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Blanket immunity to murderers

Mugabe says there will be no prosecution for people who killed white farmers in Zimbabwe’s ‘fast track land reform programme’.
Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe (L) and his wife Grace (R). Photo source: Reuters

On a few days away, heading south from the capital, the view from the window is a Zimbabwe that is hot and dry and golden brown. Rivers that were churning and thundering, overflowing their banks and breaking bridges just three or four months ago are again dry, littered with rocks and boulders and filled with deep yellow sand. The grass everywhere is very tall and completely dry, brittle and golden. Every day we hold our breath waiting for the inevitable fires that will this year have enormous amounts of fuel to feed their flames. Out in the hot and scratchy bush the dust is thick, red and choking; the deciduous trees are losing their leaves fast and if you are lucky you may see a magnificent Zimbabwe Aloe (Aloe Excelsa) in full flower, towering higher than many of the trees, a beacon of red in a golden landscape.

Returning to ‘civilization’ newspaper reports rapidly bring you back to what has become our often un-civilized life in Zimbabwe. On the front page a picture of a woman in South Africa who had allegedly been assaulted by Zimbabwe’s First Lady, Mrs Mugabe. The shame of these scandals, which are growing in frequency, are making a laughing stock of Zimbabwe; scandals of privileged youngsters living an unchecked life filled with excesses and outrageous extravagance while ordinary people are scrabbling in the dust to survive back in Zimbabwe.

While the international media scrutinise attempts by South Africa to hold Mrs Mugabe accountable, there is an even more disturbing report going almost un-noticed; a report far more serious, more worrying than a First Lady and an assault in a luxury South African hotel. In his speech on Heroes Day, President Mugabe said that there would be no prosecution for the people who killed white farmers in Zimbabwe’s “fast track land reform programme.” As unbelievable as it is there has yet to be any accountability for the perpetrators of murders committed in the name of land invasions since 2000 or of thousands of other crimes committed under that same smoke screen. Crimes that include rape, arson, theft, torture and murder. Crimes committed against black and white Zimbabweans.

President Mugabe said: “Yes, we have those who were killed when they resisted. We will never prosecute those who killed them. I ask why we should arrest them.”

President Mugabe did not give examples of farmers murdered for “resisting” the theft of their private property, homes and life’s work. He did not mention the case, for example, of David Stevens, the first commercial farmer murdered in April 2000 who was abducted by war veterans, handcuffed and taken to the War Veterans Headquarters in Murehwa. There he was beaten and assaulted and later taken into the bush where he and another farmer, both handcuffed, were assaulted by numerous people who used “fists, feet, sticks, stones, fan belts and wire rods. “ Shortly afterwards David Stevens was shot and killed. Can you call it resistance when you are handcuffed, lynched and being beaten on all sides? What about justice, the law, the courts and due process?

This single eye witness account is one of thousands of stories of hell and horror perpetrated against black and white Zimbabweans which continue to haunt our nation nearly two decades after land invasions began. Some of us are ourselves victims or witnessed the events, saw thousands of traumatized people left homeless, jobless or mourning the deaths of loved ones in horrific political violence and brutal farm invasions since 2000.

What kind of an example is it to the youth of Zimbabwe to absolve murderers of white people? What about the thousands of black people who were brutalized and lost everything in land invasions and the thousands murdered in political violence in the same time period? It doesn’t matter if we are black or white, our blood is the same colour and we are all entitled to justice and protection under our country’s Constitution. Until the perpetrators of crimes are held to account, whatever the skin colour of them or their victims, Zimbabwe will not be able to move forward, regardless of this blanket “immunity” given by our 93 year old President.

Copyright © Cathy Buckle.



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and our Government continues to allow this piece of turd into our Country knowing of his Human Right abuses.

Unfortunately one can not say that this is an african way. After the second WW the infamous Benes decrees not only confiscated the property and take away the citizenship of millions of ethnic Germans and Hungarians, but the decree 115 of May 8 1946 declared all deeds (down to the rape and murder of children) against these minorities were “justified acts of retribution” that could not be prosecuted. These murders were not even declared crimes needing an amnesty to protect the murderer from legal measures. These decrees are still valid in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
This is not an official law, just a promise, but since Mugabe is a dictator it might be interpreted as a law. On the other hand, once he is out of power the new president/parliament can authorise prosecution.

