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Zuma warns – ‘I have been provoked!’

Day one of the former president’s testimony dives into his history, but he warns that he will ‘spill the beans’.
Jacob Zuma pictured at the Zondo Commission of inquiry into state capture on Monday. Picture: Refilwe Modise/Citizen

At last, the day dawned when former South African president Jacob Zuma would give his side of his story to the Zondo commission of inquiry into state capture. Zuma was represented by advocate Muzi Sikhakhane.

Sikhakhane said that Zuma wanted to connect his own dots – but that he must be treated fairly and protected from himself. Before the proceedings concluded, Zuma would give a subtle warning as to who he will ‘out’.

An ‘unfair process’

Sikhakhane was concerned that Zuma had not been given the opportunity to warn people who may be outed by him and that this is an unfair process. Evidence leader advocate Paul Pretorius didn’t see the logic in this submission, as it is Zuma’s prerogative to implicate persons.

Sikhakhane accused the commission of having an attitude, influenced by views from “outside”, and treating certain witnesses as sweethearts, and others not. He also said that if Pretorius does not understand him, he would not “invite his condescension”. This resulted in the gallery of Zuma groupies, led by former ANC spokesperson Carl Niehaus and four-day finance minister Des van Rooyen, breaking out in an explosion of clapping.

Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo had to admonish them, saying that there would be no clapping of hands. This did not control the group for long, as they evidently forgot where they were and found themselves loudly clapping again. As much as they tried to paint a picture that this is all a show, they may be disappointed to find that it isn’t.

Character assassination and conspiracies

Zuma launched into his background, outlining his life, his history with the ANC, and of being involved in trying to find a solution. He joined the ANC at an early age, and in addition to the teachings of his parents, the ANC taught him to behave in a certain way. He mentioned his 10-year prison sentence and having to leave South Africa. He has survived several attempts to poison him.

Zuma appeared to be reading from a script, but at times sat back comfortably, looked up at the ceiling, and gave vent to his feelings.

He warned of intelligence organisations that are running the country. Their spies have infiltrated the ANC. He claims to know the identities of these spies.

He painted a picture of paranoia, conspiracy theories, and character assassination.

He has been vilified and alleged to be the king of corrupt people. He is of the view that the commission was created to find things on him. This is due to his popularity, the intelligence information he has on people, and because of who he is. The commission is intended to bury him. The white community came out in great numbers and said that “Zuma must go”.

Zuma is going to spill the beans of what he knows – “I think I can be very nasty. I have been provoked.”

Although evidently off-script, such comments are by no means off the table. He will no doubt be required to furnish names and proof of his accusations.

The Guptas

Zuma was introduced to the Gupta family when he was deputy president by former minister in the presidency Essop Pahad. The Guptas were already friends with former presidents Nelson Mandela and Thabo Mbeki. “They were advising the president on economic things. They were ANC members. They were friendly and knew a lot of comrades.”

Zuma spoke of the biased media, and the fact that there was no alternative voice. The media only sees negativity. Previous attempts by progressive people to create an unbiased platform had not worked.

He suggested a newspaper, to be called The New Age, and the Guptas thought it was a great idea. Zuma averred that he was speaking as an individual.

When the newspaper proved to be successful, Zuma suggested a TV station to the Guptas, and ANN7 was created. Zuma said that ANN7 was progressive and reported differently.

The growing narrative

Zuma is convinced that the commission has been influenced to bury him. “I want peace, I want harmony, and that is why I am not bitter about those who have done something to me.”

He accused former minister of public service and administration Ngoako Ramatlhodi of being a spy. Ramatlhodi, who accused Zuma of having auctioned off the country, was tasked with discrediting him and getting him killed.

Zuma informed the chair that he would deal with the one who said he has auctioned the country to the Guptas, and that it is important for the chair to realise that some of the things are very big, and very deep.

Pretorius did not get far in leading the evidence, and there was a slight problem of files not having been submitted to the commission.

There was a swelling of singing outside, indicating that the supporters had arrived. Zuma requested leave to wash his hands. Close to 4pm, with the chair possibly realising that the “washing of hands” was a euphemism for Zuma to bond with his supporters, the day was brought to a close.

But not for Zuma. In front of a large ANC banner proclaiming ‘Unbroken, unbreakable’, his supporters waited for him.

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One can only hope that this idiot does get crooked enough to spill the beans on all his colleagues and secure at least 12 years back in prison where he belongs. He has NO understanding or remorse for what he has done to this country, much like his snotty little son who felt no remorse for killing someone when behaving like a drunk playboy! The Zuma’s are SA scum and need to be washed out to allow the country to heal!

“Sikhakhane said that Zuma wanted to connect his own dots – but that he must be treated fairly and protected from himself”

With reference to the abovementioned sentence from this article:

The last 3 words from his own advocate spells it out loud and clear: How the hell can one runs a country / or just think that one is capable of doing so, if one has to be “protected against oneself” ???????????????? The south Africa citizens / taxpayers were for sure not protected against a 100% incompetent person when it comes to governing a country.

