Moneyweb Today becomes MoneywebNOW

Your favourite morning digital newsletter Moneyweb Today is MoneywebNOW, but will still contain the best content Moneyweb has to offer.

Moneyweb has launched a brand new digital newsletter MoneywebNOW that is packed with all the business, financial and investment news you need to start your business day.

The offering will include a careful curation of the best Moneyweb content, produced by some of the best financial journalists in the country.

MoneywebNOW will replace the former digital edition of Moneyweb Today after Moneyweb ended its agreement with the distribution partner. This, unfortunately, means Moneyweb Today readers need to re-subscribe to MoneywebNOW to ensure that they receive their indispensable early morning business news fix.

I know this sounds like a tedious process, but we have made registration as quick and easy as we possibly can.

Just enter your email address in the box below. This will take you to the registration page where you need to pick MoneywebNOW from the selection list.

It shouldn’t take more than a minute to complete and it will ensure that you will continue to have the best business and financial news delivered every morning, straight to your inbox.

Ryk van Niekerk
Moneyweb editor

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