‘You are free to choose – but not from the consequences of your choices’

An open letter to all South Africans from PSG Group CEO, Piet Mouton.
Image: Bloomberg

We need to lift all lockdown restrictions as soon as possible to place the country on a path to higher employment and economic recovery, which will only be possible through widespread vaccination. Those stubbornly choosing not to vaccinate, not only pose a health risk, but also an economic risk. You are free to choose – but you are not free from the consequences of your choices.

While we see many debates unfold around vaccination in the media, including social media, we have not seen many that openly acknowledge that the vaccination conversation is, in fact, also an economic one. As a listed company that has witnessed and experienced the full effect of the past 18 months on our frail economy, we feel it necessary to also bring this side of the debate to light.

Yes, it is now 18 months since the first lockdown, and we are still in uncharted and, perhaps, even more stormy waters. For one, the unemployment rate has increased from 30.1% to 34.4%.

The 4.3% increase means approximately one million more people are now without jobs. Surely, this must frighten all South Africans. While the political and social complexities that contribute to our high unemployment rate are well known, we also have to acknowledge that fully reopening the economy is an integral step in stopping the ongoing erosion of our economy and to turn the tide on unemployment – which will help alleviate the suffering of so many of our people and likely assist in preventing social unrest such as the severe looting and burning we recently witnessed in KZN and Gauteng.

However, we have the means at our disposal, something that will strengthen government’s hand in reducing restrictions, and that can prevent further economic deterioration. That solution is vaccination.

We need to get the people of South Africa vaccinated as a matter of

While it took some time, our government has made an enormous effort to step up the vaccination programme. Vaccines are now freely available to the entire adult population of South Africa.

Our main concern now lies with those who actively choose not to vaccinate. Yes, it is an act of free choice, but it is an economically and socially inconsiderate/selfish one with far-reaching consequences.

We simply do not have the luxury of engaging in poorly substantiated arguments on vaccine conspiracy. Some of these theories are very far-fetched and whoever hold these opinions are denying the evidence of the reality that surrounds them. We are heading with warp speed towards a place where those who are throwing their right of choice on the table, will see those same rights severely impacted or even taken away by social unrest, weakening economies, death and destruction.

It is quite apparent that those countries that have vaccinated a large enough proportion of their populations have reopened their economies. The UK is one example where the vaccination percentage is high and the government has done away with most restrictions. Even though the number of infections has increased, the number of hospitalised patients and the death rate have materially decreased.

Discovery’s research suggests that people who have been vaccinated are three times less likely to infect others, four times less likely to end up in high care/ICU and 10 times less likely to die compared to unvaccinated individuals. It is also clear from a plethora of scientific, peer reviewed and substantiated evidence that vaccines against Covid-19 are indeed safe, or at least as safe as other registered medications on the market.

Vaccines have been proven to be effective and are our only viable countermeasure to avoid ongoing lockdowns, economic destruction, hardship, conflict and social isolation.

So, why do we dare say that you are inconsiderate or selfish if you do not vaccinate? If a sufficient percentage of our population is not vaccinated, we will simply never return to normality again. The Western Cape has vaccinated just over 30% of its adult population to date. As of 6 September 2021, Groote Schuur Hospital in Cape Town had admitted 156 Covid-19 patients, of whom only three patients had been vaccinated.

All 66 patients in high care/ICU and 32 patients on ventilators were unvaccinated.

According to reports from the US, those states with poor vaccine uptake currently bear the brunt of severely ill and hospitalised patients infected with the delta variant. It is frightening to see how even a developed country’s healthcare system can be overwhelmed. Our situation is far more tenuous – in South Africa, our public healthcare system was already barely coping prior to the pandemic. The last 18 months have forced the system and healthcare practitioners to their knees.

Repeated, severe lockdowns have become the only way to offer some reprieve … but at a massive cost to the greater economy and with far reaching consequences on the lives and livelihoods of our people.

Ultimately, vaccination is not only a social issue, but also an economic one. We are standing at the edge of an economic precipice. There are notable differences in the IMF’s global economic forecasts since the start of the pandemic. Though estimates in October 2020 predicted a global economic rebound in 2021, by April 2021 it was clear that economic recovery would not be uniform across country groups, most likely driven by concerns around inequitable access to vaccines. While upper-middle-income countries are projected to make stronger than expected recoveries, there was a significant downward revision of economic growth for lower-middle-income and low-income countries, such as South Africa.

We are quick to cite: “together we are stronger”. But those words need to be actioned right now – more so than ever – also in terms of vaccination. Getting the vaccine should be considered an investment, not only in society’s health, but also in desperately needed economic recovery efforts. Lower healthcare costs, increased overall economic activity, increased access to the workplace, a functioning education system and the end of the social restrictions faced by South Africans will all contribute to revive a very fragile economy.

We have no doubt that the following will be viewed as extremely controversial by some, but we believe that we have reached a point where our government should start enforcing principles like those implemented in many other countries around the world. If you are not vaccinated, your access to restaurants, public parks, shopping centres, airports, businesses, educational
institutions, etc should be limited.

