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Get over the idea that Africa is poor

Blockchain Africa’s Sonya Kuhnel on Cardano’s digital ID system and non-fungible tokens’ prospects.

Sonya Kuhnel of Blockchain Africa discusses how crypto project Cardano is launching a system of digital IDs that will unlock huge wealth across Africa. She also ponders whether non-fungible tokens (or NFTs) are the digital equivalent of pet rocks, or if they may become a real force in the emerging digital economy.



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This headline is really misleading. Africa is incredibly poor and in many more ways that simple net asset value:
1. Education standards and implementation is very low
2. Infrastructure poor
3. Lousy medical compared to other 3rd world countries
4. Poor governance and leadership
5. Low GDP per capita
6. Poor productivity
7. Poor fresh water supply
8. Lousy internet coverage

Sorry but the economist , a respected journal, correctly described Africa as the Hopeless Continent for these (and many more) reasons. Pres. Mbeki wanted an African Renaissance-evidencing that he saw that Africa was at the bottom

Don’t forget low morals and ethics.

…and every year that goes by, an economic Analyst will write “It is now Africa’s time” (to prosper).

Pity that Africa’s leadership, which has a tribal/kingdom mindset, do not allow progress for their subordinates.

I think you have it. Africa’s leaders, the Big Men (and women) are not poor; they are rich off the backs of their people who they maltreat, lie to and steal from; ANC style. Articles like this suck in the gullible and woke, soon to be fleeced of their money and so the cycle continues. No one is the media seems to have the courage to say that the emperor has no clothes. Pretty much only old Trumpy and look how he was howled down.

See if you can find any African country on these lists in the Forbes article. South Africa is the only African country on the list because it produced 10 Nobel Prize laureates. That explains Africa’s relative position among nations and continents. This is not the politically correct perception, but sadly, it is the factually correct one.

OMG Ciaran – this is the poorest offering that the usually solid and sometimes outstanding $Web has issued. Understand this, Africa is poor, seriously, seriously poor. A fancy blockchain digital currency won’t “unlock” anything with folk whose kids die of diarrhea before there 2

The looters have all the money

Too true – the rich get richer and the poor gets poorer.

We must not forget that Africa remains a viciously racist continent with many believing to this day:
– that others are to blame for everything that goes wrong in their lives
– that all non-Blacks must leave
– that non-Blacks can’t be African
– that to advance it must be at the expense of some other race

After witnessing what the ANC has done to the wonderful opportunity it had in 1994, I would say Africa prefers to be a ‘victim’ rather than take up the challenge of advancing the living standards of its citizens.

In one sense the person spewing this otherwise laughable drivel is correct: blockchain and so-called crypto-“currencies” will indeed make some in Africa very rich. The likes of Cheri Marks spring to mind.

Africa is rich in resources but its still closer to Eldorado than regulated Europe and this has its laissez-faire appeal, even for foreigners

The poor are diligent to get ahead, accepting no help is forth coming from its leaders

Jurisprudence is generally retarded by the rich and philanthropy is benign, (just look at our President)

One nation of people that stands out for effort to earn and survive is Nigeria. General South Africans wouldn’t stand a chance in ingenuity, effort or stamina

Off topic but it gives the gist on how other Africans are not sitting around for hand outs

End of comments.



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