I don’t think that Mr Zuma realizes how much he has “provoked” the taxpayers of this country, judging by his first day in Court! And this includes ALL taxpayers,no matter the colour of their skin…although he seems to think it is the white minority that is out to get him!
What a misguided lying racist he has turned out to be…luckily he has been stopped on his journey to becoming yet another African despot who robs his country of its reputation, his party of its credibility and its people of the future that could be.
Hopefully our Judicial system still has teeth and he is brought to full account.
Interesting that he has taken credit ( or the fall) for The New Age and ANN7 ……could be the trade exchange with The Guptas. Time will tell.

Utterly brain dead stuff.

..perhaps not brain dead…just VERY SLY.

Very very sly. And the fantasies leave James Bond looking like Peter Pan.

Enjoyably written. When I was listening to the radio I wondered who had done that clapping!

Denial, denial, denial. A true African.

Dear little zuma, please don’t let us stop you from spilling the beans ….. feel free to go ahead and spew it all!!
In fact we will make an agreement with you! We will put it all on the front page of every newspaper so that it is clear as how you have been provoked and provoked!! Empower yourself and spill it all man!

Nothing is more provocative for a tax-payer than seeing their hard earned tax monies stolen by Zuma and the ANC.

Nothing is more provocative for a tax-payer than seeing their hard earned tax monies st0len by Zuma and the ANC.

Let the clap become an applause ….from the tax payers . Sing us a song you are the Piano Man Mr Zuma.We are all in the mood for your “melody ” . You have a full orchestra of idiots that can make up the entire orchestra . Maybe you can render your concert to dept of correctional services. for a “little fee “you know .

With all the evidence being presented at this Commission, no arrests gave been made, probably no investigations by the powers that be. This is merely a job creation exercise for the ANC.

Zuma is as thick as they come, and his supporters likewise.

Spill the beans all you like. I really don’t care if your ANC implodes. I never had much respect for the “Struggle” anyway. It is easy to detonate a bomb or to pull the trigger of an AK-47, even a child can do it (and they do). However, to put books in schools and medicines in hospitals, generate sufficient electricity and water to make the economy grow, that requires skills, planning and hard work. Not something the ANC is exactly known for.

they hide behind their own children…pushing them in-front when the shooting starts.


ex-President Zuma has already implicated :

ex-President ” Thabo ” Mbeke and
BILLIONAIRE white-Capital Tycoon ” JR ” Johann Rupert and
President ” Cyril ” Ramaphosa. Right.

QUESTION : Who will agree with me :
Mbeke and Rupert and Ramaphosa MUST appear before Justice Zondo to tell us – we the People – what they know about STATE CAPTURE ?

i said it before, more than 30 years ago, and i will say it again:

first they will kill each other, then they will kill us


Judge Zondo please call Mrs. Futhi Mtoba, Mr. Tom Winterboer, Mr. ” Theo ” Wilhelm van den Heever to tell us – we the People – what they know about STATE CAPTURE.
Futhi Mtoba Chairman, Deloitte
Futhi Mtoba, a chartered accountant, is chairman of the Africa Board of Deloitte and a past President of Business Unity South Africa (BUSA).
She served as chairman of the Southern Africa Board at Deloitte, where she rose through the ranks to become the first African black woman to be appointed a Partner by one of the top four accounting firms in South Africa.
In 2006, she was named one of South Africa’s 50 most influential women in the private and public sectors by the International Women’s Forum.
She is the chairman of the National Anti-Corruption Forum.
Mr. ” Tom ” Winterboer ex PricewaterhouseCooopers Director Partner CA. Now Director FirstRand Limited.
” Theo ” Wilhelm van den Heever. This is the lawyer holding the shares – in SECRET – in a Liquidation Company which is owned by the Directors Partners CA’s of Deloitte and Touch Auditors.

This Specialist Liquidator and Sequestration Expert is responsible for Liquidating and Sequestrating Clients of FirstRand Limited’s bank FNb. This Dramatic and False and Disgusting and Evil ‘ CONFLICT of INTERESTS ‘ is known to the IRBA and to the Honourable Minsters of Finance, Justice, State Security, Police, and ALL Organs of STATE BUT it goes on irrespective. Why ? STATE CAPTURE.

Same reaction as a DOG avoiding an overdue BATH…? (i.e. to come clean)

Cast of Game of Thrones for our times:

Aegon Targaryen (the Mad King): Apartheid
Robert Baratheon: Jacob Zuma
Ned Stark: Cyril Ramaphosa
Cersei: Lynne Brown (by default)
Jaime: Kebby Maphatsoe
Khaleesi: Busisiwe Mkhwebani
Littlefinger: Atul Gupta
Varys: Pierre de Vos
Tyrion: Peter Bruce
Davos: Pravin Gordhan
Ramsay Bolton: Richard Mdudli
Jon Snow: Andile Whatshisname
White Walkers: Johann Rupert and his undead hordes
Night King deputies: Helen Zille and Steve Hofmeyr
Drogon: Moody’s
Extra vaporised by Drogon on S8 E6 at 17:21: Carl Niehaus

No applications received for: Sansa, Arya, Bran the Broken and Ghost

Provoked ?? everything you own, every title, evrything that you STOLE from he country your swore to protect – should be REVOKED. You are not the the former president, you are the former enabler of state looting. you don’t feel the financial costs of what your actions did to SA – yoiu belong in nice deep hole where they mail in the sunlight.