Want a blood bath? Try that trick here.

that’s already a bloodbath happening here, more than 33000 farmers murdered already, if one take into consideration we are getting close to the numbers of the concentration camp deaths during the Anglo Boer war, now wait till ANC/SACP/EFF/BLF turn up the their land reform tactics before the next election.

I know, I have lost friends and acquaintances to these brutal murders.

2 farm attracts with 3 deaths , just this past weekend – a blood bath

Don’t worry, the much beloved anc here in SA did the same to mostly black people when they were a banned organisation. Just Google the words Quattro camp – this was an infamous camp in Zambia for killing black anti-anc voices. Don’t tell me the great mandela didn’t know about this…some reckons more black people were killed there by the anc compared to the apartheid government.

All these and other perpetrators will have their day coming, alive or dead.

Spot on- one correction though Quatro was in Angola where senior male Anc comrades had their way with young female dissidents.
The jails were in covered pits to not be seen by SADF aircraft.

Quatro was in in Angola.
… many un-answered questions about that camp.
… Many of which would probably put Zuma in Prison forever.
… It’s part of the ANC’s legacy the ANC would prefer to sweep under the rug and pray that it is never uncovered.

and on the truth and reconciliation commission – ANC hide this, the truth to an internal issue and investigation.

This is absolutely shocking, but not really a surprise.
The “freedom fighters” of yesteryear (five decades ago, in old Mad Bob’s case) have become the brutal oligarchy of today.
Three words: International Criminal Court

Well that’s what I said ! They treat people like this in South Africa///WELL what do they do to the poor people of Zimbabwe??

if these remarks was made by any other head of state, from any other country – the west would impose everything, but because its Africa, no pressure, lets just do business and profit from the Africa dictators and chaos. Africa is just their for business and to suck dry, and a reason for aid organisations to have a cause to raise billions of $.

This is thinly veiled HATE SPEECH. Mugabe should be taken to the ICC, the Equality court and any other body that is prepared to listen. He should be banned from all countries that have subscribed to uphold a code of conduct for which he is seen to be criminally sprouting hate speech.

Our ANC is as guilty if they do not condemn him or take a stand against what he stands for.

Informed persons in civilised countries have learnt not to expect civilised behaviour from Africa or Africans: that way they don’t get disappointed. Fact is that African governments are held to abysmally low standards, simply because that’s the best you’re going to get.

Tis is the most extreme form of racism I have seen in my life.

Basically the Hitler of Africa but of course anyone who stands against him is racist or a western puppet. Concerning how those justifications have started to find their way to SA over Zuma’s leadership.

No one is really surprised that this mini cross between Caligula and Nero still commands adoration and subservience from the ANC government. But why?

Is it just pals in the revolution?

I don’t think so. For me the most likely is money. My bet is Mugabe gave Mbeki then Zuma and the ANC some hefty donations over the years. Possibly not all of the money actually made it into the ANC bank. So Mugabe has a boot on the neck of the ANC, they have to obey him or he’ll spill the beans.

Interesting column on, – TIM COHEN: Played for suckers again by Zimbabwe

a piece of info, that also gone unnoticed behind the scenes,

Last week, it was announced (and I’m not making this up) that Transnet had “won” a bid to recapitalise National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) with $400m.

What extraordinary phraseology. This “victory” for Transnet is just another indication of wool once again being pulled over the eyes of the suckers down south.
“National Railways of Zimbabwe is functionally bankrupt. It reportedly hasn’t paid its employees for over a year. What Transnet could and should have said was that it would buy NRZ for a rand”

Mugabe and the MK lot are able to do as they wish yet the Timol case has been reopened- he died in the early 70’s for god sake when are these anc clowns going to let the country heal.
the do’nt want closure , they want revenge.
the TRC was a joke.

End of comments.



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