Why Ethereum may be on the cusp of hitting the big time

Jason Carpenter of Etherbridge and JonJon Clark of Avo Labs explain.
Jason Carpenter of Etherbridge and JonJon Clark of blockchain development company Avo Labs explain why Ethereum is about to break out of bitcoin’s shadow into the big time.



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BTC was the start and ETH is the future of Crypto.

GREAT interview. Thanks.

One just can not ignore crypto any longer. The conventional banks must have this on a secret little agenda somewhere. In the long-term this could affect their business model very badly and they would be foolish if they ignore it.

I find it pretty complicated and it will take a long time to get some sort of handle on all the magic capabilities available currently and in future with crypto.

I also find it quite interesting that one of the guys mentioned they have a 50:50 split BTC:ETH.

I started building a crypto position last year that would form part of my overall conventional portfolio. I have decided on 5% crypto (for now) and want to try and build the position over a 18 month period with a 20:80 ETH:BTC split. The challenge has been what to take away from. At present I am rebalancing reducing cash by 4% and commodities (gold etf) by 1%.

It would be interesting to hear what other guys are doing. Hahaa and I know many would say don’t touch it.

The few *real* crypto experts I know are on a 80:20 split in favor of ETH:BTC&other. Your overall portfolio balance will probably be determined by your age and when you started buying crypto. A 30-something year old who bought crypto 4 years ago is now a multi millionaire based on crypto holding only. For new entrants I’d advise to buy cautiously as the market had a very good run and build up the portfolio in small increments and don’t buy more than what you can afford to take a 70% loss on. Prices may very well double in 2021 but a round of whales taking profit might also trigger a sell-off. Be ready to buy significantly if / when the market took a proper plunge.

The Ancient Greeks invented money. 2100 years later the Franciscan monk Luca Pacioli, an Italian, invented double-entry bookkeeping.

And now 700 years later Satoshi Nakamoto invents bitcoin and Vitalek Buterin Ethereum. So these are the natural Japanese-American and Russo-Canadian add-on’s to the pre-existing systems?

Hopefully, what is required to upgrade our systems and processes with the flexibility and innovation they need to work efficiently.

Thanks for outlining concepts like smart contracts, value chains, tokens, oracles, beta, gas, computational nodes, market makers, flash loans, atomic transactions and burns… fascinating stuff, these emergent technologies!

To quote Vitalek the Ethereum oracle at the end of 2018: “If you’re trying to figure out where to store your life savings, traditional assets are still your safest bet,”.

I wonder what he would say now? Your own predictions have such wide variance, leaves it all pretty much as still Greek to me.

I do find it fascinating though and will most certainly continue to pay attention. Thanks for the great interview and insights guys!

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