“The commission is intended to bury him.”

He’s got that right. We are not here to praise him.

All South Africans should be ashamed that this selfish Mugabe like idiot became president of South Africa.

some serious allegations made against Rupert?

I doubt it I think Zuma wrongly/intentionally twisted it. Rupert is clever enough to probably have said to Fikili that removing Gordhan would trash the economy, not that he himself would trash it.

Definitely intentionally…..shifting the blame again.

Double, double toil and trouble;
Fire burn and cauldron bubble.


Zondo Day 1: If you listened carefully Zuma admitted that he had never been to school. Why on earth did the ANC elect JZ as president and keep him in power for so long. The ANC is to blame for this mess.

Because it was his turn to eat. If you look at it, it is merely a long queue and the most important thing is not to disturb the trough, which is filled with our money. That is the critical thing. A little hiccup like the Zuma presidency is nothing, as long as the status quo is preserved and the ANC continues to maintain a majority and keep control of the purse strings. Until the voters in this country wake up, we will never realise the potential South Africa once had. I fear it is too late.

With typical third world incompetence NOTHING will HAPPEN.
Judge Zondo will prepare a 800 page report-then flee back to the luxury of ordinary Court cases. All the criminals at the hearing will walk away free as the NPA is far too busy chasing up high profile cases like the appeal( for crime n injuria-not murder) of people like Mrs Momberg and Mr Catzavelous. For rubbish like that the NPA can drop everything -for corruption which destroys people they do what they have done for years NOTHING. And then if convicted lets remember the corpse of Shabir Shaik and Tony Yengeni-sentenced and freed in weeks.

Zuma must be given free reign and enough rope to hang himself by spilling the beans. He is totally delusional and reminds me of Cloudy whatshisname when he was heading up (or down) the SABC by talking about himself in the third person a lot of the time. Definitely a few litres short of a full fire-pool.

Its an indictment on the people of SA that for almost 9 years the criminal team of Zuma and Gupta were allowed to wreak havoc on the economic and political structures of our country. Zuma was following in the footsteps of Mugabe in every respect. Given more time at the helm we would have ended up in the same Titanic boat as Zim. Frightening also to note that Zuma has a band of loyal followers. Lame birds of a feather I presume.

“Sikhakhane was concerned that Zuma had not been given the opportunity to warn people who may be outed by him and that this is an unfair process.”

What?? I’m going to expose a murderer but I need to let him know a few days ahead of time so that he can leave the country??

Mr Sikhakhane seems to think he and Zuma are stars in some Disney musical drama like the Lion King and not what it really is – the cleaning of the State gutters.

So please “be very nasty”, we cannot wait for you to spill the beans. In the meantime keep that huge what seems to be a bodyguard in front of you; KZN politics has seen many murders.

And finally: “Zuma is convinced that the commission has been influenced to bury him. “I want peace, I want harmony, and that is why I am not bitter about those who have done something to me.””

This is of course his standard technique: he wants harmony and peace but that forked tongue licks out and poisons everything around him.

Taxpayers should organise a march to the commission and let Zuma know what is thought of him and what he did with the trillions of tax money blown over the past decade.

When you threaten to spill the beans on those who you appointed to protect you, who similarly had something to hide, and who now feel rather naked and exposed by you, then you can expect death threats.

Zuma said it is an exaggeration that he sold the country to the Guptas – what an admission that he did – we are only arguing about the amounts.

Carl Niehaus is an utterly despicable human being

So far JZ783 has put forward unsubstantiated vague irrelevancies.

His being a member of the ANC, brokering peace in KZN and other good stuff does not excuse his personal financial recklessness, his racism, misogyny, sabotaging SARS, SAPS, NIS & the NPA nor the other manifestations of oncreased Corruptheid. On his watch millions suffered while he focused upon enriching himself and his family & cronies.

As for his BS about Ramatlhodi being a spy; if he believed this to be true and serious, why did he not out him but rather appoint him to the cabinet? One suspects that he only grew hostile to Ramatlhodi when the latter went honest.

The is no plot or conspiracy against JZ783, there is only disgust at his racism, neglect of “his people”, theft and lies.

Zuma and his slime gang should be chased out the country, where are the EFF thugs when you need them.

As I have been saying since Ramaphosa took office. “DRAIN THE SOUTH AFRICAN SWAMP!”

What the hell were we thinking in 1994?

End of comments.


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