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‘Bitcoin is in a ‘super-cycle’ and nowhere near the end of its bull run’

Kraken’s Dan Held on why bitcoin could increase up to 10 times in value before the bull run ends.
Image: Andrey Rudakov, Bloomberg

Dan Held, former head of ‘rider growth’ at Uber and now growth lead at Kraken, one of the world’s largest crypto exchanges, explains why he thinks bitcoin could increase eight to 10 times in value before this bull run is over.



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21 million coins at $600,000 per coin gives $12.6 Trillion…
A tree that grows to the sky, wonderful!

This guy has a vested interest in crypto so his opinion is hardly unbiased.

Couldn’t agree more. Have observed all articles from the author and it’s clear he is all pump ‘n dump.

LOL! ofcource BTC is going x10 because Kraken makes money of more people buying BTC.

Has anyone found out how to value Crypto’’s yet ? Love to hear from you .

current value who knows?
ultimate value:
if you buy the digital gold story, then the value of the world’s gold reserves will be a start.
if you buy functionality, it is much more complicated. but looking at the valuations of banks and payment systems will be a start as DeFi will start to replace much of those……

Agreed Andrew. A 2l milk costs R29, I have a sense that that is reasonably priced and I actually know what it is. How do you value Bitcoin and in fact, what the hell is it? If it’s price wasn’t rising like a scalded cat, then it would just be a super-niche asset – it has a value but is it $10 or $1,000,000 a Bitcoin? I’ll be watching from the sidelines thanks, with my bouquet of tulips. Happy to be proved wrong but seriously doubt it

Where can I buy bread and milk with Bitcoin? Or, buy electricity? Just my daily essentials!!

The value of a crypto is what somebody else will pay you for it in the future. There is no DCF or NPV or yield or PE or NAV

Yes it will just go up and up and up, defying gravity, forever. No bear market will ever happen. No crash. No bursting bubbles. Get invested now – there is an unlimited pool of suckers who believe this.

Seems you are one of the suckers that keep critising from the sideline. Best performing asset class (ever) over past 10 years. Yes it will crash at some point (likely end of year), but likely only to repeat the pattern again of the past 10 years. Yes I do belief at a point this will stabilise. It is likely only at this point when it will become a medium of exchange. It is uncertain when this will happen, but I don’t think it will be soon.

In 10 years time quantum computers will make blockchain redundant. So the current technology will change and other crypto’s will emerge as winners. See way more long term value in other more flexible Crypto assets.

You sound like somebody who’s a good candidate for the likes of MTI and Krion to target.

Blockchain has lots of beautiful applications. Supposed to cut off the middleman. Only thing the middleman is now the exchange milking the fees.

You forgot to mention that it might first drop 8 to 10 times before it increase 8 to 10 times in value. So hilarious!

Bitcoin, the modern day ponzi scheme. I’m surprised that people seemingly don’t see the similarity… Then again greed, and criminal activity, is the order of the day. As long as you have people and now even companies, pumping money into bitcoin, it will continue to rise. As with any ponzi scheme, at some point it will all come crashing down.

The crypto shills’ favourite excuse – that companies are also getting into crypto – conveniently forgets how the who’s who of Wall Street also piled into subprime mortgages before 2008. This ended so badly for them that the taxpayer had to bail them out.

As I recall it was the US bankers that persuaded their pet politicians to let them regulate themselves, then we had repeated bubbles and crashes, then there was instruments like special vehicles and sub prime mortgage derivatives of derivatives. All for the enrichment of the bankers who no longer separated their investment houses from their too-big-to-fail banks. Then after the Lehmans collapse debacle their FED was used to find a solution to the mess which was in effect asking the perpetrators to repair what they had broken but to not hurt themselves in the process. What a joke it was and they are still supposedly trying to fix it whilst enjoying money for nothing from the Treasury.
Chicago gangsters were resurrected as bankers and continue unabated.

It may be a good thing if the journalists posting daily articles on Bitcoin disclose whether or not they are invested in them

Hmmmm, super cycle… plummeting 20% in days can probably be construed as such yes.

End of comments.



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