If you prefer lockdown and its consequences above vaccination, then the burden of lockdown should be yours, and yours alone.

The President has alluded to some form of restriction for the unvaccinated, and we support this.

Obviously, there are individuals with specific medical conditions that may have legitimate concerns about vaccination, but these individuals are so few relative to the size of our entire population that
making an exception for them to not be vaccinated should not pose a risk to society at large.

Therefore, for those who either cannot or refuse to see the ripple effect of their choice not to
vaccinate, may we suggest that they then also accept the following:

  • They lose their right to complain about the state of the economy.
  • If their business is struggling, they must accept that they have contributed to its potential demise.
  • If there is more social unrest fuelled by poverty and unemployment exacerbated by further lockdowns, they should know that they have failed to play their part in preventing it.
  • They should not complain about a lack of service delivery. If the deeds offices, municipal offices, driver’s license centres, etc are closed because somebody contracted Covid-19, they should accept this as the consequence of their choices.
  • They should not complain but should accept lockdowns, curfews and other regulations deemed necessary to curb infections.
  • If schools are closed, they should accept that they have failed their children and the children of the country and are preventing them from being educated.
  • If they fall ill with Covid-19, they should accept that seeking help from an overburdened healthcare system could have been avoided and that they are helping push our country back into lockdown.

They should also accept that by overburdening the healthcare system, they potentially prevent others from accessing hospital ICUs, thereby depriving them of much needed medical care. The potential loss of lives will be at the hands of those who do not vaccinate. Choice comes with responsibility and consequences

So, we urge you to please reconsider your choices carefully and get vaccinated – to protect yourself, to protect those you love, to protect our very fragile society, and to help rebuild our economy!

Piet Mouton is PSG Group CEO.

Listen: Piet Mouton discusses this topic further with Fifi Peters on the SAfm Market Update with Moneyweb


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The carrot and stick scenario must now move from the carrot to the stick. If you want to be part of a functional, safe society and enjoy the benefits get vaccinated or become a second-class citizen.

The rumours and fake news about the vaccine being used to control migrants from the North need to be severely condemned by every person with influence in local townships and media now.

>> The carrot and stick scenario must now move from the carrot to the stick

I think Jacob Zuma summed up your position best when he said words to the effect of: democracy is so dirty and difficult, make me dictator for a year and I will clean SA up.

Fascism is so unbecoming. Edicts and threats are hardly the trait of a democratic foundation. Try reading the letter from UK doctors to their government and take each issue that is raised there. Call for a debate where both sides have equal representation and opportunity to speak. Lets see who has the most convincing case about those issues. Ugly is what ugly does.

The time for yet another debate with the anti-vaxers is over. Hit them where it hurts most, wherever that may be. Kwasi-intellectuals if you have ever came across such.

In SA we currently stand at just under 12,5% fully vaccinated adults. So the logic being followed is that 87% of the population should be socially isolated and not take part in economic activity. This group of 87% should become “second-class citizens”.

Piet propose that my business should show away 87% of my clients, because that will resolve all the issues we have in the country. Does that apply to PSG as well, to stop doing business with 87% of their existing clients?

Why not rather have a public and open discussion (where both groups are heard) about the issue where both sides of the coin are discussed, so that people with genuine concerns can be better informed.

Exactly my point. (see my comment)

He isn’t proposing that your ‘business’ do anything. Don’t know where you read that. Calm down with your histrionics.

Not exactly thinking it through Piet.

If you think this policy is ridiculous, read some history about the Spanish and Portuguese conquests in South America where some 55 million of the indigenous tribes without heredity resistance to smallpox, tuberculosis, measles, and influenza died.

Oh, but wait! Vaccine deniers know everything without any research or basic intelligence. And are invincible.

Are you following the data from Israel?

The data from Israel?

“As of 6 September 2021, Groote Schuur Hospital in Cape Town had admitted 156 Covid-19 patients, of whom only three patients had been vaccinated.”. Lol.

Was talking to an anti-vaxxer yesterday. She believes she’s from the stars and red people from outer space came to enslave the ancient Egyptians.

Others believe there’s a chip in the vaccine that lets bill gates control you. And then there’s the whole 5G thing….there’s no covid, it’s all 5G radiation and the vaccine is another way of giving you 5G.

It’s going to be amazingly difficult to have any coherent public debate on this lot.

Better to just open the economy and let the anti vaxxers get treated at home.

I mean, why would they believe in oxygen or hospitals anyway?

I am fully vaccinated. Spent the past Friday and Saturday feeling really crappy, due to the 2nd jab. Nevertheless, I absolutely abhor the illiberal fascism of forcing people to make decisions about their bodies that a regime wants.

It’s really simple – the minute you start forcing people to get the vaccine, the next step is to force the poor to stop eating maize meal porridge and bread, lest they get diabetes and also impose a load on society in future.

You missed the point completely. You are free not to take it. You are just forced to love with the consequences.

I know you guys are really entitled. But freedom comes with consequences. You will be facing them. They will not always be pleasant.

