Bitcoin expected to peak at over $80 000 this year – report

Before ending the year at $71 415, according to a panel of 50 fintech specialists.
The price of one bitcoin could skyrocket to over $5m by the end of 2030, according to the panellists. Image: AdobeStock

Bitcoin (BTC) is set to peak at $80 021 in 2021 before concluding the year at $71 415, according to predictions made by 50 fintech specialists via’s latest Bitcoin Price Predictions Report.

The year-end figure is roughly 8% higher than the panel’s end-of-year prediction in July, and 37% higher than it predicted in December 2020. Over a fifth of the panellists predict that BTC will reach $100 000 or higher.

Of the full panel, 46% say it’s time to hold on for dear life, 46% reckon it’s time to buy BTC, and the remaining 8% say it’s time to sell.

“I believe we are in the opening stages of rapid bitcoin adoption that will spread past El Salvador and Twitter and into more traditional areas,” says Gryphon Digital Mining CEO and director Rob Chang,

“As this occurs, the general public will be increasingly exposed to bitcoin and this shift from obscurity into the mainstream will catapult bitcoin prices higher for the next few years.”

Chang predicts that BTC will peak at $111 000 this year.

“Toss in halving events and we get structural reasons why the bitcoin price must head higher,” he adds.

The panel expects that Bitcoin will dip to $71 415 by the end of the year. While this is a drop from the anticipated peak, it is still a roughly 20% increase from its price at the time of writing.

The longer-term predictions for BTC seem even more dazzling.

The panellists expect BTC prices to skyrocket to an average of $249 578 and $5 237 082 by the end of 2025 and 2030 respectively.

Three in five panellists are in favour of a BTC exchange-traded fund (ETF), while more than one in five are against the idea.


“We are expecting an SEC [Securities and Exchange Commission] approved Bitcoin ETF [exchange-traded fund] to be brought to market prior to the end of 2021,” according to Alex Nagorskii of DigitalX.


“As such we expect a huge uplift in both the bitcoin price and its dominance in terms of percentage of total market capitalisation.”

Nagorskii predicts that BTC will end the year anywhere between $60 000 and $99 000, saying the approval of a BTC ETF will likely propel prices upward. He is part of the 60% of panellists who say they are in favour of a BTC ETF, while 22% are against it and 18% are unsure.

Arcane Research analyst Vetle Lunde, who is also in favour of a BTC ETF, says that “a futures-based ETF approval seems most likely, but anticipations leading into the final verdict of the physically-backed ETF filings could lead to surging prices.

“Overall, I believe the ETF narrative will add momentum to Bitcoin, as we currently see,” she says.

University of East London associate professor Dr Iwa Salami notes that an ETF will not only help current crypto investors diversify their portfolios but will encourage more retail investors to invest in the digital asset.

“Bitcoin ETFs [will] be a way to give more retail investors the opportunity to invest in this asset class without necessarily understanding the technology or going through the rigours of setting up a cryptocurrency exchange account,” she says.

“It [will] also help those who lack confidence in holding bitcoin directly, due to risks such as the potential of permanently losing them through the loss of the password of the wallet holding bitcoin and other digital assets.”

Panxora Crypto Hedge Fund general partner Gavin Smith is part of the 22% against a BTC ETF, saying there won’t be a need for one in the future.

“An ETF is trying to fill the gap because of inadequate custody arrangements available for bitcoin holdings that made it unfit for certain financial institutions,” he says. “As custody capabilities improve, the added layer of costs introduced by ETFs becomes less and less necessary.”

Palesa Mofokeng is a Moneyweb intern.



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Long term price is at $400,000 per Bitcoin.

Bitcoin can be seen as piece of art whose owners are both unknown to each other and their numbers run into millions of individuals whose aim is to retain their value and hedge inflation.

