earn your first salary, how should you go about dividing your income between life insurance, disability and income protection insurance, investments and retirement savings?

Stretching your pension investments

If you're 65 and retired your priority is to make your money last for at least the rest of your life. If possible, the capital should grow at a rate higher than inflation, without taking undue risk.

Sweating pensions in the post-retirement phase

For those concerned about funding their retirement, splitting the years of retirement into distinct phases could make planning easier.

Six retirement ‘rules of thumb’ that should be retired

Are you saving enough? How much money do you actually need to retire?

How do you select a fund that invests in Indian equities?

Why an actively managed fund might be better than an ETF.
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