@Bloemfontein Big Time ANC Shill – Lootfreely House really scraped the bottom of the barrel with you, eh? Not only did they waste their money, but are probably asking you for a refund by now, because your little inanities are brain-dead, even by ANC standards.

Been fully vaccinated too and a month later feeling what can only be side effects of the vaccinations – bad brain fog, diminished eyesight and sore joints in fingers and toes….I am now very hesitant to get any boosters or be revaccinated next year….I just want my brain back!!!

You are wasting your time Piet, the deniers did their own research and nobody is going to convince them that this plandemic is not a hoax that was created by Gates and Co to curb the population through microchips and 5G.

The world motor industry are at present unable to get enough micro chips to return to full production. Where on earth is Bill Gates going to get 6 billion micro chips to spy on the human race.

Maybe that is WHY there is a shortage? 🙂 🙂

They are already spying on us. Ask Edward Snowden.


More like a chip on the shoulder if one thinks you have something Bill Gates want or need from you or you can do for him.


Trust is a delicate commodity. Similar to respect. It has to be earned and in difficult times, for the esteemed, it can enable some benefit of the doubt. But when it is repeatedly abused it will be lost forever and the tide of support will turn into a tsumani of distrust and disrespect.

Don’t know if this was very smart of Piet. Their share price is up and there are a lot of Anti-Vaxxers that he is going to p!$$ off, maybe he just got annoyed by someone talking BS and had to write an open letter. What I do know is that you are not going to convince someone by doing this.

As you state bammer he is wasting his time and investment circles he must be aware of confirmation bias that locks someone into their choice (i.e. their own research).

I have not been a great admirer of Piet, but he is obviously just as gatvol of the anti’s as I am. Shooting straight, thank you Piet.

Why do pro-vaccine supporters always go to the extreme when responding to the so-called “anti-vaxxers”. Mentioning 5G and microchips, instead of making a logical counterpoint to valid questions such as the safety of vaccines on pregnant woman. Where are the peer-reviewed scientific studies?

It’s a type of gaslighting that Piet is conjuring up there.

Because they have never had an original thought in their lives? Are incapable of critical thought and most likely never read Carl Sagan’s “Baloney Detection Kit”.

Comment removed

“The Epoch Times is a far-right international multi-language newspaper and media company affiliated with the Falun Gong new religious movement.”


Tsk tsk. An actual big time exec would consider and verify underlying facts presented instead of getting stuck on confirmation bias

A real big time exec would not waste his time on right wing religious fruitcakes from chyna.

I am a real big time exec.

If one does not value one’s own life, what to speak of the lives of others. Yet these same people use windows 10 and probably got hypnotized by an update! These antivaxxers give no solution.

Antivaxers get their ammunition from the moving targets propogated by govt and their medical advisors. Initially it was lockdown to prepare and herd immunity was all the rage. Now it seems that previously infected and recovered individuals show better immunity than just the vacinated But why take a chance if you had been infected still get vacimated asbit would seem antibody counts improve having had both. And besides take a chance and toy with death

Wow, imagine if people had NOT adjusted strategy based on how novel situation was unfolding?

No BBTE, as per usual you are missing the point. You can adjust your strategy as many times as you like, but know this; the more you adjust, the more people will get confused. And the more people get confused, the more they will become recalcitrant, or unsure of what to do. I got my jabs, but I remain unconvinced, because there is no clear, undeniable proof that I’ve done the right thing. There is an equal chance that I was mistaken, or that the jab will make no difference in the end. After all, for each person who died of Covid, I can bring you many who hardly had symptoms. There have been obese people who had mild symptoms and super fit people who died. There were old timers who survived and young ones who died. There has been NO consistency in either the disease or the handling of the disease. Yet some people are now advocating to force the ‘delinquent’ ones to do something that they are confused over. Neither scientists, nor governments, made it easy for anybody to have a clear understanding of what to do. What I can tell you is to force people to have the jab might not stop Covid, or improve the economy, but what it will definitely do is to curtail freedom of choice.

I agree with Piet!!!!


What about the consequences of the anc voter????? The effect their vote has had on this country and its people can NEVER be repaired???

Why does dear Pit not say anything about that?? It makes the pandemic look like a children’s party.

Piet!! Time you stand up for all of us that did not vote for the current anc regime but have to suffer and pay the consequences of our irresponsible fellow “citizens”.

I am fully vaccinated but it helps NOTHING while we allow this catastrophe of the anc continue!!!

So there you go Piet!! Your work has just started. Educate the “people” responsible for the disaster we call home. NOTHING TO DO WITH THE PANDEMIC!!!

Totally agree with your take on priorities! How about a tax payer strike led by the CEOs of the large companies to help government to focus on their job and operate within their means ? This open letter seems drafted by a handmaiden of Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates .

Yea get it. People are asleep. This is open war. Deportation agenda. New world order, global reset. Get ready it’s about to get real uncomfortable in the heating pot


Also totally agree. The problem and the danger is the ANC.

The ANC gave us draconian lockdowns, and job killing economic and social policies.

But the EFF is worse. Business needs to driving these points home, but they’re too scared to do it

YEs well, Curro needs kids to return to class ASAP!!

