Zuma’s jailing more than just a courtroom drama

Apex court judgment affirms the original mandate of independent institutions.
Former president Jacob Zuma has been sentenced to 15 month in prison. Image: Waldo Swiegers/Bloomberg

Former president Jacob Zuma is responsible for destroying many of the independent institutions in post-apartheid South Africa. But fortunately, some withstood the onslaught, and Tuesday’s Constitutional Court ruling is a vindication of our Constitution and the institutions created to protect it.

Zuma’s conduct caused South Africa significant damage. He plunged our beautiful country into a downward spiral from which some believe we will not recover.

Read: Zuma’s journey to a prison sentence

The financial damage is enormous – it will take many years for government’s fiscal position and the balance sheets of state-owned enterprises to recover, but the biggest challenge will be to address the social damage Zuma caused.

The distrust between the various spheres of society and racial tension are at all-time highs since the dawn of democracy. We see daily service delivery protests, and there are regular calls for tax boycotts.

In this context, the Constitutional Court’s ruling represents a potential turning point in our democracy and the country’s future as it restores some trust in our institutions. Only time will tell whether it is a definitive turning point.

It will become so if our prosecuting authorities can continue to hold Zuma and other alleged corrupt leaders such as Ace Magashule to account. It is critical, as the Zondo Commission heard countless allegations of blatant corruption.

Do yourself a favour and read the full Constitutional Court judgment. The description of the former president is scathing, and it is clear that the apex court acted brutally to protect the Constitution.

It reminded me of the admiration the world had for our Constitution after its adoption in 1996. It was heralded as an example of a new worldwide benchmark to protect and entrench human rights. It was also commended for the creation of many independent institutions tasked to defend it, and 25 years later, one of the few remaining institutions (in good standing) managed just that.

The focus will now shift to criminal prosecution. We are currently in an Al Capone scenario where Zuma is to be jailed for contempt of court and not corruption. But if we want to draw a line under the Zuma era and send a message to the world that no one in South Africa is above the law, he must be prosecuted for his actual crimes against the country.

The ruling creates dire consequences for the ruling party

The judgment also has significant consequences for the ruling party. Since the early 2000s, the party allowed Zuma to spin his web of corruption from various senior ANC positions. It started with his appointment as deputy president in 1997, just before the arms deal, and developed into large scale looting under his presidency.

This corruption network also channelled billions to fellow ANC colleagues and cadres. These individuals, united in the so-called Zuma faction in the ANC, will not go down without a fight, and it will be extremely difficult for President Cyril Ramaphosa and the “honest” faction to root out the corrupt members of the party. It will be even more difficult to change public perceptions that corruption has become part of the ANC’s DNA.

Many academics and commentators predict that the ANC will not survive the post-Zuma era, although this process may take many more years to play itself out. The next local government election will therefore be illuminating. (The ANC’s dire financial position may have the final say, but that is a topic for another day.)



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If Mr. Zuma does not go to jail and ignores the South African law,
then surely:

1) All his state benefits and privileges must be removed?
2) No South African needs to obey any South African law?
3) No South African needs to pay Tax anymore as we are a failed state?

Here comes a movie !!
Buy popcorn !!!

We’re all led to believe the man will be sitting behind bars for close on a year and a half..Don’t be fooled

They’ll take him to a jail in KZN where his support is, will be treated like royalty inside prison (Remember he’s a Zulu INduna who garners respect) and according to the experts, he’ll be out within 4 months on good behaviour, well rested and fed with our money

Don’t get excited to soon..He’s going to have the last laugh

If Zuma does not go to jail then South Africa is no longer a country but rather a concentration camp held hostage by a criminal gang known as the ANC that has taken over state arms such as the police who should be arresting Zuma regardless of how anyone feels about it.

The top court in the country has decided. Nobody in South Africa can go against that.

There was talk on another platform today that he was scheduled to go to Zambia for Kaunda’s funeral.
Surely they can appreciate that if anybody is a flight risk, it is JZ and he should be watched very closely until he turns himself in.

There is no court room drama, Mr. Zuma must go to Jail and then appear in front of the Zondo commission again.

Mr. Zuma please explain how did you obtain the Dubai mansion?

and where did the money in Pakistani and Dubai banks come from?

Why is SARS not looking into this?

KIESWETTER (ANC) is protecting the ANC. There in lies the problem across all state insitutions.

I wonder if we could get NEUTRAL entities running this country?

Someone who knew FW De Klerk well told me shortly after 1994, that watching FW, was “like watching a man who is bleeding from the inside.” I understood it to mean, that FW had a choice between a full-blown civil war and a typical failed and corrupt African state. He chose the lesser of two evils, but it was still very painful.

dont worry jnrb, you will get your civil war if/when zuma goes to jail … … …


Led by General Niehaus.