Bitcoin, and all cryptocurrencies, are nothing more than a farce, a Ponzi scheme waiting to collapse. It has no value other than the belief that people place in it having value. Once that belief collapses so will the value of Bitcoin and people will lose a lot of money. How can something that can be created out of ‘thin air’ (Bitcoin mining) have any value, other than a perceived value by people falling prey to other people mining Bitcoin and continuing to sell their scam? Once people realize the scam that underlies all cryptocurrencies their values will drop to zero and there will be many depressed people left ‘holding the bag’. It is only a matter of time before Bitcoin drops to zero, like all other cryptocurrencies.

At least with a fiat currency you have the backing of the national government that issues the currency. Sure, with the USA printing trillions and trillions of dollars out of thin air, inflation is a risk. But at least those dollars are backed by the faith in the US Government and their tax base, whereas cryptocurrencies are backed by nothing other than a Ponzi scheme of people selling other people a dream based on a farce.

I have zero faith in cryptocurrencies and will be staying far away, not even risking one dollar of my investment capital. I hope that when the Ponzi scheme collapses, as it will, that the people left holding the bag can afford the losses they will suffer.

I predict that we will look back in 20 years’ time and realize just how big a scheme this was, starting off small and then gaining popularity, only for the creators of cryptocurrencies to laugh all the way to the bank as their Ponzi scheme collapses and they walk away with the riches, while those suckers who placed their funds into cryptocurrencies are left on the sidelines. People will wonder how they could have been so stupid and not seen this coming.

I know that it is always the messenger who gets shot. That is what happens when intelligent and informed people point out the insanity inherent in pyramid schemes and scams. I expect that those who have fallen for the cryptocurrency scams will ‘talk their book’ so as to try and boost their investments, and sell at a higher price to another sucker, but ultimately sanity will prevail and many millions of people will lose their money. In the meantime, the ignorant ‘investors’ (suckers) will get defensive and angry when intelligent and informed people challenge their assertions regarding their decisions and will start to hurl insults, being the only means by which they can try to justify their poor investment decisions.

Got as far as “Ponzi scheme” and realised that no logical argument will be presented here.

BTC is not a ponzi/pyramid scheme:

BTC has value. Value is also subjective:


I did, maybe you should too. When you are done, please tell me where does bitcoin promise any high returns, or consistent returns on my investment. Where are the levels in the investment strategy? Where is the complexity in the investment strategy? I have also never had difficulty in accessing my invested money. By definition, it cannot be a ponzi.

Gotta love the FUD in the comments. Gives me a good laugh when I see the same old tired arguments i.e Bitcoin is a ponzi/has no value/is used by criminals/uses too much energy/is too volatile…

Let me irritate the naysayers even more – Bitcoin will have no price ceiling as long as central banks continue creating infinite amounts of fiat money.

Dear ExpatCharles

I noticed you didn’t use the words “blockchain” or “smart contract” even once. That is quite concerning for someone who claims to know what a cryptocurrency is or even how it functions and why it could possibly be better. If you see no inherent value in the complete overhaul of the global trade and financial system (by making it 100% transparent, making it decentralised – meaning not one entity gets to tell you what you can and cant do with your own money) then I can’t really help you.

But allow me to try and explain. You seem to see crypto as just a digital currency… but oh boy is it more than that! Let’s start with digital currency. At the Bank you can take out a loan and they will charge you 10-24% interest on that loan. In the beautiful world of DeFi (Decentralised Finance) I can take out a loan for about 1%. That alone should get you interested. Have you heard the term CBDC? No? Central Bank Digital Currency. All these cetral banks developing a digital currency must be a bunch of idiots if “Bitcoin” is a scam.

Then we move on to governance, blockchain has the ability to make voting 100% transparent – meaning no more rigged votes. Blockchain can also completely decentralise information, social media, the media – making it easy to find verifiable info. It will change the music and entertainment industry – allowing artist to get their fair share in fees.

Bitcoin is just the start, the flood gates will soon open and an digital revolution similar to the internet is about to happen right in front of your eyes. Still not convinced? Google the term “Web3.0”.

I am not here to attack you, simply trying to inform you. Do with this info what you want.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies are as diverse as ANC and basic logic.