All kids need to get back to school. Disaster for mental wellbeing and education, all round.

Like sitting on the Titanic and complaining about the food.

One can not put the blame for a failed state/economy on a virus? the problems where there long before Covid! by the way I’m pro vaccination and can’t wait for the BOOSTER jab.

That’s not really the point. Get rid of the low hanging hurdles, is what Piet says.

While reading your opinion piece, I was struck by the fact that you are blaming our economic woes and value destruction on a virus. Pretty much the convenient excuse the ruling circus/party has been using for fortunate windfalls of distraction of their incompetence.
Lets put it another way.
Anybody found to be voting ANC shall:
They lose their right to complain about the state of the economy.
If their business is struggling, they must accept that they have contributed to its potential demise.
If there is more social unrest fuelled by poverty and unemployment exacerbated by further lockdowns, they should know that they have failed to play their part in preventing it.
They should not complain about a lack of service delivery. If the deeds offices, municipal offices, driver’s license centres, etc are closed because somebody contracted Covid-19, they should accept this as the consequence of their choices.
They should not complain but should accept lockdowns, curfews and other regulations deemed necessary to curb infections.
If schools are closed, they should accept that they have failed their children and the children of the country and are preventing them from being educated.
If they fall ill with Covid-19, they should accept that seeking help from an overburdened healthcare system could have been avoided and that they are helping push our country back into lockdown.

The difference, as Piet puts it, is 1m jobs. That’s material enough. Each worker supports 10 people. Do the sums.

Please read to understand and not to react. Your immaturity shows.

Brilliant comment ehh 1704 brilliant!

Apply an additional 10% surcharge on the annual income tax of people who refuse vaccination.

Yes to pay for medical expenses caused by the vaccines. Wake up, go do you research.

no thanks. take out your own private medical aid like we have to, or rely on government services that your taxes pay for. up to you.

So that the car sales can increase??

Piet, it is not necessary to inject the entire population with a drug that does not prevent transmission or acquisition of a disease that is harmless to the vast majority of the population, as stated by Chris Whitty UK Chief Medic.
What is your game Piet? We should not be brow beaten into accepting an unnecessary medical procedure just to be able to go about our normal daily lives. Where will this end if we do not stand up now.
There is a principle at stake that this generation needs to fight for, for if we do not, our children and grandchildren will grow up in a police state. The apparatchiks who are enabling these medical atrocities against their fellow citizens, should remember how Cesar Borgia expressed his gratitude to Ramiro d’Orco for subduing Romania.

Piet, the short sighted narcissists’ are the ones trying to force an ineffective, bearing in mind the third and fourth injections now being pushed, and unnecessary drug on the populace.

I urge you Piet, reconsider your stance. Staan met jou volk man.

Piet Stan met sy dollar.

Are you serious or is it an attempt at satire? If not, I can only ask you to jump in cold water. It helps to remove brain blockers.

OK piet
That sounds all very fair.

I just have one question for u to answer me.
If I take this vaccine and end up having an adverse or long term problems from taking it…. (yea sure the data says it a very small chance of that happening…)
Can I claim against the manufacturer?? And if not…. Why not?

Can claim from anybody for the far more likely, known and bad long term effects of the virus? No. So why are you so worried about the exceptionally rare adverse effect?

You aren’t being rational. I know needle fear is a real thing but try and keep it together.

you can graciously have my jab. and all future boosters. if 2 jabs are good, 4 jabs are better. keep going buddy, they’re all yours.

I have a question for Small Time Exec.

If you have 100 smarties (99 safe and 1 unknown) are you willing to eat one?

You do see the assumption that you are commenting on right? I decided no to take it even before I became aware of side effects.

Really bloem ….
Cause I did take the first jab and with in hours I was lying in Constantia berg with a fever thru the roof and covered head to toe in hives, red rash and blisters around my mouth and eyes……. Only recovered around now… A month later.

Phizers hot line number was phoned – they referred us to carry on corresponding over an email address they supplied….. The chats went back and forth for awhile till my situation started deteriorating and we asked them to please refer us to one of there local speaiclists in cape-town……… That’s when the comminication line went dead – no more response whatsoever from them…… Even as we kept updating the woman at phizer with what was happening as the situation was going from bad to worse….. Zero response back.

So don’t come preach about all this take the vac and everything will be fine….

Rest assured if u do take it and have an adverse side effect – none of these organizations have yr back if something goes wrong.

So maybe piet must go speak with his friends at phizer next time he’s on the golf course and ask them to actually act responsibly and in an ethical manner if they want more people to actually take these dangerous vacs – instead of lecturing us the innocent public.

It’s actually quite funny and devious the way they behaved in my case – still have the whole email correspondence….. With names of the people involved and all. When I have abit more time I should really release it all on twitter and let the public decide and see exactly what and how u will be treated if u do indeed end up having an adverse side effect to these vacs.

