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Zuma receives more death threats

Cough, cough, duck and dive.
Jacob Zuma seemed less sure of himself when he appeared before the commission of inquiry on Tuesday. Picture: Reuters

On Tuesday former president Jacob Zuma let it be known that he is the victim. His life has again been threatened, as have those of his children. An unknown caller delivered the latest death threat to his PA the night before. He also informed the Zondo commission of inquiry that his counsel, Muzi Sikhakhane SC, had also recently received death threats.

Zuma was supported by additional counsel, advocate Thabani Masuku SC.

Read: Zuma warns – ‘I have been provoked!’

Evidence leader advocate Paul Pretorius began by questioning Zuma on the sections from Themba Maseko’s testimony in which Maseko has implicated Zuma.

Testimony of Themba Maseko

Maseko was CEO of the Government Communication and Information System (GCIS) and spokesperson for the Government of South Africa. In 2011 he was transferred to the Department of Public Service and Administration as director-general (DG) by then minister in the presidency, Collins Chabane. He was replaced as GCIS CEO by Jimmy Manyi.

Maseko alleges that on Ajay Gupta’s request, Zuma instructed Chabane to fire or deploy him.

Maseko was then transferred to another department. This allegedly occurred after Ajay called Zuma.

This was denied by Zuma – “DGs deal with ministers, not presidents”.

Zuma explained that he was not running the department, and that DGs were shifted from time to time. He also made the point that people use the name of the president all the time.

Zuma’s legal team objected to the unfair manner in which Pretorius was questioning Zuma – if Zuma is to be cross-examined on a witness’s testimony, he must be given time to study it: “In our assessment as lawyers this is cross-examination … how can the president be expected to remember meetings that he was not there … let’s be fair and stick to what this commission is about.”

Pretorius argued that the commission was not trying to plead a case as represented by a charge sheet. They were giving Zuma the opportunity to deal with what might have been said by Maseko and what he might have intended to convey.

Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo, ever conciliatory, suggested adjourning for tea, to be followed by a discussion with the two legal teams in his chambers. The legal teams reached an understanding – Zuma’s counsel did not want to be seen as being obstructive by raising objections during the proceedings. It was agreed that the chair would intervene should he think there is unfairness in any question put to Zuma by Pretorius.

Testimony of Vytjie Mentor

The essence of former ANC MP Vytjie Mentor’s testimony is that in 2010 a member of the Gupta family “offered” her a ministerial position – that of minister of public enterprises – on condition that she “favoured” the Gupta’s commercial enterprises. Mentor alleged that this offer was made with the knowledge and approval of Zuma. She claimed that she was at the Gupta residence in Saxonwold, and saw Zuma there. She was upset, and he tried to calm her down as he walked her to the car.

Zuma denied seeing Mentor at the Gupta residence, said he did not know her, and denied ever having had any interaction with her.

However, at the commission, Zuma said that sometime after Mentor’s allegations, he saw a picture of her. He realised that he knew the face. But he still denied the allegation about seeing Mentor at the Gupta residence.

On Monday Zuma was in complete control as waded through his lengthy testimony, boasting about the detailed knowledge he gathered when he was the ANC chief of intelligence.

On Tuesday, Zuma flip-flopped between confusion (“Gupta who?”), absolute denial (“No, never”), and non-recall (“I really don’t know” or “I really don’t remember”).

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Did anyone seriously think anything positive would come from this man this week … ? I don’t think so. Plus, for the rest of the week it’s going to be more of I don’t know, I wasn’t there, it was my deputy, I was sick that week, the dog ate my homework, my 4th wife poisoned me blah blah blah. I hope the enquiry has read “Enemy of The People” by Basson and du Toit. The answers are all in there.

Disappointing that the threats have not yet turned into action.

He may be safer in Jail.

Not as many death threats as he ordered or orchestrated on others perhaps????
You live by the sword,you die by the sword!

Has he ever opened a police case for any one of these alleged threats, etc.? If not, then he should be charged with fraud.

He probably will be, eventually his own conceited deceit will be his undoing.
Did this Klownshoes imagine that the Commission’s own investigators were going to swallow this hossmanure he keeps coming up with?
Does Zuma not think that there is an ELECTRONIC trail that will trip him up? A ‘death threat’ phone call would be simple to trace via the service providers servers for a start
JZ, these are smart legal minds you are up against here matey and they are going to cook your goose buddy!

