Regulator’s noose starts to tighten around crypto scams

Brandon Topham, head of enforcement at the Financial Sector Conduct Authority, explains why regulation is coming and how it will help unearth scams. He also gives an update on the investigation into MTI.




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It will be a ”rude awakening” for a lot of companies, that promised all the massive returns that could be made.

I am looking forward to hearing Mirror Trading International’s comments regarding the new regulations, but so far they are conspicuous by their absence!


First of all I don’t own any crypto.

I don’t get the feeling that you understand crypto and your whole agenda is just an ill conceived attempt to ensure Government must be notified by 3de parties as to what taxes are due by investors.

It has been months now and you have not been able to determine a simple thing about MTI. DO THEY TRADE OR DONT THEY?????? Now if until now you have not concluded on this how did you give advise to investors IF YOUR ADVISE IS BACKED UP BY NOTHING???? Does this not sound much like what you are supposed to avoid happening???? 3de parties giving investment advise that are not qualified to do so.

You are not qualified to give any advise (on a wing and a prayer)and please let your ANC handlers know nor do they!!!


I was about to write: cue the trolls supporting dodgy companies to crawl out of their holes in 3…2…1, but I was too late.

Can we talk about the time Brandon Topham was a director of Ecsponent?

We need more of your work Julius. You are one of the best investigative journalists in the country. You, man alone, toppled the Abante Ponzi-scheme. You are like the iconic Jack-Russell, a beautiful and caring member of its species, not overly intimidating, but extremely tenacious and determined.

Yes, thank you. Let us get an answer from him and all the directors that served with him. They were all people with accolades.

What is the annual cost to company for compliance with this ruling?
The costs will be borne by the consumer, it will drive out the smaller players, and stifle competition and development.
Another own goal.

MTI, with its unique business model, is a perfectly legitimate ponzi scheme.

(…like the cars parked in the “Guaranteed Used” lot: we can guarantee you the car is not new.)

Agree 100%, “Get a free token of appreciation” from the CEO Johan Steynberg to apologize for the delays in getting your money paid out due to them upgrading the system? What rubbish is that? Funny how that happened when the price of Bitcoin went down today? Panic spread amongst the lemmings, people wanted out and theres not enough in the “bank” or new signups have slowed. This thing will be over by Christmas, ‘Red Friday’ on its way folks, losses for many.

Anybody who believes that an algorithm can make you rich is not asking the most obvious question which is, if you owned such an algorithm why would you need to get other people’s money and be bothered with all the admin etc.?
You can just run your software all the time and print money.

You Bitcoin and MTI people are really gullible.

Indeed. Moneyweb’s flood of crypto spamming isn’t helping its cause as a credible news website.

Leon, you will keep quite when you buy bitcoin when the price is more than $100,000 per bitcoin. Just enjoy your corrupted FIAT currency.

Youl be paying it too – in replacing your BTC that MTI ran off with & when that happens (and that day is not far away) we will see whos quiet then.

Why will directors of MTI go the offices of the FSCA and expose themselves and how they operate?

It is clear that Brandon Topham will never endorse competition with FIAT

It is also clear that Mr Topham is not convincible that MTI trade

People trade with MTI, they do not invest. Mr Topham keep on saying people invest with MTI.

Check out How on earth is this not being investigated? They are collecting funds/public deposits in Namibia already, where is the FSP licence or any investigations?

I just read it – it’s ”Alice in Wonderland” stuff!

Please let me know which institutions start to invest in crypto so that I move my money somewhere else if invested in one of them.

End of comments.



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