Of course Piet would say that, hy is een van die “broederskap”

“If you are not vaccinated, your access to … businesses and educational institutions should be limited.”
Okay Piet, set the example.
Write another open letter whereby you instruct the public/shareholders to sell and not purchase any shares in PSG, Curro and Stadio if they are unvaccinated.

No? That’s what I though.

You can stick your opinion, along with Adrian [B]ore, where the sun doesn’t shine.

You opinions align rather nicely to your pseudo name. Why not sommer cockroach-drol?

Your name should be KlipKop, because your views are as dumb as a rock.

“We wanted to help people
We were smart and driven
We loved science and physiology, humans and disease
So we made a commitment
We signed up
It was an honor

We read thousands of pages
Attended hundreds of lectures
Pulled all-nighters
Took more exams than we thought possible
Finals week felt insurmountable
But it didn’t break us
It made us stronger

We learned statistics and biochemistry
Immunology and pathophysiology
We mastered genetics, virology and pharmacology
We read scientific papers and learned how to dissect them
Papers, not videos
It was an honor

We came running when you needed us
Literally, running down the hallway
To the ICU, the trauma bay, labor and delivery
I need help, you said
We can help, we said
It was an honor

There were moments that we thought would break us
Moments that drove us to journaling, to therapy, to nightmares
Broken babies.
Paralyzed children.
Dead pregnant mothers with three kids at home.
The wail of a mother whose son just died.
We bent but we did not break
We returned because you needed us
And we could help
It was an honor

Then there was fear
Fear of walking into our place of work
Fear that we’d be killed by going to work
Fear that we’d kill a loved one because of our work
There were tears and sleepless nights and anti-anxiety medications
But you banged your pots and pans
You sent us pizzas and called us heroes
You needed us
We could help
So we wore our masks, and our gowns, and our gloves, and our goggles
We decontaminated ourselves before going home and isolated ourselves from our families
We almost broke
It was an honor

How quickly the joy turned to defeat
Elation to rage
You’ve learned to do your own research now
You know better than we do
Gaslighting is your language
Your selfishness is astounding
You don’t want our help when we ask you to stay healthy
Yet you arrive at our doors begging for help at the end

You stole our resources
You hobbled our ability to help those who did what they were supposed to do
You killed our patients by filling our beds and using up our ventilators
We can’t help any more
You broke us
There is no more honor”

– Anonymous

How long did it took you to type this?

You anchored yourself nicely in the sheeples kraal.

Boundless malleability is wider than previously imagined.

And here I thought that the commentators on MoneyWeb are intelligent people, but it looks like the anti-vaxxers, old News24 commentators have taken over! Like they say, there are no pills for stupidity – or in this context, no vaccine for stupidity!

Yip. That helps explain why it is so easy to generate alpha or make money in SA. So many gullible knuckleheads, chartists and conspiracy theorists. Ideal playing field for grifters and stock pickers

It is impossible to have a coherent conversation with anybody who did not have maths in matric. Cognitive ability implies the weighing up of facts, ideas, opinions, benefits, drawbacks, and outcomes.

Differences in cognitive ability will lead to opposing views on vaccination. This is the human condition. Your mindset determines your active life expectancy, to a large extent, and rightly so. Most people do not have opinions of their own. They base their opinions on those of some idol or influencer. Their health, lifestyle, and understanding are a function of some unknown person’s subjective and unsubstantiated opinion.

I don’t really know who is wrong or right in this debate, and I really don’t care. All I do know is that medical science has saved my life more than 10 times in the past, and I am not going to start to doubt and query medical science now!

Darwinian selection has a place in the world Sensei !!

casper1, I enjoy your comments! Keep it up!

Was I the only one who skipped all the other comments just to look for Sensei’s remarks. Hahaha…

Joking, I did read everyone and gave also everyone a thumbs up, I like different views and often disagree with myself several times before I say something stupid.

Let’s just get something straight about the “vaccine”, it does not cure you or prevent you for getting Covid… It simply prevents the severity of the symptoms in most people. My manager received the vaccine then a few month later got Covid and got hospitalised, doctors say the vaccine saved his life because it bought his body time to recover, I’m sure he is one of thousands whose life has been saved.

The lockdowns on the other hand have not saved lives as the ignorant government caused people to loose the income, whilst others starved but we don’t see the latters statistic.

@PurgeCoin: The scenario you describe about your manager could probably be easily found among the 98 out of 100 cases of covid having played out before a single vaccine was approved anywhere in the world. Am I right or am I wrong? In fact the majority of those 98 cases didn’t even land up in hospital. That is a fact I can attest to because it happened to me – all of lucky 70 year old me. So how can anyone, even a qualified doctor, say that the reduced severity scale or even avoidance of death was due to the vaccine? Can anyone guarantee me that the severity of my experience would have been less had I been vaccinated? And how does one measure that quantity of ‘less’? The fact that vaccinated people have died puts what those doctors ‘say’ in serious doubt for me. PS: the vaccination certificate issued to me (a Green Pass) expires after 9 months. If the vaccine does not eradicate the virus, and the virus mutates like the good old annual influenza and its related jab we are going to be hounded for the rest of humanity’s existence. I’m not convinced about this vaccination. The next booming business coming up in the criminal world – fake digital vaccination passports.

