Oh South Africa

Now we know how you have felt watching Zimbabwe for the past two decades. 
Cars are seen on streets near a burning warehouse after violence erupted in Durban (July 14, 2021). Image: Rogan Ward, Reuters

My letter today is for our friends and neighbours across the border. Oh South Africa, we are heartbroken for you. Your pain is our pain. We have watched events of [last] week in absolute horror, overcome with helplessness.

Looting in plain sight of inactive police, in broad daylight, brazenly, in front of the cameras of horrified journalists. People dragging bin bags and trolleys full of things they have stolen; people carrying huge boxes on their heads, dragging TVs behind them like dogs on leads, using forklifts to carry stolen fridges, stoves, freezers, beds, bicycles; cars and trucks lined up outside shops and warehouses while they are being looted, waiting to carry the stolen goods. People scooping everything off shelves in pharmacies, sweeping life saving medicine off shelf after shelf into buckets, bin bags and plastic crates. Men, women and children staggering out of shops carrying mounds of clothes, shoes, luggage. And then, as if the orgy of stealing wasn’t enough, shops, warehouses and buildings deliberately set on fire by the looters. Why, Why, Why? So many questions.

For 20 years South Africa has been our home from home. The place we could go to for solace, comfort, healing, sanity, food, work and so much more. Now we know how you have felt watching us for the past two decades.

When we were tortured, bloodied, broken, bruised and traumatised at the hands of our government’s supporters you took us in. You opened your churches to shelter us when we were on the run from persecution by our own government. You gave us jobs in your homes, restaurants, factories, warehouses and businesses. You sent us cards, letters and emails of support reminding us that we were not alone.

When our supermarkets were filled with empty shelves you sent us food parcels: from little envelopes with instant soup and noodles, to boxes with flour and yeast so we could make bread; dry goods so we could keep food on the table; and endless shoe boxes filled with medicines, toiletries and treats.

You watched in despair as our farms were invaded and scores of people swarmed onto our properties, waving pangas and sticks, taking what was not theirs, throwing us out of our own homes. You watched thugs breaking down doors and burning workers out of their homes. You watched in disbelief as our own government changed the laws to allow them to “compulsorily acquire” our farms and the homes, buildings, equipment and infrastructure in them and you held out your hands in love and support of us.

You watched us all lose our pensions and life savings over and over again, and still watch now as all our US dollars were converted into worthless Zimbabwe bond dollars and we struggle to survive from one day to the next. For years you have watched us endure long periods when we’ve had to queue for food, store water in baths and buckets, spend days in fuel queues, cope with massive power cuts.

You have been there for us, physically, emotionally and spiritually, again and again in the past two decades and today all I have is my voice to offer in return.

Our hearts are with you South Africa.



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The return to decolonization is imminent.

but but Cathy, didn’t you hear? South Africa is different! HAhaah

Politico -pseudo scientists like Piet Croucamp and Max DP assures us!!

shame these two like Carl Niehaus has a identity crises. No one wants them anymore. Millennial’s don’t even know who they are hahaha!

“Why, Why, Why? So many questions.” We all know the reasons, the “revolutionary movements” that think that they are capable of running the economies and social services affecting 55 million people, but in essence are only concerned with improving the wealth of their F&F – Families and Friends.

The sad African story – it’s our turn to eat.

Zim had their 18 – 20 years of relative peace and prosperity, the hope of success endured buoyed by a Zim Govt. that, at first, seemed to realize “this is good, don’t fix it.” SA had roughly the same 20 – 25 years but was hell bent of “fixing” … well, it certainly is fixed beyond all repair now.

As long as we get all the ‘thoughts and prayers’ we should be fine…

That is the problem; We just “watched”.
Mbeki said or did nothing … and so it continued.

The convergence of Zimbabwe and South Africa is assured. ANC has so admired what ZANU POF has done to Black lives that they were determined to do the same here. They (ANC) could not get enough of Mugabe and his anti-white taunts.

Same kind of idiots in government, same kind of idiots on the ground. Why expect anything different?

The problem is actually not with Government. The problem is with the electorate. South Africa is a democracy. If the majority wanted to oust the ANC, they could have done that a few elections ago. But the general population of South Africa is so disillusioned by anything or anyone “white” that it is not an option to elect any party deemed to be not 100% “African” even if that party is the most likely to implement progressive and prosperous policies if allowed to govern.

Wait till the Zulu’s and Xhosa’s start making house calls on each other. Big scores to be settled there

Yep, the First World only sees a black person. We know better – Zulu, Xhosa, Sesotho, Tswana, and so forth. As a young professional I was sent into a compound at the mines to count broken windows. All 4000 workers were sent home to cool down following faction fighting. The aftermath showed the signs of the brutality, something the Western mind cannot and will not comprehend. Welcome in Africa, the dark and lost continent.

Cathy, that was a well timed article & well said.

(…now that SA shows certain characteristics of Zimbabwe, the shoe is on the other foot)

Your wisdom will help a future generation of (“ImStaying”) South Africans to happily live with much less luxury and amenities, more service interruptions, limited choice of products, going forward.

Common theme is Marxist / Critical Race Theory plus democracy to an illiterate electorate incapable of distinguishing between kleptocrats and people that can actually help.

If you want to avoid a situation where the government converts your USD into worthless Zim dollars, you’ve got to go crypto.

Check out stablecoins like USDC and Tether. Unconfiscatable and the baffoons in charge wouldn’t have the foggiest

Too much American Facebook for you. How easily influenced your type is.

At the bottom of the rainbow, there is a pot.
It is not filled with gold.

Cathy, really enjoy your articles.

The big trick though, is that when zim imploded people could come here as a safety valve. When we implode, there’s nowhere to go.

It’s going to be more hectic here and people’s backs are more to the wall.

Speak for yourself. People with wealth (from success), skills or foresight have a world to go to. Just because you have no value to a first world country doesn’t mean we are all in your shoes. Very arrogant to assume.

End of comments.



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