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‘Our country is ready for recovery’ – Ramaphosa

But the ANC still needs time to discuss whether ‘politically exposed persons’ should do business with the state.
Corruption is adding a huge and unnecessary cost to the social and economic fabric of our society. Image: GCIS

President Cyril Ramaphosa’s address at the closing of the ruling ANC’s lekgotla on Monday night was notable for what he did not speak of, or just glossed over.

The president, for example, spoke about how corruption is “adding a huge and unnecessary cost to the social and economic fabric of our society” and that the law enforcement agents should leave no stone unturned.

But he said nothing about the string of arrests of several high-ranking ruling party members, civil servants and connected business people over the last few days.

More talks …

The closest Ramaphosa came to saying the quiet part out loud is when he said: “Further consultations will be held amongst the alliance partners and in the legislators across the political spectrum to find the most appropriate approach to the issue of other politically exposed persons conducting business with the state.”

In other words, despite clear evidence of widespread corruption in the public sector coming to light at the Zondo Commission of Inquiry into allegations of state capture, and with the Hawks said to be close to making further arrests, the ANC still needs more time to mull over whether it’s right to do business with the state.

There was also no mention of what the plan is for South African Airways. The state airliner had to stop operating because its business rescue practitioners had yet to get the R10 billion in funding promised to it by the Department of Public Enterprises.

No details 

Otherwise, it was an address that touched on what have come to be staples in such speeches, like efforts to deal with the Covid-19 crisis, the economy, the yet-to-be-released recovery plan and the creation of a new social compact.

On all of these, the president was once again short on detail but reiterated that following the lekgotla, the ruling party was firmly in support of the government.

There was, however, one contentious issue around economic reform that seemingly got the buy-in from the ANC power brokers: getting the country’s ballooning public debt under control.

Finance Minister Tito Mboweni warned that if the debt is not arrested, there is a good chance the country could go off the fiscal cliff.

This was also pointed out by Ramaphosa.

“It will be an imperative for sustained reconstruction and recovery that South Africa brings its rising national debt under control and stabilises public debt,” he said.

“To stabilise public finances, the budget deficit must be reduced. Borrowing costs must be managed.”

Gender equality 

Ramaphosa recommitted the country to not only addressing the scourge of violence against women but to adopting gender equality goals across national, provincial, district and local programmes.

These gender advancement goals will fall under its district development model, which will see all three spheres of government coordinate and integrate development plans with civil society, business, labour and communities to drive growth.

Ramaphosa has high hopes for this model, as well as a new social compact, as he sees them fostering economic growth and bringing more people into the economy.

The president might not have spelt out the details of the plan, but he stressed that the time for talking about how he and the ANC plan to change the country is over.

“Our country is ready for recovery.”

He closed with: “All this will happen if we focus our attention on implementation, implementation and implementation. That is now going to be the order of doing things so that we can meet the needs of our people.”




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” The ruling party was firmly in support of government.”

This is rather obvious because without being in support the looting would not work so well. Waves of insane BS and hot air. I wonder if the frogboiler himself believes the unquantifiable garbage , interspersed with pc green commie words, he belches out ? If he does than we have a even bigger problem.

I had to contain myself after reading this, i nearly collapsed

There are two kinds of citizens in this country.

Those who pay tax, same who’s money is squandered and who do not vote ANC and

Those who receive social grants from money “donated” by the above group , same who are unemployed and keep voting the ANC into power

The ANC have taken us all (excluding themselves) on a trajectory straight into an abyss

We the taxpayers have no confidence

It might be restored when you start locking up the “Elite” the looters who have destroyed what was supposed to be a nation under a rainbow, but no, you stole the rainbow too!

This mafia looks after its own…they will throw some medium size fish under the bus and the likes of Ace and Cele will walk away (insufficient evidence to prosecute…they have their own hit squads that will ensure that nobody testify against them)…Remeber the arms case where only Shabir Shaik was jailed and a deal was made upfront how long he is going to spend in jail….plenty of those participants are still around….if you do some digging you will find out who they are….bear in mind that the innitial economic policy of the ANC in 1990 was growth and equality through nationalising assets….Big Business… Anglo..De Beers…US…had some private talks outside Codessa…they made a 360degree turn on their economic policy and business must be promoted and wealth will trickle down to everybody else….what could have worked if the ANC did not block the holes through which wealth should have trickled down….i am not sure what influence big business still has but the US should still have a say…personally I think Ramaphosa meets with Oppenheimer,Rupert,Wiese, etc on a regular basis

You are missing the plot.. they are not stealing nor are they looting…they are redistribution of wealth in an effort to obtain equality in the society..
Today heard about a company in northern Cape that supplies cleaning material to schools and government offices….the black lady that owns the company has somebody on the inside that removes all the tenders that is lower priced than her tender…and she tender 2x to 3x the standard normal price…when the goods are delivered the delivery note is changed so that even if the tender said 1.000 toilet rolls…she supplies 700…
There is corruption in every corner in the government…called Kleptocracy the redistribution

Here is the thing.