Maths marks in RSA confirm your opinion

I truly believe that when it comes to hospitalization and critical care the doctors should have a free choice to treat vaccinated people first even at the exclusion of the unvaccinated.

Those who disagree had better ex[plain how else they have to decide on who gets the ventilator access even though they know full well that the unvaccinated will only deny others with a vastly better chance of survival their chance of life !!!

This is the kind of pragmatism we need to handle these issues.

Darwinian selection….It is/was the ventilators that killed most of the early patients. I will happily allow you to have the ventilator first.

That fine — Thank you.
Now please tell the staff at hospital admission that!!!

Semi agree, but only if the same rule applies to all the behavioral causes of the underlying conditions. The fact of the matter is that most of the serious cases are due to these conditions. I want to start seeing real stats around which underlying conditions are causing the most deaths. Why is this not reported. Why is an opportunity not taken to address obesity, heart conditions, hypertension, diabetes… all of which are largely brought on by lifestyle? Israel is now looking at a 4th shot, and it seems they are running out of ideas.

Exactly whatyousaid … anyone with a BMI over 30 should be discriminated against for being officially obese, if one follows the rabid inoculators logic to it’s conclusion. This is the slippery slope we are tobogganing down, and so many don’t realize it.

Then a smoker will have to wait till all the non-smoker cancer patients have been treated?? Really!

The only vaccine needed is one to free us from the ANC. They are by far the largest value and life destroying desease this country has seen. That vaccine is called immigration. For that one needs funds. You, Piet, kept quiet when the government changed the law on getting access to retirement funds making it difficult to emigrate. It suites you fine. You have your captive audience. But when the ANC (blaming the virus) captures your income generating contributors and affect their ability to give you money monthly you have the nerve to wave your finger at the citizens of this country. Grow a pair and wave your finger at government. Or at least openly donate money to an opposition party. I am vaccinated it does not help me at all, maybe it helps someone else. I would have, or probably have, survived the virus. I also have been vaccinated from the ANC. That helps me a great deal.

Trumpeting pig ignorance
Nay-sayers by default,
Life lived on the fringes
A world without gestalt.
Trolling through the internet
Conspiracy holds sway,
Charlatans as demi-gods
Grievance rules their day.
Science seen as mortal foe
Disdainful of all fact,
Social media dominates
Keeps their world intact.
“Fundamental” Rules OK
Their lives are kept on hold,
Horizons sorely limited
Doing as they’re told.
“Rights” are seen as absolute
Refuse to change their ways
Heedless of the harm they cause
Perpetuates sad days.
Some deadbeats in the media
Add grist to the sick mill
Embellishing without a qualm
To play the role of shill.
Vanity – pigheadedness?
It’s far too much to ask
An act of human empathy
To wear that simple mask.
A toxic Q as guiding light
Constrained by single tracks
Implacable stupidity
The blight of anti-vax

I think you have a case of TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome).

50 Thumbs down. That is far better than I hoped for. I am happy that the downers read what I said and maybe benefitted from the message.

Fascinating that actuaries alla Piet and Adrian are now the experts on virology! Maybe the math in their own companies don’t add up anymore! They also need to get onto the Pharma bandwagon. Higher premiums for the unvaccinated! Piet you can’t even manage portfolios properly now you want to tell us to get vaccinated! I think a few investors might move their portfolios soon! Good time to start a Anti Vax Asset Management Co, think there is a gap here to take some business from Piet, Adrian and the likes of Momentum!

Yet nothing said about the CONCEQUENCES caused by the anc voter that has caused this country to be in the deplorable state it is??

Would love to know how Piet has decided covid has more consequences than the anc cabal???

Is it because he blindly supports them to protect his business interests?? If that’s the case he might not be the right person to write “open letters”

If he does not support them why does he say nothing about this anc plague and the damage they have done and still do????

I think its all about money for old Piet here as it is for all the other anc cadre’s. Nothing to do with vaccines.

Any sensible investment manager watching Bill make $20 for every $1 invested, would be fiduciarily derelict not to take a position.

Piet, if you are really concerned and you taking a moral stand then why not tell those people that are not vaccinated to take their money out of the business and invest it somewhere else because you don’t take money from people who don’t want to vaccinate, can you and Discovery do the same please or do you love money too much and this is really just a chance for you to be ‘relevant’

The CEO of a large listed company actually penned this?

Head over to BizNews for a more sophisticated debate.

Why must we get vaccinated for something that almost has a 100% survival rate? The ‘pandemic’ was caused by the media. Throw away the masks and stop getting tested by a flawed test. Then this goes away.

Mussolini would approve of your dedication Piet.

“Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power.”
Benito Mussolini

I can compare this to when it became law to wear a seatbelt in SA. There were so many resisting, and so many refusing to, as it was their choice!

Ya thought this as well. Watched a documentary some time ago on Robert McNamara who was one of the original number crunchers before he became US Secretary of Defense during the Vietnam war. Some controversy with that but he was also involved in installing seatbelts in Ford Cars when he ran Ford and one story is that he went on a visit and the driver said “don’t you trust my driving” when he put on the seatbelt.