Bitcoin, and other BS cryptocurrencies, are nothing more than computer code that someone created out of thin air, the ‘value’ of which WILL collapse. It’s like me going into my garden and picking up and pile of leaves and telling everyone that they have value. The leaves only have value because people believe they have value. That’s the same with Bitcoin — ZERO value. But good luck in believing what these scammers are trying to tell you — I hope you get out early before losing all your money.

Risk / Reward is the term.

Diversifying even this ratio is not a bad idea and obviously nobody risks his whole portfolio in one type of investment without considering the risk of ruin.

a 2% crypto investment made at the beginning of the year as part of a well diversified balanced portfolio has delivered more than 30% of the profit.

When rebalancing obviously some of these crypto profits will be banked to ensure risk does not become unbearable.

Some invest in Banksy. I don’t. Does not mean its wrong. Just not for me. Too expensive. Haha.

“It has no value other than the belief that people place in it having value.”

The same can be said about Gold and Fiat currencies. You argument is void!!

Gold has been around for thousands of years and is a well accepted store of value and hedge against inflation. And as I stated in my original post, fiat currency has the backing of the government’s tax base. Bitcoin has been around for, what, five years? There is NO track record for this BS scam / Ponzi scheme so your counter-argument is void.

No wonder Im having to pay millenial techies $400K per annum to keep them and property prices through the roof in Austin. Your stimmi of $1400 is now worth around $12K if you used it to buy BTC. Where oh where are all you experts that have trashed this investment for years now? Imagine the narcissism of thinking you can bet against the 0.01% and you will win. Seek mental health help.

and what are these techies doing that makes you need to hire them in Austin specifically?

Apart from the fact that crypto currencies are speculation, NOT an investment, – refer for a definition – they use more electricity currently than Argentina per annum and increasing. Bitcoin mining produces electronic waste annually comparable to the small IT equipment waste of a place like the Netherlands. That averages 272g per transaction. By comparison, an iPhone 13 weighs 173g, Reference BBC

So once again scams, ponzi schemes and greed are contributing to the destruction of the global ecosystem.

This old argument? Just search Proof of Work vs Proof of Stake.

Your proof of work is a as invalid an argument as using Google search engine as an asset class in the company reports of a stock on the JSE or any global exchange.

This is nonsense. The same speculation vs investment argument can be applied to rare collectables i.e. old coins/notes, stamps, paintings, cars, etc. Value is subjective.

Also, using electricity is not bad. There are obviously costs associated with securing the largest p2p monetary network in the world. A large portion of the energy mix is already renewable anyway. How much energy is needed by central/commercial banks/supporting infrastructure to maintain the fiat monetary network?

E-waste figures seem unreasonable i.e. Bitcoin miners average lifespan are much longer than 1.29 years. An ASIC miner lasts easily between 3-5 years. E-waste is also recyclable, so this is also literally a load of “rubbish”.

Finally, bitcoin is not a ponzi. Bitcoin has never promised me any high returns, nor consistent returns on my investment. The investment strategy does not contain levels and is not hard to understand. I have never had difficulty in accessing my invested money. Go read the definition of a ponzi.

Considering the matter, digital, this coin have as base, predicting is wishful thinking. Right or wrong will have no effect on the Q easing. The truly digital money replacement. Working hard to achieve the wishful of masters versus slaves economy. Translated, producer and consumer.

Just buy BTC directly.

This ETF’s main purpose is to allow the scum of the financial world to pilfer fees off the asset. Bitcoin was in part created to bypass greedy middlemen and backward regulators.

Buying BTC on a crypto exchange incurs a small nominal fee split between the exchange and the miners. The ETF however, is loaded with extra fees. Someone “must” pay the ETF provider, the lawyers setting up the structures, the fund administrators, the auditors, etc.

Besides the extra fees, as far as the technology goes, a BTC ETF is akin to towing your smooth-running Tesla with diesel burning truck.

End of comments.





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