Zupta is 77. Who will be first, justice or the Grim Reaper?

Not because he apparently is functionally illiterate, no he was trained in Stalins mould, never leave a paper trail, he has & had many willing like-minded criminals to do the dirty deed on his behalf

Death threats sound like part of his narrative that he is a victim and has been targeted for years. I find it difficult to believe anything that comes from this man yet there are obviously millions who do – after all he was the face of the ANC election campaign a while ago and they received millions of votes. That was when they had a good fairy tale to tell. Seems the fairy tale had to do with the wolf disguised as grandmother waiting to get Red Riding Hood.

He learnt from Agrizzi who made the same comments to evoke sympathy. Heck, Agrizzi went so far as to stage a robbery at a filling station precisely at the moment that he had to appear before the equality court.

How will Zuma best Agrizzi?

Bust him on tax – all the other stuff is inconsequential and he will hide behind it for years…you can’t escape SARS…that’s the only way to catch a thief. It will be Trumps undoing too when they decide to get rid of him. Tax returns tell the truth!

However a lack of tax returns show nothing !! I bet this sod does not file !!

He’s not ever going to get bust on tax, or on anything else. Nor is anyone else in the ANC going to get bust for anything. Won’t happen, except in Cyril’s dreams.

This whole thing is a farce. When will the NPA file charges? As usual nothing but obfuscate and bloviate and meanwhile the evidence trail grows stone cold. What a sick joke.

Somebody raised an interesting point the other day. Judging from the proceedings, the Commission will only be questioning him on evidence already lead at the Commission prior to Zupta’s appearance. Does that imply that 1. If Zupta was the first witness at the Commission, they would have had nothing to question him about ?; and 2. What about all the other allegations of state capture against Zupta, such as those contained in Pauw’s book ? The Commission seems to be doing a half harted job.

Maybe this is TRC v2? If you tell the ‘truth’ you will not be prosecuted?

Yes it is exactly a complete farce. NPA won’t ever.

The PP is spending all her funds, energy and manpower on Gordhan. This smoke screen is to divert attention. When the dust settles she will have no money, manpower or energy to charge this cretin. all orchestrated by Zuma himself in the back ground.

How can his legal team live with themselves. They have coached him to answer as he does. They are intelligent people, we assume, and they have to spend days on end with this one. Maybe just shows the depths they will stoop to for fees/publicity or what ever they are getting out of this. Maybe they just want TV time.

Daniel Mantsha was previously struck off the attorneys’ roll and was the Denel chairman who asked the Guptas to pay his personal municipal bill.

Muzi Sikhakhane is the author of the original and thoroughly discredited “rogue unit” report.

Defending Zuma means defending themselves.

Thanks now I have joined the dots, full circle.

Birds of a feather.

Davebee, we have not seen anything from the commission’s “investigative powers”.

So far, it has been a voluntary show and tell.

We will likely soon see a report from the Public Protector imposing remedial action on the commission.

This is brilliant.

In an actual court case, he will have to answer. By not recalling now but later on, he is contradicting himself. Every minute he is at the inquiry he is making his story later on less believable.

What idiot would agree to the inquiry knowing he’s spending the rest of his life in court.

Zuma’s PA waited for 12h before telling him, yesterday morning, of the death threats against him and his family. One would expect that she would tell him immediately, if there was any credibility to the threats.

So now you can easily determine exactly who came up with the story of the death threats.

Give him enough rope to hang himself and use him as bait to catch the other scumbags who have collectively decimated our country.

in most sane democracies this would be an actual trial, not a soothing of the soul before a powerless committee – the ANC REALLY need to wake the fork up and start putting people behind bars.

Death threats are rubbish. The truth is, under his watch the country was robbed of billions of Rand, very conservatively estimated at R150mil under state capture. If this money was divided among the registered citizens every one would have received about R2,7mil, per 4 person household this means R10.8mil to invest and to support the economy. No more poverty, no more unemployment and a future to look forward to!!!!

“… Gupta who?…” & “..I really don’t remember…”

He’s the healthiest guy with dementia I’ve ever seen….
or am I missing (oops,there I forgot, it must be not remembering) something?

Heard this morning that the EFF’s Floyd also received death threats

– politicians and pretty women cannot stand to be ignored.

End of comments.


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