This seems like a really stupid thing to say now but it was very common back then.

Piet, you just do what you must do. Well done, and never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience. Mark Twain

The anti-vaxers know that they know (to get the jab), but they don’t want to know that they know, so they don’t know.

Blaming the public for the economy is akin to blaming them for the weather. There are plenty of examples of countries that did not apply economic measures with better outcomes than countries that did. We lose twice as many people every year to Tuberculosis.

Read the facts First before you write those useless letters and inform yourself on what’ is really happening
I am sure you have no clue and did not hear about all those Nobel price winners and other voices like from Pfizer’s ex chairman warning about those vaccines .
Good luck to you hope you stay healthy and fit for along time in an organization like yours you never created yourself

Piet ou bul, I have good news and bad news. The bad news is we’re probably not going to be able to vax ourselves out of this one. This virus is likely endemic and like flu it’s here to stay even if we jab everyone. Viruses are not created equal and this is not like polio which we were able jab into submission. I’m not going to waste your time on the science of antigenic drift and viruses evading neutralisation but I’ll give you something to chew on. Our best attempts at creating vaccines can’t even match the intricate biology happening in a pile of dog poop. Mother Nature has been doing this for millions of years and our most sophisticated labs can’t compete. So unless you want to stand inline for your 10th booster shot after the 20th wave for the 35th variant, we will need a better strategy than “get the jab or die”. What we need is a therapeutic. The good news is Pfizer is working on one but I’m not sure they are in a hurry seeing that the 4th and 5th booster shots are basically pure profit. Money talks as you probably know which is why you have a platform to blast short sighted and I’ll conceived advice to the masses and I don’t. What is much more concerning to me than this virus, is your willingness to trade freedom for safety, either that or you actually like controlling people. May I remind you that history has shown us this type of policy and behaviour has done far greater damage to humankind and brought much more misery than any virus. May I also remind you that safety is fleeting while freedom is usually bought with blood, sometimes over generations. But I guess living here in sunny South Africa we don’t need to concern ourselves with this. Our government has shown us they are absolutely fantastic with everything they do and they would never use laws and policies to discriminate against us or control us, so we can happily hand our freedom to them … said no one ever. Ignorance is bliss!

1. Vaccination is not what is needed for our “freedom”, lifting of the state of disaster is needed. Research from across the world has shown that lockdown measures do not work as effective measure against SarsCov2, especially not a country as diverse as South Africa. The devastating effect on the economy, lives and livelihoods is now being felt in SA. The effect on the immune system is also visible, due to anxiety and in certain cases, non-exposure to “normal life”. Also well researched.
2. Vaccination is ONE of the many options needed to protect us from the harmful effect, if not deadly, of SarsCov2. The narrative that the vacccine(s) is the only option, is false, unscientific, and a requirement of the EUA.Here I don’t only refer to the human format of Ivermectin, but many effective alternative treatments available, albeit surpressed due to EUA’s.
3. Not all people can take the vaccine, and that does not make them anti-vaxers. Not all vaccinated people are pro-vaccination – they were “forced” in order to retain jobs or travel.
4. Natural immunity post Covid-19 infection is stronger than vaccines, and lasts longer than the ave 4-6 months the vaccine remains effective. Natural immunity should be considered as well, as well as date since vaccination. If Discovery’s 80% figure of infected is true, then 80% already have natural immunity, and do not require vaccine.
5. Full disclosure and transparency is required of vaccination contracts, case by case analysis of adverse reactions by independent medical officers and autopsies. Full employment, financial, legal and medical protection against adverse reactions, from day 1 after injection, untill at least 10-15 years after vaccination. History taught us that lesson.
6. Full plan of how Vaccinated to vaccinated infection will be managed in the work place in accordance to the Health and Safety measures puplished 11 June 2021, as it can also result in serious illness or death.
Some, but not all references:

The first meaningful reply. Thanks.

I’m extremely pro vac but extremely anti billionaire

Does the vaccine protection wean and thus we must get a new booster shot every year like the flu injection?

Make you think?

This cnut rich boy, daddy’s boy is stoopid… cant understand why he gets airtime… Just look at his stance on DP world for Imperial Logistics… shows he is trying too hard to show relevance

Piet – Thanks for saying what has been necessary for a long time. In the end the Facebook and Youtube educated people will wake up!

Hey, Piet, I’m a researcher by profession. I read the research. Obviously you don’t. You are a danger to us,Piet. You spread the vax just the same, you catch it the same, you have the same viral loads. Fact! Hey, Piet, your vax lasts an average of 6 months. Almost time for your 3rd and 4th shot, Piet! My natural immunity lasts longer than yours. So for all your self-righteousness, I don’t want YOU around me, thank you.

Hey, Piet, youre hypocrite! Let’s see you your money where your mouth is. Give back all the investments that came in from the unvaxed. Check the status of your investors. That’s right, Piet! You wouldn’t want dirty money from the unclean, would you?

When you’ve done that, come back and let us all know in an open letter.