Agreed —
It was just a postponement
Only problem is we are in a much weaker position right now !!

I don’t think that clown Niehaus and his merry men have ever fired a single shot in their lives and many of them are too young to have ever taken part in the struggle. Niehaus is just “noise for hire”. He is like a street walking hooker- “anybody anytime, anywhere as long as the money is right.” He is a disgrace to all Afrikaners.

De Klerk’s name can only be mentioned if done with the same disgust and alienation as that so deservedly entrenched with Zoo-ma. Otherwise please do not even refer to shameful De Klerk.

And the better (and viable) alternatives were… ?

Ryk, I hear you and I honestly want to share in the optimism. We want to believe that this was a turning point and that we are on the road to a brighter future. Our perceptions will dictate our actions, and for most of us, our business, investments, life savings, and our standard of living are on the line.

Therefore, it is very important for readers to determine and focus on the real drivers of either prosperity or decay. Some believe that things will improve when Zuma is gone, and there have been many serious and far-reaching improvements under Ramaphosa. I believe that this will continue, but will he scrap BEE legislation that is tantamount to expropriation, loaded BEE contracts that are legalized plunder, the redistributive municipal rates and taxes that destroy property values, privatize all the parasitic SOEs, slash the public sector wage bill, remove red tape and barriers to entry for investments and move away from centralized government control of the economy? In short – will he abandon socialist ANC policies in favour of the free-market policies of the FF+? The answer is apparent.

It really pains me to say this, but it seems as if our wonderful constitution is unfit for purpose and out of touch with the reality of the demographics of our beautiful country. Our sophisticated constitution and democracy are wasted upon the demographics, like 90% of the sophisticated sewerage plants at defunct municipalities. It is a facade of sophistication but in reality, the sewage is running down the streets and the children are infected with water-borne diseases. Our political situation is the same. We are supposed to be equal before the law but at the same time, we talk about expropriation and enforce BEE and cadre deployment while some live with impunity.

When a democratic dispensation, combined with human rights allow collectivist voters who have no skin in the game to benefit from the redistribution of the assets of property owners by simply appearing at the ballot box, it is game over for both the economy and for the essence of human rights.

I really want to share in your optimism — BUT !!!!!

Agree Sensei. Zuma did not act alone. Some of his comrades are still operating the levers of power. They should all GO.
Like Zuma, most of them will not go without a struggle.

Agreed. We’re still a million miles away from doing what needs to be done in this country.

Reforms and the law advance at glacial speed and we just don’t have the time to sit on our hands the way we do.

Anyway, all the instincts and ideology of the anc are totally headed in the wrong direction

The Constitution has the makings of the ruin of SA embedded within it. First is proportional representation which denies the electorate any say in their MP. The people do not have any say in who their representative is. This is decided by the “Party” according to how it chooses. MP’s do not represent anyone other than the faction within the “Party” that selected them to do as they are privately told for a public money salary. Thus the core of the rot is a Constitutional creation. No politician will speak against it because no politician wants to look a gift horse in the mouth. Second is the preservation and protection of indigenous tribalism (in the guise of indigenous cultural activities). How democracy and tribalism can ever share the same stage is simply ludicrous but its a perfect container for those that refuse to go genuine democratic, especially if you can keep it going with Government (public) assistance.

Zuma said he was happy to go to jail for his warped beliefs, so what’s the fuss now that it is actually happening? JZ likes to push the envelope as far as he can and this time – finally – he pushed too far. My comment is why the hell did it take this country 15 years to stand up to this sad, pathetic monster? Just think of where this country could be without Zuma and his ruinous presidency. Has the country learned its lesson? I’m not sure given the numbers that support EFF/Malema rallies. We’ll likely learn the hard way yet again.

This will not take too many votes away from the ANC, but it is certainly an opportunity for the President to get rid of more bad apples.

Research shows that South Africans mostly vote according to race. We are not exactly a mature democracy.

a corrupt politician send to jail by a corrupt government???

come on people, this is a political move to get rid of zuma!

RIGHT NOW corruption is committed on large widespread scale —

— read about it here in 10+ years time —

I agree with you entirely on the corruption being an ever present feature of our society, now and in the future. This ruling may slow the train down a touch while the cast of characters at the feeding trough may well change the overall trend will not be interrupted.

BUT it is encouraging that there are still individuals and institutions who will make the correct decisions and take the appropriate actions. A small victory to be sure but still a victory.

I doubt that there will be major social ructions or civil disorder in the next few weeks or months related to this. The noise made by Zuma’s supporters is always way out of keeping with their actual influence.