You have a “leader” who admits to leading a criminal organization (remember “accused Number one”) and he continues to do so “with distinction”? What does it make him?

Has he walked away? NO

He continues to lead a criminal organization.

Now you have what is supposedly legitimate business falling over their feet to assist with a “recovery”?? Is this not just a man enabling his band of thieves?

The mentality of people in this country is ?? Well lets just say a bit pedestrian.

Alternatively, could it be that knowing that the masses have been sufficiently dumbed by the ANC for the ANC to retain power virtually indefinitely, Ramaphosa has decided to stay on to cleanse the party for the sake of South Africa?

Contrary to his rhetoric, he is definitely one of the smarter ones in the ANC. He has put other smarter ones into the key positions to fix things.

The many dumb ones must be very much readying themselves to change underwear regularly with all that is coming their way.

Fingers crossed that the domino rally picks up.

But is the ANC ready to put themselves in jail for corruption and sunset BEE to allow growth?

I have stopped listening to our president. He really isn’t a leader. All he does is mouth platitudes

He is a useless leader. Utterly useless.

He is a true Africa leader. Useless.

Cyril Ramaphosa and the ANC is an embarrassment to all South Africans. We should be ashamed and disgusted…

What ??? When??? Who??? How ??? Recovery Plan???

Every second that goes by the federal debt interest increases by R6,106.00 and roughly the same figure for municipal debt even though Stats SA nor treasury publish that figure. Total interest per day is R1,055,116,800.00

I foresee one see that many provinces will seek independence from the national government like the UK.
It is one thing for political parties to haggle over power but its another when the 50+ kings and queens fight for their deemed entitlement, when EWC kicks in full swing (note that is already has started) the chiefsmen and chiefswoman will want the land for themselves.

Act fast is my only advice, the last thing SA needs if the radical ISIS which is at the Mozambique Northern parts to infiltrate SA.

It’s worse than your blabbering, Cyril ou seun. For instance, the mining conglomerate that retrenched me and took me back as a contractor due to my skin colour, recently promoted the most unsuitable person I’ve had the dishonour of meeting to a very senior position because she ticks all your AA/ EE boxes. With the pending pro-black (let’s call it what it is) labour legislation waiting in the wings, it is even going to get worse. Why not appoint and promote people on their abilities “to deliver value” rather than their ethnicity? And you are talking about rooting out corruption/ growing the economy etc etc? What you’re saying and doing is as far apart as East and West, Cyril ou seun.

The president makes it abundantly clear that South Africa is not a democratic society. Citizens are not equal under the law. The law acts against some, while the political elite acts with impunity.

The law enables the political elite to exploit the national assets and to extract personal benefits to the detriment of the voters who have put them there. We do not enjoy peace and stability. There is no economic development. We are victims of arbitrary decisions from rulers. The combination of these factors proves that our constitution and the legal system is a farce. The ANC makes a mockery of the principles of a civilised society when they pretend to uphold the rule of law in the interest of voters. They even parade around as parliamentarians when in fact, they are nothing more than small tinpot dictators with oversized delusions of grandeur. This situation proves the utmost incompetence and ignorance of the average voter because these clowns represent the average voter.

Now if the on the job trainee’s would open the country up to Capitalism and do away with those ANC funding programmes like B.E.E. To Quote a famous man on the Apprentice—-“You’re FIRED !!”

Same old, Same old. What is new?

The running or creation of a business or creating employment does not happen by toggling a light switch on or off.

You need good leaders, people with unique ideas, educated people, markets, resources, stability, good laws, common sense and time.

It is difficult to do business once the trust is gone or even worse when the word ‘corruption’ is in the news everyday.


In South Africa, you don’t lobby the government to make certain laws, you lobby them to give you a contract to do a job. THat is where the problem lies. So instead of lobbying the government to change how the buy renewable energy, business people “lobby” government to just give them the contracts for said business. So yea, politicians should not do business. They already earn way more than the average employee anyways.

“But the ANC still needs time to discuss whether ‘politically exposed persons’ should do business with the state.”

Cyril still wants to discuss? Jirre!

Nothing to discuss. simple solution.

The reopening of Robben Island would signal some hope , although it is now too small for the combined ANC/EFF Criminals !

I think the country may well be ready for a recovery – but I can’t see that it is something the ANC can/could drive – they more the goal post too frequently and have a bunch of thieves amongst them. Rama Rama is becoming a monotonous drone on the economy

IT IS you PRESIDENT RAMAPHOSA THAT IS LEADING THE DECLINE OF THIS COUNTRY !!!!OPEN THE COUNTRY UP. Haven’t enough people lost their livelihoods and futures yet?? 57 Million South Africans. 17,000 deaths = .029% DEATHS. The Flu (STATS S.A.) 4.2%. Now tell me a story

End of comments.



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