Bill Gates got all of us by the balls! He released a statement this morning on what a stroke of genius it was when he decided to hide his microchips in horse dewormer. Go Bill

Strange for me how this is all being driven so hard, especially as PSG has a vested interest in the Canadian branch, Pharmaceuticals, are they not the ones who have the patients for the cell envelope the jab has inside.

So why does the CEO of PSG not declare that they have a financial interest in vaccines?

A snap search reveals 2 funds invested in Johnson & Johnson.
Will we find more financial interests in vaccines if we dig deeper?

I had my second jab today, so I am fully vaccinated. If I don’t wear a mask it makes little difference to me as I will not get really sick. The unvaccinated however are a a high risk, so I will wear a mask to protect them, whether they like it or not.

Being pro, or anti, vaccine is… Well everyone’s individual choice.

If you’re truly a liberal then surely the decision should rest in your hands alone and not government or your employer etc.

That’s what worries me; just how quickly some people jump onto this “great idea” of forcing everyone to be vaccinated whether willing or not.

Calling SA a democracy just simply isn’t true anymore.

This back-and-forth bickering is exactly the problem that distracts us from any type of forward moving solution. Exactly the same as working for one of these companies these CEOs head, where everyone bickers like kids and chases their own extrinsic motives with no concern for doing the right thing and instead cause division. All of this because it’s not value that’s measured by “leaders” but numbers targets which most people will chase to maintain their false and ever threatened comfortable livelihoods even at the cost of others if necessary. Ironically it’s caring about a righteous cause that gives people unity and results in the ability to deliver effective value that earns us the optimal numbers, because in fact they’re results of value and not meant to be targets. Once again we’re measuring numbers targets… how many had the vaccine… instead of the meaningful discussions about different paths to the actual value measurement here which is immunity, seeing as the vaccine is only one of them. I also wonder what happened to the herd immunity they were yapping about in the past. At least, where are the open discussions to address people’s concerns, not just simply accusing opposing views as BS or pointing to extreme views to discredit opposition.
I’m not antivaxx as such but a numbers chaser CEO’s typical divisive approach to this issue isn’t going to help build trust towards this vaccine and as for – “together we are stronger” – neither would I expect these CEO’s to be bothered in creating the conditions that create unity since it’s incompatible with their short-sighted, survival mode culture inducing mindsets. The pandemic may have had a bad effect on our economy but it’s a predominant narrow and self-serving mindset that made us so mediocre in the first place. All while we’re better than this, if we only start solving problems and stop chasing numbers, drop our constraining titles and egos and serve a purpose, we’ll earn a better future.

Why not targeted vaccinations? 1. Vaccinations reduce mortality and serious illness tenfold. 2. We know who are most at risk – those with comorbidities and elderly. Vaccinate the people most at risk and whoever else wants to. Most people’s chances of getting severe Covid is small and some may feel that the chance of short or long term side effects from the vaccine may be greater or the same. Yes there are young people who are fit and healthy that are also dying but how many? Aren’t we going to have to live with this virus and get used to a certain amount of people succumbing to it every year just as we do with a host of other viruses?

The mere fact that we are arguing about this would indicate that the human race is fairly hell-best on self destruction (the blasé attitude towards climate change also bears this out).

After almost two years of societal chaos, a great many deaths and highly disruptive lockdowns and enforced mask-wearing, people are still resisting the antidote that is the best way to end all that in the name of ‘personal freedom’. Try understanding that logic.

Yes, but how many are ending up in an ICU?

Probably just a few because the vaccine prevents serious illness and death. However how many healthy individuals without comorbidities end in ICU? Probably also just a few. I think the point @Unc is trying to make is that even after 3 jabs in a country where draconian vaccine mandates and a vaccine passports are implemented, the virus is still spreading. And although the jab prevents serious illness and death, the strategy of jabbing EVERYONE (and mandating it) is flawed. You can identify the people at risk with just a few questions: a) how old are you? b) do you have hypertension? c) are you obese? d) do you have a cardiovascular disease? e) do you have diabetes? etc. Also the idea of quarantining a healthy population is not just flawed, it is irrational. By focusing on those people at risk will make the whole thing much easier to manage. It is absurd that we know all of this but still people are so fixated on pushing for a vaccine mandate or a passport.

So for the record, what does it mean when we say the vaccine prevents serious illness and death. Well death is pretty self explanatory, but in the medical world the definition of “serious illness” in this context means you are in ICU with a pipe stuck down your throat. For everyone else not in this category, it means you can still get sick. Aches, pains and a manageable fever is considered mild … however uncomfortable it may be (I had it recently and it sucked). But hey, we have all been sick and will likely be sick in the future with gastro, flu, common cold, athletes foot, headlice etc. These things are not gonna go away and arguing to get vaxed when you are not at risk while you might still experience the same discomfort as everyone else doesn’t make sense.

If you die within 28 days of testing positive, it is regarded as a Covid related death.
On the same basis, if you die within 28 days of getting the jab, shouldn’t it be regarded as a vaccine related death ?

End of comments.



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