Here’s hoping at least

If the so-called veterans appoint Carl Niehaus as their spokesperson they are all pretence and bravado and no substance. A lot of incoherent noise, meaningless phrases strung together to impress the dumbest fools in society. Carl Niehaus tried to benefit from his mother’s fake death. That says it all. This man is a disgrace to the human race and so is everybody that associates with him. Lower than snail slime. The so-called veterans will soil themselves when the first shots are fired. They are an insult to the proud heritage of the brave and proud Zulu Nation.

the perfect storm is already on us:

1. eskom
2. corruption
3. covid-19++
4. unemployment

the civil-unrest if zuma goes to jail, could ignite this.

now imagine a natural disaster, covid exploding,
civil-unrest matures into a civil war …?

Action movies coming to a suburb near you shortly !!!

We are in a low-scale civil war already, ask the farming community. War is about territory and property, ask those who have lost dividends and market share due to forced BEE structures. War is about annexation, ask the owners of residential property who are losing their capital growth to municipal rates and taxes.

The low scale civil war will continue on the same low level because nobody in a squatter camp is willing to use the little money he has to visit the shebeen for taxi fair to invade a wealthy neighborhood.

Poverty and unemployemnt creates the cashflow restraint that prevents the low-scale civil war from escalating into a full-on invasion.

Zuma is getting a bit too much criticism here.

He is merely the succeeding actor who entered onstage after the previous incumbent (Mbeki & pals) had completely reset the scene from the original 1994 agreement expectations.

Zuma is certainly a skelm of note, but my opinion is that the rot started – at full throttle – with Mbeki. And on turbocharger behind the scenes!

Mbeki was nothing less than a disciple of Mugabe, and brought Mugabe’s evil thinking into his own hidden agenda.

Mbeki has done a HUGE AMOUNT of long-lasting (and probably permanent) damage to this country. So much so, that I think it’s almost unquantifiable.

And he was very actively assisted in this by his cabinet.

The notion that these problems are all due to only just “one man, the President” is completely disingenuous.

The members of the cabinet – past and present – are just as much liable.

I can only wonder what sentences a Chinese court would put on this lot if they had pulled these tricks in office in China, and offered these lame “I’m sooo suplized, I never knew that was happening!” excuses.

Yes, Zuma is but only one of the cancerous cells in a massive tumour called the ANCancer. Zuma’s incarceration will have almost no impact on the growing tumour and full blown Cancer for the country.

Tired of this …… and his ….. . Sick and tired to be honest.


Sensei, your thoughts are always well reasoned. Have you ever investigated how voting works WITHIN the ANC / DA ? Ie instead of voting FOR a party, to join it and, as a member, voting an individual into leadership ? Eg is there anything prohibiting you from joining ANC/DA and running for office from within the party ?

We should keep in mind that the leaders of any political party are entreperneurs who sell the merchandise that their clients want to buy. Malema will be an exellent leader in the DA or the FF+ but he sees a bigger market share and profit margin for himself in the EFF because he understands the needs of his clients.

A career politician, like all entreperneurs, carefully analize their competitive advantage considering their background, popularity, education, insights and perspectives. All of them try to monetize their relative strenghts.

Career politicians don’t care about the greater good. That cause is in the realm of social wellfare workers like Gift of the Givers.

That brings us to the point: the political leaders do not determine policies, their constituancies do that. Politicians are followers, not leaders. They tweak their policies to gain market share. Like prostitutes almost.

Much is being made of the FIFTEEN MONTH sentence. In practice it will be about FOUR MONTHS (according to other media reports) as he will apparently qualify for early parole. So much for the S.A. justice system. No wonder we get repeat offenders, no wonder we get repeat rapists, repeat murderers, etc.
Zuma might as well plead guilty to the arms deal scam, receive sentence of, say TEN years, and then serve TWO years with parole, and get it over and done with.
There is something seriously wrong with the criminal justice system!!

Zuma has not been jailed, he has been sentenced to imprisonment. It still remains to be seen if he actually goes to jail. Incidentally there is no honest faction of politicians. This is because there are no honest politicians only some politicians that are less dishonest than the rest.

Amazing that we all celebrating when he outsmarted everyone again

1. 15 month sentence means that he is out after 8 months on parole
2. He will spend one month in a 5 star cell with guards, tv, aircon and phone
3. Then he will move to a hospital for a serious medical condition
4. The zondo commission will be done in 6 months and Zuma will never testify
5. He outsmarted the system again
6. The big question is why the concourt bent every rule before sending him to jail. Would we get the same treatment from a court?
7. These are all political games and we are in a circus

If Zuma does not go to jail then GaryPorrit will be rubbing his hands with glee! His incarceration was for “ Contempt of Court and he has been in jail for ages with no chance of an appeal! This could be his “get out of jail free” card. If not he can accuse the judiciary of racist behaviour and he could then get out of jail AND claim compensation! Going to be interesting to see how this all turns out!

End of comments.




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