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It’s time for corporate SA to put its money where its mouth is

Throwing stones from glass houses is never a good place to stand.

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting sick and tired of reading Gupta leaks about how the ruling party has let a corrupt and politically connected family, who were not even South African a few years ago, brazenly steal from a long list of state-owned entities for the benefit of their back pocket.

I’m tired of hearing how the ruling party – the same ruling party that astonishingly gave us Nelson Mandela and the rainbow nation – lay prostrate, and offered little or no resistance to the systematic plunder of state resources, which has been breath-taking in its scope and co-ordination.

And lastly, I’m feeling a little bit sick of the inaction of law enforcement agencies and their most pathetic of leaders (that’s you, Shaun Abrahams) to investigate these people and bring them to book, despite the evidence mounting on a daily basis that suggests the African National Congress is nothing more than a front for the most organised crime syndicate in the southern hemisphere (step aside, Brazil).

Fortunately, outside of the captured, civil society has been more than forthright in condemning what has happened, and this has even extended to members of the alliance (even though the condemnation rings hollow when none of those doing the condemning have seen it fit to resign from their cushy jobs as ministers and deputy ministers).

But the anger and indignation reached new levels when it was revealed that global multi-national brands that includes the likes of KPMG, Bell Pottinger, McKinsey and SAP, have enabled and abetted state capture. KPMG, McKinsey and SAP have all denied any wrong doing.

As opposed to conflicted and incompetent politicians that owe their professional careers solely to the vagaries of Number 1, these companies are apparently staffed and led by people who are highly qualified and highly paid. And who should have known better.

And yet when they have been outed, they stand behind the veneer of knowing there is a president in charge of the captured state that is going to do everything in his power to prevent any real investigation of what has happened from occurring. Thereby letting them off the hook while they maintain their innocence.

This has to end. If corporate South Africa wants to avoid looking like hypocrites, someone needs to show leadership and apply some pressure. A call by Business Leadership South Africa (which represents the eighty largest listed companies in South Africa) and Business Unity South Africa (representing virtually every business in the country through its umbrella association) – endorsed by their respective memberships – for companies fingered in the Gupta leaks to comply with a full, independent investigation led by a capable, well resourced, and unconflicted law firm into what has happened, or risk being boycotted, would go some way to cleaning the private sector’s own shop.

If the companies choose not to participate, and a boycott is endorsed, the collective loss of business, would, in my opinion, force them to effectively withdraw from the country. And good riddance.

We are sick and tired of being sick and tired. It’s time to do something about it, and hurt those implicated where it counts – on their bottom line.

Neither Business Leadership South Africa nor BUSA were available for comment at the time of going to press.

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You are right Warren. Citizens should act against those who enable this ANC crime syndicate to operate. Who funds the looting at SOE’s? Yes, money extorted from taxpayers is used to fund part of the looting but those financial institutions that buy the SOE’s debt are a major contributors to the looting, to such an extent that they are complicit in the crime because they earn interest from criminal activities.

Without the funding from financial institutions the SOE’s will implode. This is the only option to stop the looting. The fact that the crime syndicate issues a state guarantee, minimizing the risk for the lender, does not make it ethical for the financial institutions to fund the criminal activities of the SOE’s.

During National Savings Month the funds of pensioners and savers are used by financial companies to enable the ANC to continue with the criminal activities.
Any investment in a government bond or SOE bond is the ultimate motion of confidence in Luthuli House. This has to stop. It is time to turn off the taps and take our country back from the criminals.

The slogan goes: “At KPMG our values make us different” Think of that what you like.

CA(SA)s have been sprouting this trash for yonks. They still believe it.

IRBA will do sweet b u g g e r all.

The Gupta tentacles have spread far and wide. Identify all the small companies that are owned by them. The movements of high value transactions from small companies to the Gupta’s main accounts could identify such companies ( eg the SAP debacle). Once identified then action must be taken against those companies as well. They have accounts in Mauritius and the UAE. Investigate how the billions of rands got transferred to those accounts. The major banks picked up and realized the wrong doings within the Gupta companies accounts. It is time that some whistle blowers in the banks come to the party with the Gupta’s accounts transaction. Let us bury them once and for all.

Well written but I wonder if any of the big corporate narcissists have the testicles to join forces and apply serious pressure to our great clown leaders, with a civil disobedience campaign that forces them to their knees. I doubt it.

Let us together protest on every sunday at the Union building grounds. We need 50,000 people to go to the grounds to protest with the family (i.e. protest with the family and at the same time have a braai) at least once a month. We do not have to disrupt the economy as we are already in a recession. Publicity is the only requirement of such protests. We start at Church Square and end at the union buildings and per family it is only once per month from all over Gauteng.

Absolutely right- we need to apply more pressure and constant exposure of those involved in looting our country.
The ANC lost it’s moral compass long ago and need to be held accountable with all those companies involved in any way.
More power to you and all movements encouraging this.

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